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cupcake jesus 07-26-07 08:51 PM

D.J. Caruso to direct Y: The Last Man
According to FilmWad, D.J. Caruso signed on to direct the film version of Y: The Last Man. I've seen both of this guy's movies (The Salton Sea and Disturbia) and have no opinion either way on whether or not he's a good choice. There are things in both films that indicate that he could do right by the material or completely blow it. I've just finished reading the fourth trade paperback, and love it. I hope to hell that they don't screw it up.

In a perfect world, I would cast:

Chris Evans - Yorick Brown


Sonja Sohn - 355

Maggie Q - Dr. Allison Mann

Jennifer Garner - Hero Brown

Glen Close - Rep. Brown

Sarah Roemer - Beth Deville

I have high hopes - anyone else a fan?


-the Jesus

dadaluholla 07-26-07 09:11 PM


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