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Hollywood cheats us with garbage! What story would YOU like to see made into a movie?

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Hollywood cheats us with garbage! What story would YOU like to see made into a movie?

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Hollywood cheats us with garbage! What story would YOU like to see made into a movie?

The movie industry employ directors to do remakes of classic films like Carpenter's The Fog, King Kong, and many films which are technically and visually impressive but with uninteresting stories or repetitive formulas, and endless numbers of sequels to comercially successful films.
Where is the imagination??? Where is the joy of trying new visions?

There are so many good stories waiting to be filmed. While those who make films waste time, energy, and money on useless garbage projects.

I think George Lucas said sometime, that he would like to make very personal films, without compromising in regard for their financial success. Once he had made enough money to afford to do it. Whatever became of that ambition? Did it drown in greed? Or is romantic space opera simply as deep as he can go?

Same with Phil Tippett. He complained that the movie industry only makes commercial crap, and that he can't but help be swallowed up by it, since $ speaks and sets the rules for what's to be done. Now that he is enormously successful with his own company, does he use his influence and expertise for daring new projects exploring strange alien grounds challenging the audience's thoughts and philosophical perspectives? On anything else than the selling concept of shallow action? No.

What do we get in movies (aside from rare exceptions)?
1.We get mindless sweaty action, concerning the survival of "our hero".
2. Romantic and erotic attraction between human man and human woman.
That's as far as it goes. Simple animal biology on the ape stage. If it is a science fiction, it still is about one or both of these crude mundane preoccupations, the aliens and space setting only used as a superficial background to play it out against.

I would like to see movies made from the stories of Jack Vance and Clark Ashton Smith. Intelligent science fiction and fantasy, with provocative existential ideas, a mordant sense of humor rarely seen in movies, and ecstatically beautiful environments.

A few stories that could be made into interesting films;

Jack Vance:
Star King
Cugel's Saga
To Live Forever
The Miracle Workers (shorter film format).

C. A. Smith:
The City of the Singing Flame/ Beyond the Singing Flame
The Dark Eidolon
The Red World of Polaris (for its bizarre grotesquery)

Or read this scene from a little known short-story by Vance. A scientist enters a crashed alien spaceship:

"Clambering down through the torn hull with his suit-light on, he found himself in a marvelous environment of shapes and colors which could only be characterized, if tritely, by the word "weird". Certain functional details resembled those of Earth ships, but with odd distortions and differences of proportion that were subtly jarring and disjunctive. "Naturally, and to be expected," Gench told himself. "We alter environment to the convenience of our needs: the length of our tread, the reach of our arms, the sensitivity of our retinas, many other considerations. And these other races, likewise.... Fascinating.... I suspect that a man, confined for any length of time in this strange ship, might become seriously disturbed, if not deranged."

Now, did you ever see a science fiction film that explores how alien proportions, planet gravity, horizon perspectives, and chemical compositions, would affect a human being's mentality and biological frame (that evolved to function with Earth's very specific physical and chemical setting)? Mostly they are just running around like they were home on Earth, occupied with their amorous chase or busily killing off the "bad guy".

Lovecraft pointed out that the cosmic and alien would appear very strange to our senses, and possibly cause madness. Vance has further played with these ideas.

Personally I want films which are philosophically reflective, lingering on inner dimensions, instead of just action. Sort of a cross between serious Ingmar Bergman and explorations of strange cosmic beauty through science fiction.

Thanks to the internet more people are being able to influence, and also get out with their own projects, so the possibilities of more variety in filmmaking has increased. We no longer need to be herded and fed like mindless cattle by Hollywood.

What stories would you like to see filmed?

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