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SnoopDogg 10-10-01 01:59 AM

Last CD you bought and why?
I bought the Soundtrack for Bones, because I am a huge SnoopDogg fan, and I like to support the mofo, I have every album, why must I stop here! :)

How about you?

Nosebleed 10-10-01 02:37 AM

Murder City Devils - Thelema
I bought it because I like these guys and because of the Christmas song called "364 Days". What an amazing song!

Also bought Leftover Crack - Mediocre Generica. Another great album (ska/punk).

edclem 10-10-01 07:12 AM

Queensryche: Live Evolution
Bought it b/c I'm a long time Queensryche fan, and it just came out :)

db27 10-10-01 07:30 AM

Tool ~ third eye open, a string tribute.

I really enjoy Tool, and have always liked aspects of classical. Perfect match. It rocks.

palebluedot 10-10-01 07:53 AM

The debut CD from Res(pronounced Reese)

I saw her live on HBO's Reverb and she was really good. I am pretty dissapointed with the album though. Only 3 songs I really enjoy on the whole album. Good live show though.

Butters 10-10-01 08:05 AM

Pete Yorn - Music For The Morning After

I kept hearing good things about it, and I found it for $10 at Target. Some of the songs are taking a while to grow on me, but I think it's a very good CD. Always a plus to get a great CD at a great price.

Josh H 10-10-01 08:52 AM

Live-V. They are in my top 5 and I'll continue to buy everything they put out. Excellent album.

einTier 10-10-01 09:14 AM

garbage - beautiful garbage
Tori Amos - Strange Little Girls

I'll buy anything by these two artists, based on past work alone. I don't need to listen to it first. I'd add Nine Inch Nails to the list, but they don't have an new album.

woofman 10-10-01 09:31 AM

SLAYER- God hates us all

(SLAYER needs no explanation ;) )

- Favorite band of all time
-Being a non-aggressive person by nature, the music helps me to vent all frustrations in a productive manner. I could go on but you get the gist...

mljones99 10-10-01 09:50 AM

Pushmonkey - El Bitche'

Why did I buy it? They are my favorite band

codefree 10-10-01 10:00 AM

The Charlatans: Wonderland - because they're the only British band that's better than Radiohead! :thumbsup:

tofu 10-10-01 10:12 AM

garbage - beautifulgarbage

i just love shirley manson :thumbsup:

Precious 10-10-01 10:38 AM

I bought 3 together and it's a toss up as to my fav of the 3 but I'll go with Macy Gray - The Id

I think she has a great voice, very different and I love the lyrics and feel of her music. I saw her live 18 months ago and I thought the whole set was brilliant.

reverb 10-10-01 10:53 AM

Jay Farrar - Sebastopol

Why? What answer to that question wouldn't be cliche without a dissertation?

big whoppa 10-10-01 10:57 AM

Ordered a number of CD's from BMG Music Service and CDHQ including CD's from artist like Tina Arena, Lara Fabian, Coco Lee, Donna Summer, Hall & Oates, etc. I like many genres of music but I tend to prefer popular music. I bought them because very little on the radio is listenable these days and I'd have something to listen to while I'm on boards like this.

anglagard 10-10-01 11:49 AM

Various Artists - Progfest '94

Been meaning to get this for a long time. A 2 CD live set from Progfest '94. Why did I get it? It has Anglagard, Anekdoten, Halloween, Minimum Vital, Sebastian Hardie, Echolyn, etc. How could I not get it!?!?!

Dayewalker 10-10-01 01:27 PM

Dave Ralph - Naturalized

I bought it because after seeing him spin live awhile back and hearing his previous albums, I knew that this one would be wonderful. :)

Jnuke 10-10-01 01:59 PM

Haven't listened to them yet, but I just picked up the new albums from Front Line Assembly and :wumpscut:.

BDB 10-10-01 03:28 PM

Originally posted by codefree
The Charlatans: Wonderland - because they're the only British band that's better than Radiohead! :thumbsup:
Listening to it right now.

But my last 2 just came yesterday
Garbage Beautiful
And the awesome
Ian Brown - Music for the Spheres

trebek 10-10-01 03:33 PM

Both bought yesterday at Best Buy

James Brown-Live at the Apollo v.2.
Brian Eno-Ambient 1: Music for Airports

El Scorcho 10-10-01 03:58 PM

I bought No Use for a Name - Live in a Dive and Suicide Machines - Steal this Record last weekend.

Aghama 10-10-01 08:10 PM

Ordered Bruce Dickinson's greatest hits from the UK, mainly because I'm a sucker for LE's. :D

Lokimok 10-10-01 08:36 PM

John Hammond - Wicked Grin

It's an album of Tom Waits songs. The weird thing is it's produced by Tom & he plays guitar along with several musicians who have played on Tom's albums. I bought it because I downloaded the 1st track & loved it. I'm not very familiar with John Hammond but I alway liked him when I would see him on Austin City Limits, etc. & I'm a huge Tom Waits fan.

Before that, I got the latest Lucinda Williams & Bob Dylan cds & a live Velvet Underground from 1969 (filling in a gap). All getting repeated listens & well worth the cash.

I also recently got a large batch thanks to the express.com clearance sale. Lots of jazz (Ornette Coleman, Sun Ra), world music (Mali, Hawaii), field recordings, etc. that I've always been curious about but couldn't afford to take chances on til this sale (some were as low as $2.59). Lots of good stuff that I still haven't finished exploring.

evenflow 10-10-01 08:38 PM

Mer de Noms by A Perfect Circle.

hotaru_san 10-10-01 09:05 PM

Strange Little Girls- Tori Amos
TheGoldenHum- Remy Zero

'cause they kick a$$ :)

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