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L Everett Scott 03-26-20 01:49 PM

Hey, I remember this now...
I sat down to watch Von Ryan's Express a while ago and was quite enjoying the movie. Then the finale came along where the heroes are making their escape and Frank Sinatra is desperately trying to reach the train on foot. It was in those final moments of the movie that the light bulb came on, and I finally clued into the fact that I had seen the film before. Granted, it was probably back in the '70s or '80s when I was a kid, but still, I had no memory at all of anything that occurred prior to those closing moments of the movie.

Has this happened to anybody else? If so, how far along in the film(s) did you get before realizing you were doing a re-watch?

This is probably a lot less common, and it's never happened to me, but has anyone gone into a film thinking they were doing a repeat viewing of a movie only to realize they had never seen it before?

Mondo Kane 03-26-20 02:16 PM

Re: Hey, I remember this now...
It's kind of similar to what you're saying. But, as a kid, there were a few movies I ran into on TV (Their endings, specifically) where I spent years/decades wondering what they were. Until I FINALLY found the answers. Albeit, by accident.

The first was a 60's Hammer Horror-looking movie where *Huge Spoilers*
The Hero(?) gets killed by a giant pliers-type of weapon and the movie just ends(!)

I saw that some time during the early 80's. Flash-forward to the mid-2000s where (Via Netflix DVD-rental) I was watching Mark of the Devil and, lo and behold, there was that ending that I swear I didn't imagine!

Another one was sometime in either '88 or '89 where I walked into the house and found my mom & sister watching a movie (Via VHS rental) that was just ending. The last shot, Again, possible spoilers of the movie
is just a guy staring at the audience as the camera pulls back further and further

"That movie was weird", my mom said. I know I easily could have asked them what the name of the movie was, but I didn't care at the time. Flash-forward to the late 2000s and I'm checking off un-watched movies that are listed in Jennifer Eiss's book, "500 Essential Cult Movies" (Which I won from DVDTALK!) and, Boom, there was that ending. The movie was Apartment Zero.

That's all I can think of for now. It's always good to get some closure on moments like that.

GoldenJCJ 03-26-20 02:32 PM

Re: Hey, I remember this now...
I recently watched Brightburn and after it was over I kept thinking how familiar it felt. I still canít tell if I saw it before, saw something eerily similar, or pieced the entire movie together in my head after seeing the trailer a couple years ago.

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