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Disney's Zootopia - (3/4/16)

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Re: Disney's Zootopia - (3/4/16)

Saw this on Saturday. Really liked it. Worthy of the praise it's receiving. I wonder how long it is before a Zootopia attraction is added to Disney's Animal Kingdom?
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Re: Disney's Zootopia - (3/4/16)

I saw this earlier today and loved it. I was hesitant on seeing it in IMAX 3D, but I thought it looked really good. Too bad there was a noisy kid in my row that was mildly annoying, but that's always my luck.

Good story and laughs. The sloths were awesome.
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Re: Disney's Zootopia - (3/4/16)

Originally Posted by Dr. DVD View Post
Saw this on Saturday. Really liked it. Worthy of the praise it's receiving. I wonder how long it is before a Zootopia attraction is added to Disney's Animal Kingdom?
I was under the impression Animal Kingdom was the inspiration for Zootopia.
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Re: Disney's Zootopia - (3/4/16)

Just saw this and thought it was a great movie. I can't wait to see it again!

Sooo funny in parts and the animation was spot on.

The voices were perfect and I really liked the story overall.
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Re: Disney's Zootopia - (3/4/16)

Bait-and-switch! I was sucked in by the sloth trailer, and that didn't really represent the movie at all!

But I thought it was really entertaining, and I still liked the sloth bit when it came up. I'm sure I'll pick this up on home media as well. Bonus points for being a crime thriller that counted for this month's challenge!
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Re: Disney's Zootopia - (3/4/16)

Originally Posted by Jon2 View Post
I was under the impression Animal Kingdom was the inspiration for Zootopia.

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Re: Disney's Zootopia - (3/4/16)

I loved it.

My 12yo son loved it.

My 10yo daughter loved it.

My 7yo son loved it.

Everyone in the theater loved it.


... oh, and the "Walter and Jesse are at the door" joke was great!
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Re: Disney's Zootopia - (3/4/16)

Saw it with the family tonight. Thought it was really strong for a kid's animated film. Very funny and smart. Some clever references but not overburdened with in-jokes or poop and fart gags. We all really enjoyed it, and my son is notoriously hard to please at the movies.
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Re: Disney's Zootopia - (3/4/16)

They're in the subway car. The fox says, "This little briefcase contains all the evidence we need."
The rabbit says, "Screw that! I'm taking this rusty old meth lab on wheels on an out of control train ride of nitro-fueled explosion porn."
Once the inevitable crash occurs the whole thing explodes, destroying all the precious evidence along with it.
The fox reveals that he held on to the briefcase and has retained the precious evidence.
Thus revealing that the action scene was a huge waste of time.

I can't give a positive review to any film that contains a scene like that.
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Re: Disney's Zootopia - (3/4/16)

I liked it, but I'm not over the moon with it the way most people seem to be.
Love the Judy Hopps character, though.
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Re: Disney's Zootopia - (3/4/16)

I really liked this movie. Sure, there were a few problems, but the voice work was so excellent I forgive them. I hope they do a sequel. I love Hopps and Nick.
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Re: Disney's Zootopia - (3/4/16)

Saw it today with the family and we all enjoyed it.
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Re: Disney's Zootopia - (3/4/16)

Not a single flaw to be found anywhere. Brilliant movie. 5/5 without hesitation.
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Re: Disney's Zootopia - (3/4/16)

Originally Posted by Mabuse View Post
Take it up with the filmmakers. They could have simply shown her prove herself and win her place, but they made a point of showing her get the job due to some new government policy to include smaller animals.
She did win first place. She didn't get first place in previous years because she was not allowed to enter the academy.
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Re: Disney's Zootopia - (3/4/16)

Put me as part of the group that gave this an A Cinemascore (the highest it can be) and contributed to the $400MM it made worldwide.

Just a really fun, really sweet film. Better than much of Disney's animated output (in 2D or 3D).
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Re: Disney's Zootopia - (3/4/16)

Really liked this movie. A lot of fun. A tad predictable but in a good way. Went to an early showing so not many there. A woman a few rows behind me was really loving it too. I still laughed during the DMV scene.
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Re: Disney's Zootopia - (3/4/16)

Loved it. Great Disney film that has a wide appeal and is more than just a movie for kids. Goodwin and Bateman were great as the leads and played well off each other. Also liked the nudge to Breaking Bad. Just a really fun film all around and one I can see myself rewatching. Will definitely be picking up the Blu-ray when it's out.
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Re: Disney's Zootopia - (3/4/16)

Finally caught a morning showing of this today. It started a little bit predictable (as was the ending), but once the whole savage stuff kicked in I really enjoyed it. Character and world design was excellent and charming, especially the main characters. There's also so many little things about the animation that I just adored, such as the way Hopps would move and bounce around or the way her nose would twitch were just fantastic.

I wish the assistant mayor wasn't the villain, that plot seemed a little too predictable even if it is a kids movie. Loved the bit at the end with Flash being the driver.

I wouldn't say it was amazing or anything, but just a solid fun movie. Easy buy for me on blu-ray. Disney has been killing it lately.

Originally Posted by N2DVD View Post
From the original post...

"In the animal city of Zootopia, a fast-talking fox who's trying to make it big goes on the run when he's framed for a crime he didn't commit. Zootopia's top cop, a self-righteous rabbit, is hot on his tail, but when both become targets of a conspiracy, they're forced to team up and discover even natural enemies can become best friends."

Just going to say, this description in this thread's original post was way off. Plot was pretty complicated for an Disney animated film.
Reading the trivia about the movie now explains this -

Originally, the film revolved around Nick Wilde (voiced by Jason Bateman ). However, test audiences reported that they had a hard time connecting with him emotionally and instead found themselves drawn to Judy Hopps (voiced by Ginnifer Goodwin ), so the story was changed.
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Re: Disney's Zootopia - (3/4/16)

Looking forward to that.
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Re: Disney's Zootopia - (3/4/16)

If that shift in story is true, they made the right move. This movie handles a lot of -isms at a level that's age- and developmentally-appropriate for the primary kid audience. Racism, sexism, classism, etc. Never trust a fox, you're just a bunny, go back to the country, etc. As a father of two daughters, I like that they talked about sexism without mentioning sexism. Judy has to prove herself over and over again because of who she is and I can talk with our girls about that. I also love that the main character was a woman and there wasn't anything sexual about her - even though because of the themes we can talk sexism. In this case, I'd say test audiences were actually helpful.
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Re: Disney's Zootopia - (3/4/16)

No no no, don't you understand? It's just pandering!

^ (sarcasm!)

You're absolutely right. The film hit all the right notes on those topics. It's not perfect, but it's damn fine.
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Re: Disney's Zootopia - (3/4/16)

Case in point: the Rogue One trailer has only been out for a couple hours or so and there's already complaints that the lead is a woman.
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Re: Disney's Zootopia - (3/4/16)

Still have yet to see it, but I want to see it just based on the fact that our national newsman in Canada has a cameo in it. "Peter Moosebrigde"
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Re: Disney's Zootopia - (3/4/16)

Saw this last night. One of the most enjoyable films I've seen this year. Can't wait for the Blu-Ray release.
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Re: Disney's Zootopia - (3/4/16)

It was fun with some good voice work and beautiful animation but it did get heavy handed with the message, still it's an entertaining movie, though hardly one of Disney's best.

***/*****, (B+, 7.6/10, 3/4)
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