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stevevt 10-16-01 11:48 AM

today's cds (10/16/2001)
Listening to

Jenny Toomey - "Antidote"

Everything I've read about this album is true. I'll add that the only possible criticism I can make on the sound/technical recording quality is that it is very obviously a studio recording. What I mean is that it doesn't sound like any of the parts were recorded at the same time, with the possible exception of backup vocals on a few of the tracks. There are lots of studio albums recorded this way, clearly. But this one jumps out and betrays the way it was put together, IMO. Definitely not a big deal, and nothing I'd notice in the car, for example. With the exception of the "disjointedness" (or whatever you'd want to call my criticism above), the quality of the recording is exceptional.

anglagard 10-16-01 11:57 AM

Chris Harford - Be Headed
Stratovarius - Visions of Europe
The Kinks - Arthur
Death - Spiritual Healing
John Prine - The Missing Years
Deep Purple - Stormbringer
Island - Pictures
They Might Be Giants - John Henry

Yancey 10-16-01 12:09 PM

I believe I have given up on my project.

Primal Scream -- XTRMNTR
Rapture -- Out of the Races...
Wire -- Pink Flag
White Stripes -- De Stijl, White Stripes & White Blood Cells

I know nothing of Jenny Toomey, but you and Pikul continue to rave about this new album. I might check it out. I am jonesing for something new these days. I really want a good hardcore album (I know that is obviously not her) along the lines of Refused. But that is wishful thinking.

Saw the Strokes video for Last Nite on MTV this morning. Very good. I hope it takes off.

stevevt 10-16-01 12:45 PM

Originally posted by Yancey
I believe I have given up on my project.

Maybe just take a break and get back to it when you have the energy? Or is the point to do it all-at-once-and-as-quickly-as-possible?

Originally posted by Yancey
I know nothing of Jenny Toomey, but you and Pikul continue to rave about this new album. I might check it out.

I'm surprised you don't have a Tsunami cd or two. "A Brilliant Mistake" is a borderline classic album, IMO. She was also in a coupla other bands, Grenadine and Liquorice the most notable among them. Dan Littleton of Ida semi-fame was also in Liquorice; he plays on her self-titled album, as do many of the people she's been in bands with.

So now you know a bit about her.

www.jennytoomey.com has tour dates among other things. Looks like she'll be back in NYC on November 14. I saw her in Boston on her last tour -- great show.

stevevt 10-16-01 01:23 PM

Normally, I wouldn't add a new post, but I just got a cd in the mail and I'm listening to it. Also wanted to add a QoD.

Ted Leo/Pharmacists - "The Tyranny of Distance

Question of the Day
How do you feel about buying cutouts at used cd stores? I generally avoid them, unless the price is lower or the cd is hard to find. The Ted Leo cd I'm listening to now was listed at half.com as "Like New" etc., and never mentioned that the bar code was punched out. I would have bought it from someone else at half.com had I known this in advance. Ho hum.

Yancey 10-16-01 02:03 PM

I think I will check out Jenny Toomey. I know Tsunami but have no albums by them. That might change.

Just wanted to mention that Ira let me borrow the new Kinksi album and it is fantastic. Exactly what I needed.

Also check out a news story featuring quotes from my Clinic interview if you feel inclined.


QOTD: I go for whatever is cheapest. If I had the funds to make a statement with my album purchasing I would. But my habit is bad enough as is.

Starlover 10-16-01 03:34 PM

Refused~ The Shape of Punk to Come
Morrissey~ Vauxhall and I

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