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johnnysd 04-28-08 04:21 PM

Movies that you hate [merged]
There have been a lot of favorite movie threads, but I thought a thread of movies that you hate but that are very popular would be fun. I could not find a similar thread using the search feature.

I will start.

For me the one that comes to mind for me is:

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Clearly this is a highly revered and reviewed movie. It is #51 on the IMDB list, and I have seen several people list this as their FAVORITE movie.

I hate it. With all my being.

Before you say it, I have seen this movie three times. Each with an open mind, and the last 2 really trying to see what people see in this movie. And I failed. I find it dreary. Slow. Uninteresting. I think it's core message which I guess is that these two people are foever destined to be together and then fall apart is neither particuraly insightfull to me or deep.

I really like nothing about this movie. It does not "connect" with me on any level and I have to see I am befuddled that it is held in such high regard.

So that is mine, would be interested in hearing others. By the way, bad movies that everyone hates don't count.

Alan Smithee 04-28-08 04:27 PM

Titanic- I usually hate any movie where someone in present day is telling the entire movie through flashbacks.

Ace Ventura- Not funny, just annoying.

Pretty Woman- speaks for itself.

RichC2 04-28-08 04:28 PM

Hate is too strong of a word for it, as I don't think I actually hate any movies so much as just not like them so much.

So for me: Star Wars, Boondock Saints (critics hate it, but it has such an undeserved fan base), Equilibrium (same as Boondock), and ... Casablanca (though I respect it).

UAIOE 04-28-08 04:34 PM

I have never liked "Wizard of Oz".

Jason 04-28-08 04:39 PM

Pirates of the Caribbean
American Pie

riley_dude 04-28-08 04:44 PM


saoirse 04-28-08 04:48 PM

Almost all movies with Keanu Reeves, Jim Carrey, Julia Roberts, Sandra Bollocks.
Almost all 'dress-up' movies.

Lastyear 04-28-08 04:59 PM

Independence Day
Scent of a Woman
Anything by Kevin Smith-Talentless hack who after 10 years still doesn't know what to do with a camera.

mike45 04-28-08 05:02 PM


cookie5409 04-28-08 05:13 PM

Gone With The Wind

chris_sc77 04-28-08 05:15 PM

Almost ANY kids/disney movie
The Passion of the Christ
Harry Potter 4
How The Grinch Stole Xmas (Jim Carrey)
Ghost Rider
Christmas Story

Numanoid 04-28-08 05:32 PM

Originally Posted by Lastyear
Anything by Kevin Smith-Talentless hack who after 10 years still doesn't know what to do with a camera.

I have to agree with you there. Smith is a complete amateur when it comes to filmmaking. He has a strong fan base because he is a down-to-earth and completely approachable "regular guy". If you've ever seen his "Evening with Kevin Smith" films, you realize that he appeals mainly to half-stoned, lonely guy, super-geek types that can relate to his image.

Anubis2005X 04-28-08 05:41 PM

Transformers...I cannot even begin to express my hatred for this POS...

Jon2 04-28-08 06:04 PM

Come on you guys. Don't hold anything back. Tell us how you really feel.

lisadoris 04-28-08 06:07 PM

The Wizard of Oz
Pulp Fiction

OldBoy 04-28-08 06:08 PM

"The English Patient"...i've never actually seen it, but i trust Elaine with all my movie tastes.

calhoun07 04-28-08 06:11 PM

Originally Posted by scott1598
"The English Patient"...i've never actually seen it, but i trust Elaine with all my movie tastes.

So you just have to see a movie to find out how the family got in the brown paper bag?

(which never made much sense to me since she seemed to like all the art type films earlier in the series!)

As for popular movies I don't like...

Any "blue collar comedy" type movies with those tour guys starring.

Just about any Julia Roberts movie (though I had to make an exception for Confessions of a Dangerous Mind)

Many of the newer action and horror flicks...a lot of them just are horrible. Two genres that are wonderful when they can get it right, but rarely do.

JJE-187 04-28-08 06:12 PM

There Will Be Blood
Shakespeare In Love
One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest
Terms Of Endearment

Maxflier 04-28-08 06:19 PM

Originally Posted by Jason
Pirates of the Caribbean

Glad to know i'm not the only one. This movie bored me out of my skull.

JeremyM 04-28-08 06:25 PM

I hated American Beauty. Just hated it. I didn't think it was half as clever as it seemed to think it was.

Agree with Transformers. Also hated Boondocks Saints, I felt bad because my friend is a huge fan of it and loaned it to me, but man, did I hate it.

Gdrlv 04-28-08 06:49 PM

Pirates of the Caribbean (I've never even been able to finish it. Agree with the two posters above, this movie was incredibly boring.)

Napolean Dynomite

Scarface (maybe "hate" is too strong a word, but I'll never voluntarily watch it again.)

cornbetts 04-28-08 06:58 PM

The Shawshank Redemption

Field of Dreams

Lost in Translation


I do not understand the popularity of these films. Hated them all.

BravesMG 04-28-08 06:59 PM

I'll go against type here and pick a critical (and popular) darling that I created it's own thread for my hatred: Juno.

King Benny 04-28-08 07:06 PM

Fight Club - I've tried several times, and i just cant get into it.
Blade Runner - same as above.

jeffkjoe 04-28-08 07:31 PM

The Lord of the Rings.


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