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Doctor Kick 12-09-21 02:05 AM

American Rickshaw
Finally got my hands on The Cauldron blu ray. Been drooling over this thing since I saw it was being released. From one of my favorite directors Sergio martino and decked out in special features. I knew I would love it thereís just no doubt. It has Pleasant Donald and Daniel Green (the star of martinoís action masterpiece Hands of Steel). And the story sounded completely insane I couldnít wait to see it. But be careful what you wish for. This one is a dud. Some cool moments, and thatís it. And every time one of those cool moments happened I said ok here we go here comes the insanity. Strapped on my seatbelt for a very smooth and boring ride. 3/10

Toddarino 12-09-21 04:21 AM

Re: American Rickshaw
Completely agree. I bought this as soon as it was available and boy what a dud.

Doctor Kick 12-09-21 05:00 AM

Re: American Rickshaw
Hold on to it. It might be worth something in a few years. I got Martinoís Craving Desire for $10 and sold it years later for $50 at a used shop. But that movie was actually good. Trying to find something positive here but itís hard😝

Doctor Kick 12-12-21 02:05 AM

Re: American Rickshaw
Final thoughts after watching this for a second time. Itís unique and I give it credit for that. Donald Pleasance is great and so is Daniel Greene. Greene plays a really badass hero, so he naturally fits the bad guy role and it was a treat to see him unleashed scaring and threatening people. But the movie is confusing and uninteresting and thereís no excitement in the action scenes. So sadly I still think the best thing about the movie is that maybe I can sell it for a good price if it ever becomes a rare blu ray.

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