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Chew 08-27-07 11:44 AM

The King of Kong
I had the opportunity to see the highly entertaining King of Kong documentary over the weekend.

The doc is about Billy Mitchell (who has held the high score on Donkey Kong since 1982) and Steve Wiebe's attempt to beat that record. Even if you've never played Kong, I think there's plenty of interest and suspense here for everybody.

This is a great documentary about the days of the classic arcade games, check it out if you have the chance. :)


devilshalo 08-27-07 11:54 AM


Yeah, the search function has sorta been acting weird.

Chew 08-27-07 12:09 PM

I did a search, that never showed up for me. :(

Since we can no longer delete our own threads and I can't report myself, can somebody report this to a moderator to be deleted?

big whoppa 08-28-07 05:22 AM


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