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abe55 12-18-08 06:04 PM

Worst Best picture winner of the 1950's
The results thus far as voted by the members:

Best of 2000's: The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
Worst of 2000's: Crash

Best of 1990's: The Silence of the Lambs
Worst of 1990's: Shakespeare in Love

Best of 1980's: Platoon
Worst of 1980's: Driving Miss Daisy

Best of 1970's: The Godfather
Worst of 1970's: Kramer vs. Kramer

Best of 1960's: Lawrence of Arabia
Worst of 1960's: Oliver!

Best of 1950's: The Bridge on the River Kwai

Now vote for what you consider to be the worst best picture winner of the 1950's.

NoirFan 12-18-08 06:22 PM

Around the World in Eighty Days was pretty tedious. I've never seen The Greatest Show on Earth, nor do I have any overwhelming desire to do so. I vaguely remember viewing Ben Hur on TV as a kid, just one of the many ho-hum big-budget spectacle epics that Hollywood used to churn out with numbing regularity.

FRwL 12-18-08 07:30 PM

I've not seen Greatest Show on Earth either. I can't believe Around The World in Eighty Days won. I am a fan of the 50s, one of my favorite movie decades and i hated this boring mugging mess.

mike7162 12-18-08 07:57 PM

These are all fine films on their own merit, but The Greatest Show on Earth sticks out for me as unfit against the other titles.

Franchot 12-18-08 08:39 PM

I also went with "The Greatest Show On Earth." Kind of strange that it won when "Singin' In The Rain" (which wasn't even nominated) "The Quiet Man" and "The Bad And The Beautiful" were also released that year.

The Antipodean 12-18-08 08:52 PM

I think "Show" is generally considered one of the worst Best Picture winners of ANY decade.

MoviePage 12-19-08 12:22 PM

Around the World in 80 Days and The Greatest Show on Earth are 2 of the 3 worst Best Picture winners of all time (along with Crash), so it'll be interesting to see which one wins. If you haven't seen one or the other, I don't recommend doing so just for the purposes of this poll.

Groucho 12-19-08 12:23 PM

This will be a blow-out.

By the way, the person who voted for An American in Paris can SUCK IT.

NoirFan 12-19-08 04:58 PM

Originally Posted by Groucho (Post 9144026)
By the way, the person who voted for An American in Paris can SUCK IT.

Three people actually. I'm a bit miffed at the fellow who voted for All About Eve, but as long as On the Waterfront stays at zero, I'll be all right.

wm lopez 12-19-08 05:49 PM

You guys here need to rent MARTY.
If everybody did that would be the clear winner.

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