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DarthVong 11-07-07 08:33 PM

YART - Rob Zombie to remake C.H.U.D.
http://www.dreadcentral.com/node/25294 UPDATE: Zombie to Redo C.H.U.D.!
Submitted by Johnny Butane on Wed, 11/07/2007 - 4:25pm.

Zombie on a C.H.U.D. remake?


This just in! Spoke with Rob and he confirmed he WILL be helming the C.H.U.D. remake!

Now this would be just plain weird ... But kinda cool at the same time.

Billboard.com just posted an article about Rob Zombie’s upcoming projects, everything from a White Zombie box set to the special edition of Halloween, and made mention in passing that the rocker cum director is attached to a remake of C.H.U.D..

Whoa now, what? Why? I mean, the original is a classic in its own right and a remake sure wouldn’t hurt, but why would Zombie tackle it? Billboard didn’t get confirmation from Zombie if that is his next film or not, so we’ll put this one in the “rumors” box for now.

Keep checking back; we’ll give you more when we know it!

All I can say is....WHY?

riotinmyskull 11-07-07 10:10 PM

zombie needs to stick to his own material.

chris_sc77 11-07-07 10:16 PM

I thought he said he'd never do a remake again. Fine with me though if he wants to remake it.

Brack 11-07-07 11:06 PM

Wow, another remake thread. Oh boy!!!!!!!!! :suicide:

Drop 11-07-07 11:13 PM

I'm gunna go against the grain and I say I love remakes.

Brack 11-07-07 11:24 PM

Why exactly?

Joe Molotov 11-07-07 11:34 PM

Makes perfect sense. I certainly know that when I think of great 80's horror movie ideas that are begging for a slick new remake, I think of.....something else.

DthRdrX 11-08-07 12:23 AM

He's been talking about the White Zombie boxset for so long it's not even funny.

DeputyDave 11-08-07 12:26 AM

Well C.H.U.D. certainly isn't the classic Halloween was, infact it wasn't even a good movie other that the basic premise.

Don't call it a remake. Simply say you're doing a horror movie with the same idea. Certainly don't call it C.H.U.D. for god's sake.

For a great take on a similar idea see Creep (2004)

Seantn 11-08-07 12:32 AM

Oh goody, I hope he makes the camera shake so much this time that the movie literally flies off the screen.

Brack 11-08-07 01:26 AM

Unless this is good, Rob Zombie might just be a one-trick pony.

Matthew Chmiel 11-08-07 02:58 AM

Somebody needs to kick Rob Zombie's no-talented ass right the fuck out of Hollywood.

Kicker_of_Elves 11-08-07 05:34 AM

I can't even remember this movie when it first came out but i know the remakes gonna suck ass cuz Rob Zombie's gonna do it. What the fuck is his last real name anyways?

Giantrobo 11-08-07 05:51 AM

I don't like Rob Zombie movies at all and I don't get why people like them. That said, I don't mind remakes like others here do so it's no skin off my ass if they make one. I remember when CHUD came out but I never saw it and I still have no interest in seeing it.

EdTheRipper 11-08-07 07:35 AM

Originally Posted by kicker_of_elves
I can't even remember this movie when it first came out but i know the remakes gonna suck ass cuz Rob Zombie's gonna do it. What the fuck is his last real name anyways?

Robert Cummings

Matthew Ackerly 11-08-07 08:48 AM

I enjoyed 1000 Corpses and Rejects, Halloween was a complete mess and now it seems this guy is just doing anything that is thrown at him and is becoming a... wait for it.... wait for it..


DealMan 11-08-07 09:14 AM

Originally Posted by Brack
Unless this is good, Rob Zombie might just be a one-trick pony.

I still consider him a no-trick pony.

Drop 11-08-07 09:52 AM

He probably should just stick to The Devil's Rejects type films. That movie is incredible. Just go as far as possible with fucked up people. I think he can pull off many more great horror films, he just needs to create his own story.

DJLinus 11-08-07 10:03 AM

If he's got to remake another movie, why not remake...wait for it...White Zombie?

True_Story1011 11-08-07 10:39 AM

Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers = C.H.U.D

Am I the only person that doesnt mind this is coming out?

I am against remakes... But of all features to put more money into I could think of about 3 dozen other titles that should be redone for a new generation of audiences.

madara 11-08-07 10:49 AM

Destroying nostalgia one film a time P

True_Story1011 11-08-07 10:52 AM

interesting C.H.U.D facts


islandclaws 11-08-07 12:46 PM

What next, <i>Citizen Kane</i>? C.H.U.D. is a cinematic milestone in technical achievement. I fail to see where Zombie thinks he can improve upon a timeless masterpiece. Even The Simpsons recognize the merits of the film enough to occassionally sprinkle references throughout their episodes. Good luck to you sir!

Seriously, though, he could do an interesting take on it.

Groucho 11-08-07 12:53 PM

First 75 minutes will be dull "back story" on the CHUD's and how they came to be. Last 15 minutes will be an inept remake of the original film.

MoviePage 11-08-07 01:48 PM

His real name is James! James Zombie.

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