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Top Five Movies of Summer 2011 (Your Ranks)

Old 08-07-11, 07:27 PM
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Top Five Movies of Summer 2011 (Your Ranks)

I think it's safe to say that with this past weekend the summer movie season, as far as the big blockbusters are concerned, is now over. I figured now would be a good time to rank the best five movies you saw this season. Let's mark the starting and ending points as May 6th thru this past weekend. These don't have to be all major releases, just what you saw in the theater between these dates and really liked.

1) Midnight in Paris
2)X-Men First Class
3)Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II
4) Horrible Bosses
5) Captain America
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Re: Top Five Movies of Summer 2011 (Your Ranks)

1. Super 8
2. Fast 5
3. Captain America
4. Thor
5. Transformers 3
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Re: Top Five Movies of Summer 2011 (Your Ranks)

1. Harry Potter and the deathly hollows parts 2
2. Crazy Stupid Love
3. Transformers 3

I haven't really seen anything else.

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Re: Top Five Movies of Summer 2011 (Your Ranks)

Midnight in Paris
Harry Potter DH2
X-Men First Class
Super 8
Rise of the Planet of the Apes
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Re: Top Five Movies of Summer 2011 (Your Ranks)

1. X-Men: First Class - The best film of the year so far.
2. Captain America
3. Transformers 3
4. Thor
5. Fast 5
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Re: Top Five Movies of Summer 2011 (Your Ranks)

This summer has been mostly noise. I still haven't seen some of the smaller films and dramas I wanted to check out...

So far of the big blockbusters:

X-Men: First Class
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows, Pt. 2
Captain America
Cars 2
Green Lantern

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Re: Top Five Movies of Summer 2011 (Your Ranks)

X-Men First Class
Rise of the Planet of the Apes
Captain America
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Re: Top Five Movies of Summer 2011 (Your Ranks)

Fast 5
Capt America
Harry Potter
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Re: Top Five Movies of Summer 2011 (Your Ranks)

(Only ones I saw)

X-Men: First Class (As with Robert, this will also be one of my most favorites of the year)
Captain America
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Re: Top Five Movies of Summer 2011 (Your Ranks)

#1 Transformers 3
#2 Transformers 3
#3 Transformers 3
#4 Transformers 3
#5 Transformers 3

(I've only been to the theater 5 times this summer)
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Re: Top Five Movies of Summer 2011 (Your Ranks)

1. X-Men: First Class
2. Harry Potter
3. Thor
4. Horrible Bosses
5. Fast 5

(Couldn't stomach another Transformers, so I didn't even bother)
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Re: Top Five Movies of Summer 2011 (Your Ranks)

Seen only two worth ranking:

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Re: Top Five Movies of Summer 2011 (Your Ranks)

I've seen all the big summer films with the exception of Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

Lots of crappy and mediocre films.

Midnight in Paris is the only great film i've seen this summer.

Midnight in Paris
The Tree of Life
Fast 5
Captain America


Green Lantern
POTC:On Stranger Tides
Transformers 3

Most disappointing:

Super 8
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Re: Top Five Movies of Summer 2011 (Your Ranks)

Really surprised with all the Xmen first place votes. I haven't seen it but I didn't hear that it was that good either.
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Re: Top Five Movies of Summer 2011 (Your Ranks)

Hard to rank - lots of good stuff. I haven't had a bad experience in the theater at all this summer, but I only go to movies I'm 99% sure I'm going to like.

1. Harry Potter DH2
2. X-Men First Class
3. Captain America
4. Bridesmaids
5. Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Also enjoyed Transformers 3, Thor, Fast Five, Green Lantern, Horrible Bosses and Super 8 but not quite enough to make the cut.

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Re: Top Five Movies of Summer 2011 (Your Ranks)

Midnight in Paris
Captain America
Rise of the Planet of the Apes
Horrible Bosses

I liked Harry Potter/Deathly Hollows II, but the epilogue just made me wince
Transformers 3 was fun, but Bay could seriously still need a better editor

I also need to give 'Winnie the Pooh' some props, it might be a short movie, but still, it was really quite charming

and the worst:

The Smurfs
Cowboys and Aliens
POTC:On Stranger Tides


Super 8 (great opening, finale: lame)
Cars 2 (not as bad as the first one, but still ... it wasn't as bad as I had feared)

I wouldn't touch 'The Green Lantern' with a ten foot pole

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Re: Top Five Movies of Summer 2011 (Your Ranks)

I've only seen two so far this summer (three if you count Fast 5)

1. The Hangover Part II 3 out of 5
2. X-men First Class 3 out of 5
3. Fast Five 2 out of 5
4. Green Lantern 1.5 out of 5

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Re: Top Five Movies of Summer 2011 (Your Ranks)

There are several more I'd like to see (particularly, many that wouldn't fall under the "blockbuster" label, I'm sure), but I'm poor and only get the mega-hits at my local theater.

Green Lantern
Captain America
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Re: Top Five Movies of Summer 2011 (Your Ranks)

1. Fast 5
2. Thor
3. Horrible Bosses
4. Captain America
5. X-Men: First Class

I actually didn't like Bridesmaids that much. Never watched Pirates or Transformers but will try to catch them when they're released on home video. I enjoyed both Cowboys and Aliens and Winnie the Pooh as well.
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Re: Top Five Movies of Summer 2011 (Your Ranks)

1. X-Men: First Class- my favorite of the super hero movies this summer and a good breath of fresh air for the X-Men franchise after the last two movies.
2. Super 8- sure it wasn't exactly perfect but I enjoyed it and had fun with it. Plus it was a nice throwback type movie that seems like something I'd have watched as a kid.
3. Thor- probably the biggest surprise of the year for me thus far. I went in expecting it to be average but I really ended up liking it a lot.
4. Horrible Bosses- I'd say this was the funniest movie of the summer. I always like Jason Bateman and this movie was just full of laughs. Also Jennifer Aniston was amazingly hot in this movie.
5. Fast Five- what can I say it was a fun movie with lots of action. It's not the most amazing franchise ever but these movies are very good at what they do which is simply put on a great popcorn action flick.

Runners up:
Captain America: The First Avenger- it was a fun movie but I didn't enjoy it quite as much as First Class or Thor to be honest.
Transformers: Dark of the Moon-this actually surprised me at how good it was but I wouldn't quite say it was my favorite.
The Hangover: Part II- meh I enjoyed it and don't care what others think. It wasn't the best comedy of the summer and wasn't as good as the first but it entertained me. People expected too much from this movie if you ask me.
Cowboys & Aliens- this was a good movie and I thought it had a great cast but it didn't completely work for me.

Most Disappointing:
Green Lantern- I'm sorry but this is the worst movie I've seen all year. I really wanted to like it but it was just so stupid. Hated the Hector character as it was just so over the top and lame. Also the fact that there wasn't many moments where Green Lantern impressed me as a hero and the main battle at the end was so easily won it didn't even feel like there was a threat.

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Re: Top Five Movies of Summer 2011 (Your Ranks)

tops - Thor

letdowns/disappointments - X-Men First Class, Captain America
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Re: Top Five Movies of Summer 2011 (Your Ranks)

1 Tree of Life-Terrence Malick
2 Midnight In Paris-Woody Allen
3 Meek's Cutoff-Kelly Reichardt
4 Cave of Forgotten Dreams Werner Herzog
5 Road To Nowhere-Monte Hellman

runners up:
X Men:First Class-Matthew Vaughn
Super 8: JJ Abrams
Thor-Ken Branagh


Green Lantern.

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Re: Top Five Movies of Summer 2011 (Your Ranks)

Tree of Life
Rise of the Apes
X-Men: First Class
Super 8
Five Fast

didn't like:
Horrible Bosses
Transformers 3

edit: forgot about Super 8, which I really liked, so I swapped it out with Captain America, which I also enjoyed.

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Re: Top Five Movies of Summer 2011 (Your Ranks)

This has been one of the most lackluster summer movie years in a while.

Thought were decent:
Super 8
Capt America

Not great
Hangover 2

Not many movies made me want to run out and see them but the Summer TV shows have been great Wilfred, Entourage, Louie, Curb. Sign of the times?
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Re: Top Five Movies of Summer 2011 (Your Ranks)

5) Capt America
4) Transformers
3) Rise of the Planet of the Apes (Most surprising movie in 5 years)
2) Super 8
1) Five Fast...(expected fun... got a whole lot of fun)
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