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Dirty Harry question [minor spoiler]

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Dirty Harry question [minor spoiler]

At the end of the first film, he tosses his badge into the water. Is he presumbably quitting the police force?

Does the next film address this at all, i.e., do they coax him into coming back?

Finally, how would you rank all the sequels?

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I think he just gets pissed and throws his badge away (for the time being.) Dont remember the sequel addressing this.
1. Magnum Force
2.Sudden Impact
3.The Dead Pool
4.The Enforcer
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His badge was magnetically attracted to sequel money. No, it was never addressed in later movies.

Been awhile since I've seen all five (the first 2 are the only ones I've seen recently), but by memory I'd rank them:

1. Dirty Harry
2. Magnum Force
3. Sudden Impact
4. The Enforcer
5. The Dead Pool
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In order of release. From good to the very, very bad.
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I'm surprised Magnum Force is being ranked so highly. To me it seems like a TV pilot with a Harry that was sanitized for television. Not as bad as The Dead Pool, however. Now that one REALLY felt like a TV movie. It didn't even seem like Eastwood was playing Harry in the last one.
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As I rank them. And it seemed like he quit or was fired/suspended in all of them.

Dirty Harry
The Enforcer
Magnum Force
Sudden Impact
The Dead Pool
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I picked up the new box set over the weekend (Classy set)

Never seen Enforcer yet, and I haven't seen the other sequels (In their entirety) in nearly a decade. Should be some interesting viewing this week.
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sudden Impact was one of the funniest movies i ever saw.

i was unfortunately the only person laughing out loud in the theater.

that stuff in the elevator with the kid was gold.
also wasnt this the one were he coaxed the mob boss into a heart attack
at his daughters wedding.

the stuff in the coffee shop with the sugar.

i love this movie.

Crook: [during a diner robbery] What's you doing, you pighead sucka?

Harry Callahan: Every day for the past ten years, Loretta here's been giving me a large black coffee- except today she gives me a large black coffee and it has sugar in it. Alotta sugar. I just came back to complain.

Crook: Say what, sucka?

Harry Callahan: Well, we're not just gonna let you walk out of here.

Crook: Who'se we sucka?

Harry Callahan: [slowly drawing his .44 Magnum] Smith and Wesson... and me.

Harry Callahan: Do you know the emergency phone number for San Francisco General? Well, why don't you call them right now and have them send down an ambulance. Tell them there's two sorry-looking assholes here with multiple contusions and various abrasions and broken bones.

the delivery of those lines by eastwood is classic.

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I also would rank them as they came out.
I believe THE DEAD POOL got 2 thumbs up for SISKEL & EBERT.
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Originally Posted by wm lopez
I believe THE DEAD POOL got 2 thumbs up for SISKEL & EBERT.
Yeah, I remember getting excited about it when they proclaimed it as good as the original.
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I don't get all the hate for THE DEAD POOL. It's my third favorite of the lot.

1. Dirty Harry
2. Magnum Force
3. The Dead Pool
4. The Enforcer
5. Sudden Impact
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