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Wormwood 10-12-01 12:23 AM

Natalie Merchant fans, a new album!
I was just browsing around at amazon.com and noticed that Natalie Merchant will be releasing a new album entitled "Motherland" on November 13th! This is great news.

palebluedot 10-12-01 08:29 AM

Just got it last night but haven't listened to it yet...I am a big fan of her music.

pantala 10-12-01 12:46 PM

The first single (can't remember what it's called right now) is great. You can hear it on her offical web site before the album comes out.

palebluedot 10-25-01 12:12 PM

Finally got around to listening to this and it is excellent.

Every song on the disc is it's own entity. I could imagine she had a tough time with the getting the order of the songs on the album so it made some sort of sense. Her prior 2 solo albums had a general mood and theme throughout the whole album but this one is definitely a new turn for her.

There are some great suprises on this album. Filled with wonderful arrangements and odd style mixture on the songs. This is also an album where the music itself is the centerpiece.

mikehunt 10-25-01 05:43 PM

one of Jamestown's claims to fame is still making stuff :thumbsup:

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