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View Poll Results: The Fate of the Furious (Gray, 2017) The Spoiler Filled Reviews Thread
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Old 05-22-17, 08:02 AM   #76
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Re: The Fate of the Furious (Gray, 2017) The Spoiler Filled Reviews Thread

This was my least favorite in the series. One of those scenarios where I would have enjoyed it more if it wasn't a F&F movie. I don't know if it's the lack of Walker and Mia but this one felt even less like F&F than the previous couple.

Good action flick; horrible plot holes; good cast; did not feel like F&F at all.
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Old 07-15-17, 06:34 PM   #77
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Re: The Fate of the Furious (Gray, 2017) The Spoiler Filled Reviews Thread

Finally saw this tonight and thought it was great. My favorite to date was Fast 5 and I may have enjoyed this one even more! I just liked everything about it.

All the credit goes to F. Gary Gray. The movie was absolutely ridiculous and the "Dom gone bad" storyline could have been incredibly bad but Gray held it all together and as over the top as it was, it still felt more grounded than the last few F&F films.
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Old 08-07-17, 01:27 AM   #78
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Re: The Fate of the Furious (Gray, 2017) The Spoiler Filled Reviews Thread

Finally watched this, and it was mostly a return to form. That being said, they fixed everything that was wrong with 7 which elevates it quite a bit.

1. The plot was absurd but it was FUN and 2. the characters were fantastic which were the two biggest problems with 7. I can check my brain and suspend my disbelief only so far, but if the movie is fun and characters are strong, it goes a long way.

3. The third biggest thing wrong with 7 was a completely wasted Statham. They tease what a badass he was supposed to be but never fully unleashed him. Much to my (and it looks like, others) delight, they totally rectified that one for Fate. He stole the movie.

4. Hobbes/Johnson was horribly used in 7 and was used much better here.

Enough with the comparisons to 7, outside of the touching ending tribute it's in the lower tier of this franchise. Losing Elena sucked, but she was kinda under utilized anyway so I guess that's fine. Charlize was excellent as a villain, but kinda constrained being stuck in tiny rooms for every scene. I wanted to see her kick some ass. Also good to see Tego & Omar back, albeit briefly.

Lastly, what is the appeal of Lucas Black? I don't get it. He was horrendous in Tokyo Drift & had an equally horrendous accent. I'd settle for a convoluted way to bring Han back than see him in this franchise again. I remembered seeing him rumored to be in Fate, so I was kinda glad he didn't show up.

Originally Posted by LorenzoL View Post
I also liked the fact that they brought Tego Calderon and Don Omar back as they have been missing since 5.
Good enough to help with a gig, but not good enough to invite to the BBQ. Some family.

Originally Posted by DJariya View Post
How are you skipping the trailers if you are seeing a movie and it's shown beforehand?

Like this?

I have closed my eyes before or just look at the seat backs or floor. Barring some silly catchphrase the audio is pretty forgettable without an image to pair it with.

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Old 09-10-17, 01:08 AM   #79
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Re: The Fate of the Furious (Gray, 2017) The Spoiler Filled Reviews Thread

you know what you are going to get and it delivered

over the top adrenaline filled unrealistic plot and action which is fun and a good home theatre workout

Stratham and the Rock to me are the leads now of this series, get rid of Vin Diesel

Absorb what is useful, reject what is useless, shag anything in sight
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Old 09-10-17, 01:21 AM   #80
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Re: The Fate of the Furious (Gray, 2017) The Spoiler Filled Reviews Thread

Actually, there's talk of spinning off those 2 characters into their own franchise. At least, there was around the time this came out.
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