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Armageddon is the Greatest Film ever made. Period.

Old 07-07-99, 12:17 PM
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Here's why.

1. It has a superb plot.
2. It features a cinematic buffet of symbolism.
3. It has tremendous casting.

Point #1: The plot provides drama, comedy, romance, and action. The mere thought that humanity could be eradicated sets the stage for an emotional roller coaster ride. The end scene where great personal sacrifice is made for the good of all humankind brought tears to my eyes. And yet, the film retains its humorous element. Was there anyone that didn't laugh when the deal was struck for "no more taxes ever"? Let's not forget the romatic side. Yes girls, there is something here for everybody. Boy wants girl. Girl's father is opposed. But the boy never gives up. Through great adversity he keeps her in his heart, and in the end, her old man steps aside, permanently as it turns out. Finally, the action. No film can possibly top the action sequences in this one. The sequences were masterfully choreographed. The special effects were stunning. This is better than the whole Star Wars trilogy.

Point #2: The film has great symbolic themes. One of the most evident is the depiction of the common man as humanity's backbone. The top scientists are all skeptical, but no matter, we are saved by a plucky group of blue collar workers. It is they who are the heart and soul of society. I won't even attempt to go through all of the themes, there simply isn't time for that. But you see my point.

Point #3 Were these actors born to make this film? It's as though their entire lives had been mere prelude to this one climatic moment, and anything else they perform in will be simple curtain calls. Liv Tyler. Bruce Willis. Steve Buscemi. Oh the list goes on. Giants of the day. I can't even begin to imagine any other actors portraying these characters. Sir Lawrence Olivier is a hack compared to this cast.

The comments above are of course just the tip of the iceberg. I just can't say enough good things about this film. I have three copies of this on dvd. Yes three. One for the main player, one for the player in the bedroom, and an emergency copy, in case one of the two main copies develops a problem.

My mere words can never do justice to this masterpiece. But I humbly submit this to you the dvdtalk reader, and beg your forgiveness if I have slighted the film in any way.
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Old 07-07-99, 12:53 PM
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Are you out of your mind????? Armageddon is a



-anywayz, My DVDs

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Old 07-07-99, 01:09 PM
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I really like Armagaddon, the humor just kills me. Great movie, a little over the top but not too much.
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Old 07-07-99, 03:23 PM
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This movie ROCKS!!! I have the Criterion Edition on DVD & it looks awesome. The movie is totally funny and the special effects is up there with the best of them. I really like the cinematography in this movie, it was shot really well. People are too critical sometimes and they don't realize that this is a very entertaining movie!!!
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Old 07-07-99, 03:26 PM
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Really? Best ever?
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Old 07-07-99, 03:39 PM
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I really enjoy this movie as well. I mean, yeah it is a no brainer, but what are movies for? To entertain. I like being able to leave my brain somewhere and watch a movie. It's the movies that make you think too hard about what is going on that I lose interest in.

I feel the purpose of movies is entertainment -- to forget about what is happening in the real world and enjoy the ride.

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Old 07-07-99, 03:43 PM
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How many films have you actually seen?
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Old 07-07-99, 04:00 PM
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I'm not sure exactly. I would guess about 500. I'm not really sure though.
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Old 07-07-99, 04:03 PM
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Maybe you should explore some other areas of your video store outside of the Action/Adventure section.
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Old 07-07-99, 04:32 PM
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Ok, Armageddon is a good action flick but I sort of place it as a fluff flick where there is really no deepness to it. The special effects are good, but you can't compare it to films made 20+ years ago(Star Wars). Special effects shouldn't really make the movie, whatever happened to the story or acting? There are other things I found kind of hokey in this movie but it was worth buying from Reel when you could pricematch with a coupon , 4.94 I think it was before shipping.

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I am in NO WAY going to try and make the argument that Armageddon is the best movie ever. However, I will say that it is pure entertainment, it has a terrific cast of big names and up-and-comers, and contains great (oscar-nominated) special effects. The one thing I remember saying as I left the theater is "It taps into every single emotion you can have". It may not have any career-making performances, but it's fun. And if you want to knock a movie just because it's fun, then you shouldn't own a DVD player.
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That's very well said. "It taps into every single emotion you have." I couldn't have put it better myself.
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Old 07-07-99, 05:46 PM
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It's true. Armageddon was fun. I was laughing like crazy during the final emotional scenes between Bruce Willis and Liv Tyler.

One of the biggest laughs I have ever had watching a movie was when the cardbord cutouts of the dead guys were at the wedding. That is one of the funniest moments in movie history.

I had a great time telling everyone I knew how I had finally seen the worst movie ever made in my lifetime. How the whole movie looked like one long music video.

Truly awful, awful, awful stuff.
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Old 07-07-99, 06:14 PM
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One of the absolute worst movies of all times.
Old 07-07-99, 06:29 PM
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Am I the only one who thought the first post was sarcastic? Funny post nayone...

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You are not alone, I was thinking the same thing. An emergency copy? Please...


All 3 copies are the Criterion version right?

As far as the movie goes, it is severely flawed but is a good brainless action flick. I feel the same about it as polarbear - it was worth the miniscule amount I paid. The best movie ever? "...ain't the same ballpark, ain't the same league, ain't even the same f* sport!"

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"Armageddon is the Greatest Film ever made. Period."

That's quite an assumption right there man, but of course, everyone has their own opinions. I saw parts of the movie, read a bunch about the movie, the FX, the cast, the budget, locations, sets, etc etc. They freaking spent 140 million....I also read a bit on the story....It didn't get my attention at all. A lot of it seemed soooo taken from other movies....a TON of one-liners on the dialogue...confussing editing/cuts at times, pretty busy and all over for me, the acting.....well...., I just wasn't into it.

Now, for example, I rented last night Sidney Lumet's first film "12 angry men", done in 1957. The budget: $350,000. One location, actually, mostly one room, 12 brilliant actors, amazing cinematography, amazing stagging, choreography, etc etc. The story/plot definitely made it for me...crazy group dinamics, amazing character development...etc etc....I could go on.
Basically, to me, I can watch a movie like this a dozen more times....Armageddon, buf, I don't know man...

I'm not saying this is better or worse than this or that....For you, this film may be the best ever, but don't generalize and assume things like that. Watch a TON of other films, compare, read about things, keep watching films, watch the films that inspired this new generation of directors, read on Michael Bay, etc may be surprise.

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Old 07-07-99, 08:10 PM
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But nothing blows up in "12 Angry Men."
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Old 07-07-99, 10:22 PM
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The absolute best movie ever is . . .

Peewee's Big Adventure

Old 07-07-99, 11:16 PM
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What a way to get a lot of responses.
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Old 07-08-99, 01:54 AM
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Ela: I think Pee-Wee's big adventure is a better movie than Armageddon!!!

At least when I was watching Pee-Wee, I wasn't thinking about how nice it would feel to leave the theater and go for a walk. Armageddon is one of the worst action movies I have ever seen--the only action flicks I can think of that were worse were Godzilla and The Avengers.

I can't believe someone would say that Armageddon is a "cinematic buffet" of symbolism. Come on! The movie is about as psychologically deep as the shallow end of the kiddie pool.

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Too bad Geoff started that "zero tolerance" policy. I could have a field day here.

To put it as nice as I can, Armageddon is just short of a crime against all humanity. What a waste!


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if so many people hated armageddon how come it made the most money in the summer of 98. personally i love this movie
Old 07-08-99, 09:43 AM
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I liked this movie alot, and I even paid $34.99 for the Criterion version at a local Wal-Mart that had it out for sale a week early. I buy movies that I enjoy. Most people tend to over analyze movies. I like movies, with alot of thing blowing up, guys with guns shooting at things, the occasional half naked lady, and lots of death and destruction. Mix in some swearing and big name macho action stars, and there is a great movie. There are just as many people who hate Starship Troopers as well as Armageddon and both movies are among my favorites. Forgive me for not liking Sense and Sensibility, Anna Karenina, Elizabeth, and just about any Gweneth (sp?) Paltrow movie except Seven. How can you have a powered subwoofer and not like Armageddon by the way? Thanks for the vine!
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"if so many people hated armageddon how come it made the most money in the summer of 98. personally i love this movie"

Easy - children under 12...

Didn't "Home Alone" do mega bucks, too...

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