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Pillowhead 10-09-01 02:06 PM

Today's CDs (10/9)
Well, since it hasn't been started yet I'll begin.

I'm listening to:

lemonjelly.ky - Lemon Jelly
Crystal Method - Vegas
Charlatans U.K. - Wonderland

QotD- What's the next (BIG) concert you're attending?

When I mean (BIG) I mean big time artist like Springsteen, Tool, Dylan. You know, established artists.

I might go to Jane's Addiction in October or Tool. Deciding on which right now because I'm on a budget. Also, promised my gf that I'd go with her to Tori Amos in November.

Yancey 10-09-01 02:14 PM

Clinic -- Internal Wrangler & Four EP's (I am interviewing them tonight)
Velvet Underground -- Velvet Underground
Modern Lovers -- Modern Lovers

I don't go to big concerts. They cost too much.

sundog 10-09-01 02:17 PM

David Byrne - "Look into the Eyeball"
"Elementary Headcoats, Thee Singles 1990-1999"
The White Stripes - self-titled

I am probably going to the Dylan show at the United Center. I just have to double check and make sure there's a ticket for me.

Oliver Clothesoff 10-09-01 02:39 PM

-Phil Spector "Back to Mono" Disc 1
-Jellyfish "Bellybutton"
-Tara Jane O'neil "Peregrine"
-Galaxie 500 "On Fire"
-Death Cab for Cutie "The Photo Album"
-Spiritualized "Let it Come Down"

woofman 10-09-01 02:39 PM

Now: Atomic Bitchwax- II

Qod: SLAYER & Hatebreed
11/20/01 Newport Music Hall

stevevt 10-09-01 03:26 PM

listened to
VA - "This is is Next Year" (A Brooklyn-area compilation)

will listen to
The Handsome Family - "Twilight"

I, too, don't go to big concerts.

Semi-public semi-service message of the day:

Amazon and CDNOW both have the wrong price on Jenny Toomey's new cd (actually a double cd). The MSRP is $12 or $13 (still a good deal), and they both have it for around $9. Amazon lists the MSRP as $8.97, in fact.

More info on this album here.

Da Thrilla 10-09-01 03:51 PM

Bubba Sparxxx - Dark Days, Bright Nights
Sum 41 - All Killer No Filler
Jay-Z - The Blueprint

larryw 10-09-01 03:55 PM

Primus - Antipop

I'm going to the Bridge School Benefit on the 20th. Neil Young (of course), Pearl Jam, REM, Dave Matthews, Ben Harper... plus others. Should be a great show.

Pikul 10-09-01 04:23 PM

Even more info on the brilliant Jenny Toomey record can be found here.

ModoReese 10-09-01 05:27 PM

U2 - All That You Can't Leave Behind
Chillout Mix vol 2 (Thievery Corp, Sneaker Pimps, etc)
Ibrahim Ferrer - Tierra Caliente
Alison Krauss and Union Station - New Favorite

Being in Western Canada and not in Vancouver, we don't see the concerts I'd like to. I prefer club shows anyway. I might consider seeing Aerosmith when they come through... has anyone seen them recently?


Dayewalker 10-09-01 08:19 PM

Dave Ralph - Naturalized

DJ Tiesto - Magik Seven Live In Los Angeles

Gatecrasher - Discotech Generation

tofu 10-09-01 08:24 PM

The Roots - Things Fall Apart
Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek - Reflection Eternal
De La Soul - 3 Feet High and Rising
Tribe Called Quest - Midnite Marauders

aaaaaaahhhh, it's a rap day. word. :D

Lokimok 10-09-01 10:52 PM

Today I listened to:

John Hammond - Wicked Grin
Television - Marquee Moon

--repeatedly...& it wouldn't surprise me if I did the same tomorrow.

& I'm going to see Dylan in a little over a month.

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