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Hokeyboy 08-14-12 10:41 PM

Re: Green Lantern (Campbell, 2011) The Reviews Thread

The Cow 08-14-12 10:44 PM

Re: Green Lantern (Campbell, 2011) The Reviews Thread

brayzie 08-14-12 11:05 PM

Re: Green Lantern (Campbell, 2011) The Reviews Thread

Originally Posted by Giantrobo (Post 11060328)
I disagree. The Color Spectrum in the comic is BRILLIANT. It totally adds an fascinating level of Lore to the Green Lantern story. I was thrilled that they touched on it in the film and I hope they do so again and expand on it in a REBOOT minus all actors except Mark Strong(Sinestro).

I too like the idea of the Color Spectrum in Green Lantern. But I think it works best as it was originally presented. Starting with multiple colorful rings takes the suspense and surprise of the original presentation.

Originally the Guardians themselves programmed the rings to have a weakness to the color yellow so that their Corps members wouldn't become all powerful in the possibility that they went rogue. It was 40 years of stories based on this idea until Geoff Johns revealed that the Yellow Impurity was actually due to the fact that the Guardians secretly imprisoned an ancient Fear entity within their central power battery.

This idea would have made for a great 3rd film with it revolving around the Sinestro Corps War.

The creation of the Sinestro Corps was great because it was a play on the evil opposites theme. But then coming out with Red Lanterns, Blue Lanterns, Indigo, etc makes the Green Lanterns themselves seem much less special.

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