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NoirFan 10-18-08 11:25 PM

The Way Back (Peter Weir)
Glad to see Weir behind the camera again. From Variety:

Peter Weir is set to direct "The Way Back," the fact-based story of the escape of soldiers from a Siberian gulag in 1940.

Production begins in March in Bulgaria.

The highly selective Australian helmer last directed the 2003 film "Master and Commander" for Fox, and developed but dropped out of "Shantaram," the Warner Bros. project which was to star Johnny Depp.

He wrote the script for "The Way Back" and based it on several sources, most notably the Slavomir Rawicz book "The Long Walk: The True Story of a Trek to Freedom." Book is Rawicz’s account of being captured by the Red Army in 1939 and his journey to freedom with other inmates. The group crossed the Siberian arctic, the Gobi desert and the Himalayas, finally settling in Tibet and India.

MaxMFP 10-18-08 11:57 PM

Weir has yet to make a bad film. Sounds like its got great potential.

NoirFan 01-11-09 12:37 PM

Re: The Way Back (Peter Weir)
From Variety:

Director Peter Weir will find "The Way Back" with Colin Farrell, Ed Harris, Jim Sturgess and Saoirse Ronan.

Cellar Door 01-11-09 01:35 PM

Re: The Way Back (Peter Weir)
Anything from Weir is a must-see for me.

Shilex 01-11-09 02:17 PM

Re: The Way Back (Peter Weir)
Agreed. Weir is one of the greatest living directors right now, but he doesn't make many films. Glad to see him with a new project.

NoirFan 10-22-10 10:38 AM

Re: The Way Back (Peter Weir)
Trailer - loads automatically.

jfoobar 10-22-10 05:07 PM

Re: The Way Back (Peter Weir)
It's Weir. I'm in.

AnonomusBob15 10-22-10 06:28 PM

Re: The Way Back (Peter Weir)
Weir is a phenomenal director, anything he releases is a day one film for me.

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