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Rival11 10-11-08 12:51 PM

Adam Tyner "The Happening" review quotes
First, I don't care if you take this thread personally because I "Could have added it to the already exisiting thread".

I'm giving credit where credit is due. I was so pissed off that I wasted my time watching this stupid fucking movie last night that when I read Adam's review, I was more than happy that he went all out on it:


Yeah, The Happening really is that bad.

So...y'know, that pretty much covers it. Can I go ahead and just

cut the review off here?"

Rival11 10-11-08 12:54 PM

Ha - great - this forum is damn jacked up I can't even edit my posts and my threads automatically post while I'm typing in them!!

Well anyway, I like this one as well:

The Happening gets the nod as the most bafflingly who-the-fuck-

could-watch-the-dailies-and-not-yank-the-plug-after-day-one flick

I've suffered through since Neil LaBute's retread of The Wicker

Man. Yeah, yeah, the movie looks slick on Blu-ray, there are a

metric ton of high definition extras, but...no. Just...no. Skip


Love it - I'm done now as well. let the bitching or laughing begin - I feel better now either way (and for what it's worth, this damn movie ruined my date a little - talk about an awkward experience once the credits started to roll)

GoldenJCJ 10-11-08 01:03 PM

I must be a masochist because even though I skipped it in theaters, with every bad review I read I want to see this trainwreck even more.

I've got it on my Netflix queue, as soon as I return the IMO, virtually unwatchable pile of puke that is Speed Racer.

The Bus 10-11-08 01:04 PM

The two Happening threads weren't enough? Or did this not fit into the DVD Reviews and Recommendations subforum?

starman9000 10-11-08 01:07 PM

Originally Posted by The Bus (Post 8997823)
The two Happening threads weren't enough? Or did this not fit into the DVD Reviews and Recommendations subforum?

Didn't you read his first post? He doesn't care what you think. :)

Pillowhead 10-11-08 01:08 PM

This movie was unbelievable awful. Makes Lady in the Water seem like a masterpiece in comparison.

Fun activities to do while watching the movie.

Anytime anyone says 'happening' in the movie - take a shot. You will need to see a doctor by the end of the film to help treat your alcohol poisoning.

Anytime Mark Wahlberg asks a stupid fucking question or responds with an equally stupid answer or comment - take a shot.

M. Night should be done after this colossal turd.

Rival11 10-11-08 01:12 PM

I know guys but thread is to mainly give Adam some credit - I'm sure it will be closed if necessary anyway. I myself like seeing threads from time to time that pay the critics so due respect (and in this case, it's mainly for Adam just basically letting it all out in regards to being blunt).

islandclaws 10-11-08 01:44 PM

Another fun drinking game: take a shot everytime Night changes the plot/rules of the film to keep the story going. You'll pass out after 30 min.

There are so many points in the film where it became incredibly obvious he was just making this shit up as he went along, all the while forgetting what he had written beforehand.

RyoHazuki 10-11-08 02:28 PM

Thank god Adam took the unpopular stand and tore that movie to shreds. How bold!

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