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heimerSWT 10-01-01 12:30 AM

Musical Bliss!
This day cannot come soon enough...



I blurred out the row info...you know, stalkers and such. -wink- But let's just say it is "really close". :)

TaTTooD 10-01-01 12:34 AM

Lucky you....I missed em this time around but saw em back in '96

one word describes their shows............AMAZING :D

Thunderball 10-01-01 12:34 AM

should be an awesome show!

heimerSWT 10-01-01 12:36 AM

And the confirmed opener is Tricky. :) I didn't even know this until after I purchased the tickets. I missed him when he got sick during Lollapalooza in 97, but Tool was at that show too. They very easily filled that void.

Jepthah 10-01-01 01:20 AM

Aww yeah. Saw em in August in a 'small' L.A. venue. One of the best shows ever. You're in for it. :)

Couldn't get tix for the larger show down in Irvine on November 1, but I may try again.

palebluedot 10-01-01 02:00 AM

I have been wanting to see these guys for a long time now. Lucky you...I hope to catch them their next time through.

db27 10-01-01 09:02 AM

I see them on Thursday I'm so pumped I cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aghama 10-01-01 07:24 PM


I just had to follow suit. :D

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