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OldBoy 11-01-08 12:39 PM

Things you just noticed in movies you've seen alot?
inspired by the "Halloween II" revelation thread, i was wondering if their are things/scenes you just noticed in some of your favorite movies or movies you've just seen a lot and were completely oblivious before and then you saw it and went omg!

then perhaps others could see some posts and then see things they didn't notice before, but i am not sure if these are spoiler moments or not, so i guess using tags might be good (discretion will vary)...

one that happened to me recently was...in "Stand By Me" which i've seen many times, happened at the very beginning.

i remember when i first saw it how devastated i was when at the end Richard Dreyfus is narrating while Gordy and Chris were walking away from each other when the others have left already and says something to the fact that Chris took the college level courses, became a lawyer, was standing in line at a restaurant and tried to keep the peace when an argument broke out, he was stabbed, and died almost instantly. that was so sad.

what i didn't notice before and something that really shocked me was when Richard Dreyfus was reading the paper in his truck in the very first scene and one of the headlines was "Christopher Chambers stabbed to death..." that is what he was reminiscing about and what started the whole story. i think i didn't notice because it said Christopher and we know he was always referred to as Chris.

never noticed that before.

What are some of your OMG! moments?

FinkPish 11-01-08 01:07 PM


Numanoid 11-01-08 05:34 PM


Trevor 11-02-08 06:08 AM

I just noticed that Scott doesn't use the search function.

cranberries fan 11-02-08 05:26 PM


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