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ssmith1627 02-18-13 08:01 AM

Help Identifying Old Movie
When I was getting ready for work one day a long time ago, I saw a little piece of this black & white film. I believe it was British. I've always wondered what the title was and to see the full movie.

The part I saw was outside a very large mansion. In the back was a murky pool. There was a guy looking into the pool -- maybe even probing with a pole or something. He opened a gate on the edge of the pool and started draining it But then at a side gate to the house, the police showed up. They came back and were talking to him briefly and a body was becoming visible in the pool. The police went further down behind the house where I think it was on the coast. As soon as they were away, he closed the gate and started re-filling the pool.

That's as much as I saw. Enough for anyone to know what movie this was ??

Many thanks.


flixtime 02-18-13 08:21 AM


flixtime 02-18-13 08:22 AM

Also...welcome to the forum!! :wave:

SethDLH 02-18-13 09:54 AM

Re: Help Identifying Old Movie

Originally Posted by flixtime (Post 11582621)


Norm de Plume 02-18-13 10:19 AM

Re: Help Identifying Old Movie
No, there was no body in a pool in Diabolique.

It might be Scream of Fear (1960), but that doesn't quite fit either.

Guru Askew 02-18-13 10:38 AM

Re: Help Identifying Old Movie
You sure there wasn't a Baby Ruth bar somewhere?

obscurelabel 02-18-13 12:49 PM

Re: Help Identifying Old Movie
Dementia 13 has a mansion and a pond being drained ...

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