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dex14 08-22-18 06:23 PM

Death Note 2 -- Netflix

After some long speculation, a sequel to Netflix's Death Note live-action movie has been confirmed!

Instead of a big, official, announcement, the confirmation of Death Note 2 actually came buried in a report from THR, which broke down the future of Netflix's blockbuster movie division. After its controversial debut last fall, Death Note was definitely one subject of discussion in the article, leading to the following reveal:

"Among properties it already owns, Netflix is developing a sequel to 2017's horror-thriller Death Note, which Sarandos has called a "sizable" success, with Greg Russo writing the script."

No confirmation yet that Wingard will be coming back to direct, though it should be noted that Russo is an entirely new addition as the script writer. The same question looms over the cast of the film, most notably Nat Wolff as protagonist Light Turner; Lakeith Stanfield as his nemesis, the investigator "L"; and of course Willem Dafoe as the voice and facial performance as "Ryuk" the Shinigami (or Japanese god of death) who carries out the gruesome kills written into the Death Note book.

The first film left things on a massive set of cliffhangers, with Light having escaped L's pursuit, only to be discovered by his cop father, James (Shea Whigham). Meanwhile, L discovered a means of revenge against Light, in the form of a Death Note page left behind by Light's dead (and very twisted) girlfriend, Mia (Margaret Qualley). Viewers were left on the edges of their collective seats, waiting to see if L would betray his principals and use the Death Note against Light. The sequel could pick up with such answers - or do something entirely different.

Unlike so many other anime adaptations, Netflix's Death Note lends itself to the possibility of growing into its own unique franchise - one that could easily function as an anthology of films, rather than direct sequels. The only connective threads needed are Ryuk and the Death Note, and with the addition of a whole new cast and storyline, the franchise would quickly become some more akin to the Final Destination series, rather than the Death Note manga and anime. it might indeed be a better approach, as many fans of the source material were upset with Netflix's adaptation; starting an entirely original story for the sequel might be a way to retain the audience that loved the first film, and free the haters from making such direct comparison between the Japanese and Hollywood versions of the franchise.

thematahara 08-22-18 06:45 PM

Re: Death Note 2 -- Netflix
One of the few Netflix movies that was worth watching, I'm in for another.

Why So Blu? 08-22-18 08:50 PM

Re: Death Note 2 -- Netflix
Awesome. I'm in. I thought the live action Netflix production was entertaining as hell.

Koby 08-22-18 08:55 PM

Re: Death Note 2 -- Netflix
The first one butchered everything about the source material..
and I'm not talking about character races or where they decided to make the story take place...

Light's personality and reasons for doing what he did was completely altered.

Should've just made an entirely different story with different characters in the same universe.

I'm a huge fan of the anime, but the Netflix movie was garbage all the way around.

TomOpus 08-22-18 11:30 PM

Re: Death Note 2 -- Netflix
Saw the movie first.

Then watched the anime.

Much prefer the anime but I'll probably watch the movie sequel.

The Questyen 08-23-18 08:01 PM

Re: Death Note 2 -- Netflix
The first one was about as terrible a version of the anime as one could possibly make so it can go only go up. I sure as hell won't be watching it though.

RichC2 08-23-18 08:35 PM

Re: Death Note 2 -- Netflix
Eh I'll watch it

Tom Banjo 08-25-18 07:17 AM

Re: Death Note 2 -- Netflix
I’d rather they forget the movie (but keep Dafoe as Ryuk) and try a live action adaption of the anime. They could easily cut parts of the middle for a solid 13 episode limited series.

fujishig 08-25-18 01:34 PM

Re: Death Note 2 -- Netflix
Big fan of the manga but I skipped the movie because I heard it was terrible. Well, I put it on the backlog which is just as good as skipping it as far as my Netflix queue goes.

Unclejosh 08-26-18 11:05 AM

Re: Death Note 2 -- Netflix
I am sure I am in the minority, but I preferred the movie to the anime. I should clarify that despite flaws I enjoyed the movie a lot so I tried to watch the anime and it just didn't click for me. I typically enjoy anime but I couldn't even get through more than a few episodes before I tapped out.

I will look forward to the movie sequel and hope they continue to focus not so much on a faithful adaption, but what works in live action.

Perkinsun Dzees 08-26-18 06:05 PM

Re: Death Note 2 -- Netflix
If they have this scene in the movie, I will watch it. Just for this scene. Probably my favorite scene in the entire series.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/aNEIEhWrBS0" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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