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NoirFan 09-08-08 12:19 AM

"The Women" (English, 2008) - No men allowed!

Let the lack of discussion begin! After the success of Mamma Mia and Sex and the City, studios seem convinced that women actually watch movies. This will probably be a mid-level hit, but short of the blockbuster it would have been had it been made in 1994 with a then-popular Meg Ryan and Julia Roberts. Just as in the original, there are no men in the cast (or in the theater).

RichC2 09-08-08 12:21 AM

How can women cook me a delicious meal in a movie theater? This is bullshit! My bathroom is not going to clean itself!

This movie is getting absolutely terrible reviews, though mostly from men as you would imagine. I'm curious to see if it manages to get some decent business.

Solid Snake 09-08-08 12:27 AM

OH man, that looks like crap. I'm not sexist when it comes to films, but c'mon...a lot of films that are directly pointed at women suck. Though there are the very few that damn well are pretty good films..but yeah, this would've been better in the 90s

NoirFan 09-08-08 12:33 AM

Originally Posted by Solid Snake PAC (Post 8924703)
OH man, that looks like crap.

What are you talking about? Didn't you see the part where they all talked over each other, or the hilarious facial expressions made by Ryan and Bening when Messing announced her water had just broke? That's comedy gold! Is Jada Pinkett's character a lesbian? I guess I'll never know.

Solid Snake 09-08-08 12:44 AM

When are we going to have a female filmmaker that will be as great as...well..as great as the directors we know now? There's Coppola who's a hit or miss, depending on what you think of her up to her last film. There's that lady that was either Laverne or Shirley, and has the most fucking annoying voice to be commanded forth by God, whom I don't know if she's made a good film but I know she's a director. And there's Lexi Alexander who made Green Street Hooligans, which I own and I only watched once but I thought it was good if not a bit too long, and now recently directed Punisher: War Zone, and this film is either be shitted by the studio or the other rumor that that's all a ruse. Oh! Sarah Polly's film from last year was a damn fine piece but overshadowed by the other films of that year sadly. I want to see her do more of course.

It's damn sad to see so few female filmmakers. GOOD female filmmakers.

NoirFan 09-08-08 12:56 AM

Well, there's always Leni Riefenstahl, Agnes Varda, Elaine May, Maya Deren and Shirley Clarke, and I'm sure modern independant directors like Chantal Ackerman and Claire Denis have their fans. Other than Coppola and perhaps Mary Herron with American Psycho however, there are precious few female directors the general public are aware of.

Sean O'Hara 09-08-08 01:37 AM

And let's not forget Ida Lupino, Amy Heckerling, Laurie Collyer (Sherrybaby), and Deborah Kaplan (Josie an the Pussycats).

Drexl 09-08-08 01:52 AM

There's also Julie Taymor, although Across the Universe was a very divisive film.

NoirFan 09-08-08 01:52 AM

And I suppose Penelope Spheeris, who gave us the iconic The Decline of Western Civilization Parts I and II, and to a lesser degree Dudes and Suburbia, but who also was behind the camera for The Beverly Hillbillies, The Little Rascals and Black Sheep.

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