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Do you rate films on IMDB?

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Do you rate films on IMDB?

Old 04-12-08, 01:28 PM
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Do you rate films on IMDB?

I started doing this to start tracking films that I've watched. I could do it on DVDspot, but many films aren't on DVD, so IMDB seems to be the best (free, online) resource to track everything I've watched. Any other ideas? Better alternatives?

I've noticed that I occasionally do something that I shouldn't. I see that a horrible film is rated much too high than what I think it should be, so I rate it lower than I planned just to try to save humanity from itself. Let me find a good example.

Ok, Godfather 3. The first two are classics, well deserving of their 9+ scores. Part 3, not so good. Personally, I didn't hate it as much as some, and think it is perhaps a 6 or so. IMDB has it at 7.5. I felt obligated to vote a 5, lower than my real vote, to help drag it down a little. I have done the reverse as well, giving something a slightly higher score when I feel that the overall rating is much too low.

Now obviously, I know that IMDB scores don't mean squat, ands that my one vote won't have any affect on the overall score.

I feel a little guilty, or inauthentic, each time I fudge my score. But I'm trying to help America darn it!
Old 04-12-08, 01:31 PM
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No, but I've rated like 4000(!) movies on Flixster, only because it's easier. It just gives me a movie to rate and I rate it, as opposed to IMDB where I have to name the title, search for it, etc.
Old 04-12-08, 03:23 PM
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I always go onto IMDb after I watch a movie to read the trivia, alternate version info and then rate it.

So, yes.
Old 04-12-08, 03:37 PM
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I've rated a few, but like you said, Trevor, the IMDB ratings are all over the place and I'd prefer to keep it honest. IMDB ratings are reserved for films that I don't own. For those that I do own I use DVDAF exclusively.
Old 04-12-08, 03:49 PM
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i never bother because I know that site gets a truckload of traffic and then get frustrated that my vote has next to no effect.

If I was going to vote on godfather 3, i would probably give it a 1 to drag the vote down. I thought it was a 6 or so, and 7.5 looks a bit too high, then i vote a 1 and see it is still a 7.5.

if I was going to start voting, i would probably make a couple dozen accounts to really have an effect, and that just seems silly.
Old 04-12-08, 03:51 PM
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Old 04-12-08, 04:23 PM
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Yes, sometimes.
Old 04-12-08, 05:27 PM
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I don't rate films there. I am interested in how films are rated there, along with at Rotten Tomatoes, but I choose to see, or not see, a film based on trusted reviews not IMDb composite scores.
Old 04-12-08, 05:46 PM
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Movie only though. Hell you could rate video games there too.
Old 04-13-08, 05:33 AM
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Yes, I do rate on imdb, but rather for myself than for a general rating of a particular film. Any imdb rating is bullshit - I can't imagine how decent movies receive 1 (obviously given by people who deliberately want to lower the general rating), or how a total crapfest can get 10 (OK, of all the films I rated I gave 10 maybe to a dozen of films). So imdb ratings are nowhere near being objective, but since I, like Cannibal, always go there after a viewing to read trivia etc. I rate films anyway.
Old 04-14-08, 09:21 PM
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No. I only rate on Netflix, and only to get recommendations.
Old 04-14-08, 11:21 PM
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Yeah I've done it but rarely for the special jems I think people shouldn't miss.
Old 04-15-08, 12:39 AM
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I've done about a couple... thousand.
Old 04-15-08, 01:43 AM
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Flixster here as well... I've rated and even reviewed some on IMDB, but Flixster is way better for keeping track - it's easier, plus you can note films you want to see.
Old 04-15-08, 02:09 AM
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Originally Posted by KillerCannibal
I always go onto IMDb after I watch a movie to read the trivia, alternate version info and then rate it.

So, yes.

I do that too. I think I've been doing that for almost ten years now.

And what is up with you people? Do you really think that highly of your opinion that you actually rate a movie lower or higher just to change the overall score? And actually expect one score out of thousands to plummet the overall score? It's okay that people's opinions about a movie differ then yours. Oh yeah, this is DVDTalk I forgot, my typing is just falling on blind eyes.

I like actually like the ratings at IMDB so I can compare what I thought about a movie to what the general consensus is. Not some overpaid critic or someone who doesn't really care about movies but a large sample of average movie loving people.

And you people know that it isn't a straight up average right? There is some complex formula by which the final score is determined. Or is that just for the top 100 that I'm thinking about?
Old 04-16-08, 10:43 AM
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Thanks for all the Flixter talk. The more I play with it the more I like it. Very easy to quickly rate a bunch of movies, and I like the "i want to see it" feature too.

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