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The Meg 2 -- News and Rumors

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The Meg 2 -- News and Rumors

In very early development apparently. Has not officially been greenlit yet either.

This afternoon at the U.S.-China Entertainment Summit in Los Angeles at the Skirball Center, The Meg executive producer Catherine Xujun Ying acknowledged that that a sequel to summer’s shark movie is in the works.

“That is definitely the plan,” said Ying when asked by Variety’s Patrick Frater about building out the franchise during a panel for film and the future plans of The Meg 2 , “It’s still in the very early stages, but we’re working on it. We’re trying to keep it secret at this time.” Ying is the VP of CMC and CEO of Gravity Pictures who was involved heavily in financing The Meg which was distributed by Warner Bros. in U.S./Canada and a majority of overseas territories.

The Meg producer Belle Avery also is looking forward to sequels: She bought the rights to Steve Alten’s books. At this point in time, there are discussions in place to create Meg theme park rides over in the PROC.

From what Deadline knows, The Meg 2 hasn’t set any screenwriters yet, the project isn’t officially greenlit by Warner Bros, and for the studio to move forward with a part 2 it certainly has to out-wow the first installment. Having Gravity on board certainly makes The Meg 2 more of a reality. The panel discussed how going into production, the whole notion of a U.S.-China co-production was daunting as the failures were against them (not naming pics like The Great Wall and Warcraft). Coming away from The Meg, the consensus felt like this type of feat could certainly happen again.

At the top of the panel, it was mentioned that to date The Meg is the most successful U.S.-Chinese co-production ever at $527.8M WW beating the previous Sino-co-production champ, Kung Fu Panda 3 at $521.1M WW.
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Re: The Meg 2 -- News and Rumors

One of 2018’s most successful movies was the Jason Statham giant shark movie The Meg. The film made over $500 million worldwide, making a sequel a no brainer, but we haven’t heard much about where The Meg 2 stands since then, other than the fact that it’s in the works. Well, at the press junket for Pet Sematary in Austin, CinemaBlend's own Sean O'Connell asked producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura for some insight about what’s happening with The Meg 2. He responded:

We’re working on a script. Yeah. So you never know until you get a good script. … I was very thankful that the audience got that we were just trying to have fun, [and] not take ourselves seriously at all.

When we first heard that The Meg 2 was actually happening, it was said that the sequel was in the very early stages and while it is still early and we are a ways off from a release date, it sounds like there is work being done. As Lorenzo di Bonaventura told Sean, they are currently working on a script for the film and seemingly taking their time to get that right before moving forward.

Lorenzo di Bonaventura did seem to hedge things a bit with “you never know,” seemingly not wanting to commit to anything firm on The Meg 2 until there is a script. There doesn’t seem to be a major rush and the focus at the moment is on getting that script and having it be good before the sequel moves to the next stage of development. But, it's encouraging to hear that the script is the primary driver of what happens next.

The other thing that Lorenzo di Bonaventura expressed to Sean was gratitude about the first film’s success and that the audience last summer really embraced The Meg and what it was going for. I think when the film was announced and we began to see trailers for it, the tone wasn’t entirely clear.

Some initially thought that The Meg was going to take a more serious approach than it ultimately did, but audiences, especially those internationally, really embraced it and showed up to have fun with a ridiculous giant shark movie that didn’t take itself seriously. Lorenzo di Bonaventura seems happy that the quintessential summer movie connected in that way.

What’s interesting about this is that although the silly approach worked at the box office, it didn’t work for everyone. Some people would have preferred the bloodier, R-rated cut that director Jon Turteltaub teased. One person who seemed to lament the gorier, adult film The Meg could have been is actually the film’s star Jason Statham.

As far as where a sequel could go, The Meg is based on a series of novels by Steve Alten and that could provide a pathway forward for the franchise. The sequels up the ante even more, introducing more creatures long though extinct that could delight summer audiences. Director Jon Turteltaub just wants to make sure that the franchise doesn’t turn into one with successively worse sequels where everything gets bigger, not better.
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Re: The Meg 2 -- News and Rumors

They got a nice surprise hit here that I felt was pretty self-contained. I really don't see a need for another.
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Re: The Meg 2 -- News and Rumors

Originally Posted by d2cheer View Post
They got a nice surprise hit here that I felt was pretty self-contained. I really don't see a need for another.
There is a whole series of books to draw from.

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Re: The Meg 2 -- News and Rumors

The first had a ton of potential and was boring, IMO.
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Re: The Meg 2 -- News and Rumors

Looking forward to the fun.
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Re: The Meg 2 -- News and Rumors

I would think it depends on the Chinese money. I really wanted to see the book faithfully adapted and all of this happened along the California coast.
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Re: The Meg 2 -- News and Rumors

Originally Posted by Rob V View Post
The first had a ton of potential and was boring, IMO.

It should have been done in Sharknado fashion.
Playing it straight up made the entire premise ridiculous (and not in a good way).
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Re: The Meg 2 -- News and Rumors

I was disappointed with the first one but I know I’ll check out part 2.
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Re: The Meg 2 -- News and Rumors

I think we’re going to need a bigger shark.
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