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Giles 10-02-01 05:39 PM

Are "At the Drive In" taking a break or are they officially split up?
I have heard conflicting info on this, what is the true status of this group?

Frank TJ Mackey 10-03-01 02:55 AM

the amazing ATDI (who I had tickets for just two weeks before they split) are broken into two right now.

DEFACTO, is the side project of the lead singer and guitarist, I think Omar something (too lazy to look)

two others have their own side project for which i don't recall the name.

in my opinion they would be fools to not try and work this out because they were about to explode.

almost like The Strokes are about to do.

Yancey 10-03-01 12:35 PM

Omar and Cedric have Defacto among several other side projects right now.

Jim Ward & his brother have Sparta who are decent Fugazi-ish punk.

ATDI is still officially on "hiatus" but trust me, they are done.

Jackskeleton 10-05-01 03:07 AM

Well you also have to remember, the label ATDI is under, Grand Royal... went under. so who knows how this effected them as a whole aside from the personal conflicts. they were indeed about to explode.

gregx55 10-05-01 04:19 AM

It really is sad I loves At the Drive In

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