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MrShackleford 09-14-07 01:47 PM

Can someone help me with the name of this movie?
I saw this movie sometime during the late 90s. It was about this kid whose cousin comes to visit him. The cousin is the chubby/goofy type. Well anyways, the kid, his cousin, and a friend sneak out one night to go to a lighthouse. They see the ghost of a woman. They also notice something is happening in the local lighthouse. They investigate and notice thieves digging up something in the lighthouse. The lighthouse keeper may or may not have been murdered by the thieves. Thats about it. I can't recall any particular actors, but I believe it saw it on the Disney Channel.

DVD Josh 09-14-07 01:59 PM

Sounds like standard Disney Channel fare to me.

MrShackleford 09-14-07 02:14 PM

I'm also looking for some more Disney Channel fare. This one is about these kids who want to be pirates. They play around in a boatyard on old boats and such. They discovered something criminal a local car dealer was doing and they worked to stop him.

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