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evilbaby 09-10-01 03:28 AM

The following quote is taken directly from the URL "http://www.pioneer-ent.com/queen.html", about PIONEER Ent. future re-release of We Will Rock You on DVD:

DVD Boasts New High Definition Film Transfer From Original Negative, THX Certification, Audio Commentary, Photo Gallery And More Available On October 2

LONG BEACH, CA - Touted as one of the most popular and influential rock bands in the world, Queen releases their greatest performances on DVD and VHS in Queen We Will Rock You on October 2 from Pioneer Entertainment. Boasting a newly restored film transfer, the DVD and VHS feature 22 hit songs, including "We Will Rock You," "Somebody To Love," "Under Pressure," "Bohemian Rhapsody," and "We Are The Champions," among others.

Formed in 1972, Queen has retained a fanatical following around the world. Led by the theatrical lead singer, Freddie Mercury, Queen also consisted of Brian May on guitar, Roger Taylor on drums and John Deacon on bass.

Since the 1970's, Queen has recorded over 19 albums and has played together for over 20 years. Queen hits "We Will Rock You" and "We Are The Champions" have become recognizable international anthems for all sports events. On November 24, 1991, Freddie Mercury died of AIDS. This year Queen was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Digitally re-mastered with THX certification, the Queen We Will Rock You DVD will be anamorphic and contain a photo gallery, discography, motion menus and an audio commentary by producer and director Saul Swimmer. In addition, the DVD features a trivia game, band biography and timeline, new packaging and Easter Eggs.

The Queen We Will Rock You DVD is available in Dolby DTS Digital Surround for $29.98 and in Dolby Digital 5.1 for $24.98."

Um, what a no-brainer for me to buy! Finally, a GREAT Queen DVD! Now bring on their other concerts! Whoo-hoo!

John-In-VA 09-10-01 07:44 AM

I was a huge Queen fan as a teen plus rock and roll in general, but I honestly dropped out of the music scene several years ago.
Having said that, I at least hope to rent this and check these guys out. It will transport me back in time for a few hours.

JLB 09-10-01 09:37 AM

And the DTS version is $5 more because...............................

I hate that $hit.

Geofferson 09-10-01 10:24 AM

Cool...am looking forward to it.

tommy28 09-10-01 01:04 PM

ah i`m there:)

BadAsh 09-10-01 01:11 PM

Does anybody have a Music/Concert DVD that is in DTS?

If so, does DTS really do that much for the music as apposed to PCM or DD 5.1 audio?

The majority of the music/concert DVDs I have are PCM Audio with an optional DS 2.0 track. I really can't see what a DTS track would do for a concert... especially an old concert that has been digitally remastered.

Anybody think its worth the extra $5 for a DTS soundtrack for a music concert?

JLB 09-10-01 02:27 PM

The one DTS concert DVD I have is the Eagles HFO. It is phenominal (sp?). I think DTS concert DVDs can be awesome. Supposedly the Tina Turner is very very good too.

However, if faced with a dual release, is it worth $5 more, dunno. I don't see why it should cost more other than if the studio is doing a smaller run of DTS "as a bonus to fans" or the like and they are trying to pass on the cost of licensing the DTS codec from DTS corporate.

That now said, go get The Eagles (assuming you like their music). And one cool thing about it, the DTS Audio only track of 7 Bridges road......Close your eyes, listen carefully, and you will hear a different member of the band out of each speaker (not counting the subwoofer of course, you'd need Bowzer to use that......)

tommy28 10-02-01 06:58 AM

Anyone pick this up yet,


Oatsdad 10-02-01 12:52 PM

Anyone pick this up yet
It looks like the DVDs have been delayed - Image lists them as streeting 10/30 now...

Kevo 10-02-01 05:36 PM

Does anybody know what aspect ratio WWRY will be in?

I hope it isn't just matted 1.85:1, I hate it when a movie is in that ratio.

I know, I know, that was the way it was meant to be and the 4:3 version only contains extra screen info that wasn't originally intended.

But somehow my conscious mind just doesn't buy that !

Orlando 10-06-01 05:06 PM

Well if you like Santana, get the Supernatural DVD. It has both DD 5.1 and DTS and my wife and I think it sounds better. So get it or at least rent it and compare for yourself.

Rypro 525 10-08-02 07:43 PM

sorry, i know this thread is very old, but how does the audio sound? i have never seen this before but would want to see some reviews before i make my purchase

evilbaby 10-10-02 02:21 AM

It's certainly never LOOKED any better and the sound is pretty wicked too (at least the DD track is, cannot comment on the DTS.) DVDfile.com has reviewed it, go over there and do a search for it.

slop101 10-10-02 05:02 PM

I'll confirm the awesomeness of the DD track. Big, loud and bombastic, yet subtle when it needs to be.

JAA 10-10-02 05:45 PM

The original QUEEN will NEVER sound (or look) better!

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