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Consistently good bands?

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Consistently good bands?

What bands do you consider consistently good (that are still recording new material)? By this, I mean, you'll buy the CD without ever hearing a track on it, because the past body of work by the artist means that you will most likely enjoy the new CD.

While there are many artists that will consistently put out one or two good tracks to a CD (Siouxsie & the Banshees comes to mind), there are few artists in my mind that will put out consistently good whole CDs. I will rarely buy a CD without bothering to at least give a cursory listen to it, but there are artists that I will buy just about anything they produce.

Artists that make my short list:

Garbage: I don't know how a band can be so consistently good. Granted, there are artists I like more, and songs by certain artists that I like more, but taken as a whole, this band is amazing. While there are no 10's here, every song by this group ranks between a 7-9 range for me.

Tori Amos: My absolute favorite artist. There are songs by her that I definately like less than others, and she can be a bit off kilter -- but the stuff I don't like comes along very rarely, and is usually a b-side (though most of my favorites are b-sides too). Not as consistent, but extremely talented, and when she's on, there's no one better to my ears.

Trent Reznor / Nine Inch Nails: I like just about everything this man touches or influences. To this day, I'm still in awe of his musical abilities. Can't say enough about the work he produces. He would rate higher, except I'm not as angry and depressed as I was in High School.

Pink Floyd: One of the few great groups of old that is still (sorta) recording. Granted, they no longer have Roger Waters, and are less for it, but their music is still nothing short of brilliant. I love listening to them over and over again, dissecting the many layers of their music, savoring each slice and realizing how deep and textured it really is. I don't have the time to enjoy the music "properly" anymore, but when I just need some background music to chill to or code to, it gets no better.
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I would say Rush are very consistent. I wouldn't be afraid to pick up any new material of theirs without hearing it.

Dream Theater are also very good overall and they would also be a safe bet.
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They got something coming out? I'll pick it up, as well as the offshoots such as the Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson solo albums, Neil Peart's Buddy Rich tribute. I'll probably even pick up the re-release of God-Ween-Satan with two new tracks. There is going to be a new Moistboyz (Dean Ween & Guy Heller), as well as Z-Rock Hawaii (Ween and the Boredoms) I plan to pick up.

Some other bands I will pick up regardless (they just don't have as big a catalog):
The Dirtbombs
The Screws
The White Stripes
Demolition Doll Rods
Los Straitjackets
The Deadly Snakes (w/ Greg Oblivian)
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-Elvis Costello: I've forgiven him for Goodbye Cruel World. Everything else he's released has been stellar. Some consider Dylan the ultimate singer/songwriter, but give me Elvis Costello any day.

-Radiohead: Gets better with each release.

-Matthew Sweet: Wears his influences on his sleeves, but has put out two of the best albums of the last 10 years (Girlfriend and In Reverse).

sleater-kinney: I always said if they had major label backing, they'd be huge. They might get huge anyway once they return from their hiatus. I don't think there's ever been an all-girl band that rocked as much as sleater-kinney (well, maybe the Breeders).

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Radiohead - they're probably the only band that can drastically change their sound with each album and still be successful at it

Bjork - experimental sounds but it definitely works

Garbage - the best

U2 - one of the most consistently good over the longest period of time, IMO

Orbital - IMO, they are still at the forefront of the techno music scene.

And although they aren't together anymore, I'd also have to add the Beatles to this list.
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Tom Waits

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Pearl Jam

Frank Black & The Catholics

Ben Harper
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Originally posted by sundog

They got something coming out? I'll pick it up, as well as the offshoots such as the Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson solo albums, Neil Peart's Buddy Rich tribute.
They're supposed to be back in the studio. Hopefully something will come out next spring.
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Tool - A band that keeps getting better and better with every release, and that changes up their sound with every release in an amazing way. The best band I have ever scene live, it truely says something about a band that can sound even better live than on a cd.

Orbital - I also think that they are at the front of the electronic music scene, every one of their songs is like a different journey.
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Two letters:


'Nuff said.
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Rush - ...except for the last album. But 15 for 16 ain't bad.

Dream Theater - Their next album will have a 40 minute track. That's going to either be amazing or a disaster (I'm better the former).

Tool - Lateralus is my least favorite of their 3 LP's, but it's still great.

Iced Earth - I will see them live someday

Foetus - Except for maybe some of Thirlwell's wackier side projects.
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King's X

One of the best rock bands ever. Unfortunetly one of the most overlooked and underrated bands too. They consistently make great albums with good, original song writing.

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if on the improbable chance I saw something new, I was unaware of I'd pick it up without hesitation.
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Tom Waits
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Pink Floyd (during the time with Waters)
Pedro the Lion
Dream Theater (just keeps getting better)
Jimmy Eat World (they never really let me down)
Caedmon's Call (love all their albums)
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Originally posted by monkey
Two letters:


'Nuff said.
What about that whole Disco/Lemon period?
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Dream Theater
Fates Warning
King's X
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Two letters:


'Nuff said.
When will you give us the second letter?
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