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coli 05-13-08 01:27 PM

Cop Land: Overrated or Underrated?
I was watching Copland the other day, and I do remember it did not do well at the boxoffice in '97, yet alot of friends I know really enjoyed it when they got it on DVD. What do you guys think of the movie?

Could it have done badly at the boxoffice, cause people didn't want to see Stallone in a dramatic role? Could having DeNiro, Liotta, Keitel, and a great supporting cast build up unreasonable expectations? I always thought Copland and Heat were very underrated movies of the mid 90's and they seemed to garner their fans through Home video.

Appreciate your thoughts, even if you didn't like the movie.


Nesbit 05-13-08 01:32 PM

I never hear anyone mention it so I wouldn't say it was overrated. I remember being slightly bored by it in theatres.

Doc MacGyver 05-13-08 01:37 PM

I purchased the DVD a couple years ago and I think it holds up very well. In fact, I enjoyed it more then than I did when I first saw it. Good movie.


EdTheRipper 05-13-08 01:52 PM

Great movie. I'd say it's underrated. It's not really talked about any more.

pjflyer 05-13-08 02:05 PM

I think it is perfectly rated.

conscience 05-13-08 02:08 PM

Originally Posted by pjflyer
I think it is perfectly rated.

I came in to post the same thing.

islandclaws 05-13-08 02:13 PM

Originally Posted by pjflyer
I think it is perfectly rated.

I concur. However, given the OP's choices I'd say it's underrated, if only because most people won't give a new(er) Stallone film a break. I think it's a great drama loaded with excellent performances. De Niro is fantastic.

Doc MacGyver 05-13-08 02:21 PM

Originally Posted by KillerCannibal
I concur. However, given the OP's choices I'd say it's underrated, if only because most people won't give a new(er) Stallone film a break. I think it's a great drama loaded with excellent performances. De Niro is fantastic.


Shannon Nutt 05-13-08 02:56 PM

I think it was a bit overrated when it first came out, but is neither underrated nor overrated currently.

Brack 05-13-08 03:44 PM

Originally Posted by Doc MacGyver

one of De Niro's best delivered lines, hands down.

Dr Mabuse 05-13-08 04:14 PM

a truly great film... particularly for the US...

i really liked the additions, though short in run time, big on impact, in the director's cut...

great film...

Stallone's best work...

story 05-13-08 04:25 PM

I love, love, love this movie. This is Filmmaking 101 to me - the plotting, the characters and intertwined relationships / stories, the mise-en-scene, the themes, and of course, the performances. It's great, just great!

Daytripper 05-13-08 06:12 PM

Great great movie. Not overrated at all. My vote goes for underrated. One of the best casts ever IMO.

TheNightFlier 05-13-08 09:02 PM

I don't think it's either. I love Ray Liotta's performance.

RagingBull80 05-13-08 09:23 PM

I love Copland. I'm a huge De Niro fan and I love Ray Liotta and they both give stellar performances.

This is without a doubt Stallone's best performance.

mike7162 05-13-08 09:26 PM

Given all the talent involved, I never found the movie to be particularly memorable; I don't think the question of overrated or underrated even applies.

chanster 05-13-08 09:34 PM

Overrated IMHO. It was boring in theaters and hasn't gotten better with age.

dan30oly 05-13-08 09:53 PM

I just watched this for the first time the other day and while it's not great, it's far better than The Departed or that other overrated movie Goodfella's (not trying to start an argument here, but I just really hated those two movies and don't get why everyone wets themselves over them).

Gerry P. 05-13-08 10:07 PM

Copland is decent, but it gets a bit silly here and there. Everytime I watch it I laugh when Michael Rappaport's character pokes his head out from the back seat of the car when he is supposed to be dead. What a dumbass.

It might have the greatest cast ever assembled, so you would think it would be more memorable than it actually is. Just like every James Mangold film, it starts with great potential, but somewhere alone the way it sinks to mediocrity.

As someone above said, Ray Liotta's performance takes the prize.


Originally Posted by dan30oly
it's far better than... Goodfellas.


B5Erik 05-13-08 10:12 PM

I think Cop Land is a great movie, with one of the best casts ever assembled.

I'd say it's close to being rated fairly and accurately as it tends to get a fair amount of respect and good notices, but it may be slightly underrated as I'd say it's one of the best movies of the last 15 years. (Not THE best by any stretch, but in the top 10 or so, IMO.)

Tarantino 05-13-08 11:18 PM

Great flick.

= J

Trevor 05-14-08 07:32 AM

I liked it much more than The Departed. Great film.

lawyer goodwill 05-14-08 09:28 AM

Originally Posted by conscience
I came in to post the same thing.

Agreed. Just so-so to me ... great cast, stock story.

printerati 05-14-08 09:52 AM

I have only seen the Director's Cut, and even with all of its alleged improvements, I found it mediocre. Liotta is much better in NARC than he is here, too.

Solid Snake 09-09-12 05:25 PM

Cop Land (Dir: James Mangold) 1997 Cop drama w/ Stallone
Alright...we don't have a thread for this film but here it is.

I've never seen the film. Didn't really care to do so when it came out...I was 11 and the trailers weren't selling it well to me. Anyway...growing up and reading up on it from here and other places...It kind of got my interest. Also...it's from what I had heard...a very different Sly. A human man all the way...more so than Rocky in Rocky I and Balboa.

Got it on BD via Walmart.com (was like 7.88 or something). I finally saw it. Technically speaking on the BD...great visual and audio, haven't fallen into the commentary and what features are on the BD yet. The film? Fucking great. It is VERY much a western in a way, especially the latter 3rd of it. Sly's performance is soooooo different from, what I've seen of his work, EVERYTHING. He's a puppy dog essentially. He's got the engine to go but then he gets told no and no again. There's a man willing to fight in this sheriff but he hasn't popped out yet. Keitel, Patrick, etc did good work as well. I just really really really loved the film. Glad I finally got it on BD. I can see why A LOT of people would be turned off by this film back in the day. Just was too different of a Sly for people, how sad.

De Niro's role is kind of reserved in a way. Not unbelievable to see him do the role but...you almost expect more out of it but the character is tied to the realities of his job and can only go so far.

Solid film. I dunno if it's still on sale at WM but...I'd get it if you were guys.

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