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fryinpan1 10-22-06 08:25 AM

Hellraiser (2022, D: Bruckner)
Clive Barker has announced on Revelations that The Weinstein Company is developing a Hellraiser remake and has asked him to write the script:


"I just want to have five minutes to bring you up to date on the Hellraiser situation, so that we don’t surprise anybody!

"They’re going to remake Hellraiser One with a lot more money and they’ve invited me to write it – the invitation came from Bob Weinstein – which I am going to do, on the basis that if I don’t do it, it will be done in some way that I probably won’t like!

"It’s only that one that I really, really, really care about in terms of its remake value - and it’ll be kind of fun to have the extra money to do the effects and all that cool stuff.

"So it puts me in the situation of writing both the beginning and the end of Pinhead at the same time – ‘In my end is my beginning…’ I’m not in the middle, as it were, I’m leaving out his middle age, I’m just dealing with his beginning and his end.

"I’m excited about it - actually it’ll be kinda cool to revisit it once and see if there are things we can do to it which will make it significantly better.

"I wouldn’t wish to direct – I only want to write and be a part of the producing team. I wouldn’t want to revisit something that I did as a director, something that I did all those years ago: that would be too, in a way, painful - not painful but weird, difficult, strange…

"I am very happy at the idea of having some more money for the cool stuff – I don’t know how much more money, but it’s got to be more than the $900,000 that we had the first time!"

clappj 10-22-06 08:58 AM

I think it's great they asked him (and he accepted) to be involved!
This could be the best thing to happen to the Hellraiser franchise in a long time! :)

fiver 10-22-06 09:39 AM

I do like it when original authors are involved (even in remakes). The only way I'd actually be interested in seeing it is if the story is significantly different from the original. Then it's not really a remake even if it doesn't continue the storyline from the original.


Giantrobo 10-22-06 09:59 AM

<b>[typical dtalker comment]</b>Ugh! Not yet another Remake! It'll probably be another CGI Crapfest and my childhood will be RAPED! Clive Barker is George Luca$! <b>[/typical dtalker comment]</b>:lol::lol:

Anyway, I wish Clive luck on this. The whole Hellraiser thing was always a great Horror concept.

matome 10-22-06 10:24 AM

Yeah, this franchise is seriously in need of some "new blood" even if it is from the same well.

Joe Molotov 10-22-06 04:47 PM

Originally Posted by Giantrobo
<b>[typical dtalker comment]</b>Ugh! Not yet another Remake! It'll probably be another CGI Crapfest and my childhood will be RAPED! Clive Barker is George Luca$! <b>[/typical dtalker comment]</b>:lol::lol:

After the painful badness of the last 3 (4? 5?) installments of the Hellraiser series, a CGI crapfest would be a welcome breath of fresh air.

Supermallet 10-22-06 05:12 PM

I'll be there on opening day for this, unless the Weinsteins push out Barker, which I could easily see happening.

Eric D. 10-22-06 05:49 PM

Since Barker is writing this, I'm all for it. He is a really bright guy who seems to know what he is doing and I respect him for that. He was right in thinking that if he didn't pen the remake, they would bring some hack in who would mess it all up. I'm looking foward to this one now. I really liked the first 2 Hellraiser films and it would be nice to see them return to form after all those awful sequels.

Zodiac_Speaking 10-22-06 09:20 PM

Hey as long as Barker wants this, then hell yes. He has stated numerous times his hatred of cgi effects.


zombiezilla 10-22-06 11:10 PM

I'm in for this one.

mndtrp 10-23-06 02:16 AM

Other than one or two of the sequels that were passable, this series has been pretty crappy. This seems like an excellent idea, especially if it could be the beginning of a good (short) series of sequels.

Giantrobo 10-23-06 10:48 AM

I wanna see Alien vs. Pinhead. :up:

devilshalo 10-16-07 12:55 AM

Hellraiser - The remake
French duo to remake 'Hellraiser'
Clive Barker to produce for Dimension
French filmmakers Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo have scared up the job of writing and directing a remake of Clive Barker's 1987 horror film "Hellraiser" for Dimension Films. Barker will produce. Dimension, which scored a hit with a redo of "Halloween," has the same hopes for "Hellraiser," the film that hatched a franchise around the pasty-faced Pinhead.

The original film revolved around a couple who move into an old house inhabited by the man's eviscerated half-brother, who escaped hellish torture from the Cenobites but returned shorn of his skin. The Cenobites, who are triggered by a Rubik's Cube-like puzzle device that unlocks the gates of hell, would like another meeting with the man.

Maury and Bustillo most recently directed the French fright film "Inside," released last summer in France.

"Julien and Alex showed their incredible creative talent on 'Inside,' and I'm excited to have them at the helm, working with Clive Barker, to create a fresh, suspenseful and scary reimagining of the classic tale," said Weinstein Co. co-chairman Bob Weinstein.

TWC picked up distribution rights to "Inside," a thriller about a pregnant woman who loses her boyfriend in a car crash and is subsequently haunted violently by a mysterious woman.

Rogue588 10-16-07 01:04 AM


asianxcore 10-16-07 01:05 AM


Linn1 10-16-07 01:15 AM

Wow, let's again waste a few million remaking something no one wants to see remade, instead of...GASP...making an original film!!

DthRdrX 10-16-07 04:44 AM

This one has been in the pipeline longer than some of the horror remakes that have already been released. I've been glad that Barker has a say in what happens, but it sounds like Doug Bradley seems to be getting the shaft.

fmian 10-16-07 06:13 AM

So is Inside any good?
Can we get our hopes up even mildly?
When I think French films, I think Jean-Pierre Jeunet, so that's really the only feeling I get from this.

cerial442 10-16-07 08:59 AM

If they don't cast Doug Bradley as Pinhead, there is no way I'm watching this.

Charlie Goose 10-16-07 09:04 AM

Feh, the original was middling anyway. And the sequels were progressively worse.

Giggles 10-16-07 10:28 AM

It's just so interesting to see if these guys can (no, not top the original - I bet it's impossible) just come close enough to recreation of the atmosphere of Hellraiser. In my opinion it's one of the films which mood and ambiance are practically impossible to duplicate.

xfilefanfreak 10-16-07 10:47 AM


Giles 10-16-07 11:07 AM

oh good grief - why? let's hope they pump up the gore even more - the scenes that got clipped from the original - like more graphic sex, and the body rip that was waaay too trunscated by the MPAA.

Damed 10-16-07 11:32 AM

Originally Posted by cerial442
If they don't cast Doug Bradley as Pinhead, there is no way I'm watching this.


islandclaws 10-16-07 11:37 AM

Originally Posted by cerial442
If they don't cast Doug Bradley as Pinhead, there is no way I'm watching this.

I believe they already said as much.

And there's no f'in way I'd watch this anyways, but <i>that</i> just seals the deal.

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