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Do you mosh/body surf?

Old 10-05-01, 07:58 AM
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Do you mosh/body surf?

I've moshed ONCE in my life ... I've been thrown into a few of them ... accidently.

Never body surfed ... and I don't understand why GIRLS would do it. I suppose for the attention ... and the million guys grabbing their crotch.
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Old 10-05-01, 10:28 AM
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Hell no.
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Old 10-05-01, 10:40 AM
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People who do are f*cking as*holes, especially when a band tells them not to.
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Old 10-05-01, 12:14 PM
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I know how to dance - thank you very much.
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Old 10-05-01, 01:09 PM
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I go into the pits at punk shows quite often. I don't crowd surf because it's very inconsiderate, but I do throw myself around in the pit pretty often. Then again, most of the shows I go to are filled with 13-18 year olds and I'm bigger than most of em so I can't get hurt.
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Old 10-05-01, 01:34 PM
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not in a very long time. back in the early 90's when i was going to metal shows with great regularity, sure, but not anymore.
i'm getting too old for that kind of thing...
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Old 10-05-01, 02:13 PM
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nope, I think its idiotic and ruins the concert for people who are actually trying to have a good time.
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Old 10-05-01, 04:41 PM
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When i was a teenager, i body surfed at a PiL show and touched Johnny Rotton's (Lydon's) Nike. I thought it was funny at the time. He also pulled a Tampon and a dollar bill out of his rectumat that show.
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Old 10-05-01, 05:56 PM
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No, I like to get the full experience out of the concert.

If I wanted to pay no attention to the band and run into a bunch of people I would just play the CD real loud and try and talk some friends into it.

Last time I went to a concert, my wife almost got kicked in the head at a Weezer concert by a croud surfer. That kind of music isn't really the right kind for that crap anyway... if there is a right kind of music.
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Old 10-05-01, 06:34 PM
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When i was a teenager, i body surfed at a PiL show
This didn't happen to be when Keith Levene and Jah Wobble were still in the group, did it? If so, I'm eternally jealous.
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Old 10-06-01, 05:31 AM
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If you ever been to a RAGE show.. you had to have Moshed.

I have moshed in most of all the concerts i attended. Reccently, i really grew out of the moshing scene. Not that it was a must for every show. depends on what band you are listening to.. very hard to mosh to tori amos. in any case, body surfing is just stupid unless your goal is to get grabbed or your wallet stolen..
Courtney love found out the easy way that if she wanted her guitar screwed up and her body groped by the crowd that she just needed to stage dive.

Another thing you forgot.. Stage rushing. I remember countless shows and concerts were the crowds just rushed the stage.

And yes.. I did Pogo and do the smurf.
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