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BDB 05-30-07 02:34 PM


I'm guessing not many have seen this yet, release date was may 14. It has been getting stellar reviews, and I've been trying to get some friends to go see it.

Originally Posted by press blurb
A modern day musical set on the streets of Dublin. Featuring Glen Hansard from the Irish band "The Frames," the film tells the story of a street musician and a Czech immigrant during an eventful week as they write, rehearse and record songs that reveal their unique love story.

It stars Glenn Hansard from Irish band The Frames, and Marketa Irglova. They have an album out called the Swell Season which seems to be most of the songs on the soundtrack. Having had the cd for a while, I love all the songs on it.

It won the audience favourite prize at Cannes.

and Glenn had a small part in the commitments way back when..

Giles 05-30-07 02:40 PM

it's definately been getting rave reviews, I plan on seeing it either tomorrow night or sometime over the weekend.

maingon 05-30-07 03:10 PM

I been wanting to see this but its not playing around here

Greg MacGuffin 05-30-07 10:34 PM

I was thinking about seeing it this weekend. Watched the trailer on YouTube this morning.

I dunno, I can't decide between this and Knocked Up....

Perkinsun Dzees 06-01-07 07:14 PM

This is a very simple yet beautiful flick that's kinda like BEFORE SUNRISE meets THE COMMITMENTS, except it's not really a love story, more like a friendship story.

Parts of it look amateurish and the basic structure is: song, 5 minutes of dialogue, song, 5 minutes of dialogue, song, 5 minutes of dialogue, song, 5 minutes dialogue, song...but if you are a fan of The Frames, like I am, then you'll luv it. The only real misstep is that they play "When Your Mind's Made Up" twice in less than a 15 minute span.

Glen Hansard is really good, which is no surprise considering how great The Frames are live, and Marketa Irglova is quite charming.

This film actually gave me a greater appreciation of The Frames recent CD "The Cost", which I was initially disappointed in because all the songs are slow to midtempo with no real rockers like on their previous stuff. Now I see that you really have to listen to the CD in conjunction with the film (and the previous Hansard/Irglova CD "The Swell Season") to truly understand it.

SPiRAL 06-01-07 08:56 PM

I went to see Year of The Dog and Brooklyn Rules in Pasadena, a couple weeks ago. Each time we went, Once was continually sold out. I'll have to see it soon.

Greg MacGuffin 06-04-07 07:27 AM

Went to see this on Saturday. One of the best movies of the year. If you like small, intimate, romantic films, this is a must see. Great soundtrack too.

BMan100 06-04-07 07:29 AM

I really want to see this film as well. Plus, the music sounds great.

Shilex 06-04-07 03:37 PM

No such luck of seeing the film down here in the South. Our theaters won't carry it. I really wanted to see this too. Guess I'll have to wait for the DVD. :(

fliggil 06-13-07 01:29 PM

It's supposed to be opening in a few more theaters this Friday. I saw this on May 27th and easily think it is the best movie I've seen in 2007, possibly last 2-3 years.

Amel 06-13-07 03:46 PM

It started in my area this past Friday. Can't get out to see it until sometime next week though :) From what I've read I'm pretty excited.

woofman 06-14-07 08:55 AM

Saw this Tuesday, LOVED IT!

BDB 06-14-07 11:52 AM

finally going to see it tonight.

BDB 06-14-07 11:53 PM

Okay this was great, made a lot more great, by my knowing all the locations, or 90% of them and also knowing all the music.

I wonder about how it got made, as it seems like a straight up Vanity Project for Glenn, and I doubt he has the financing to make a project like this, The Frames are popular, but nowhere near the level to be able to finance a film.

The chemistry between the 2 was for the most part great, some of it did seem forced to me, the first time they had coffee lunch/tea. But maybe that was the awkwardness of the situation.

The intro was fun, loved the busking scenes, all on grafton st in dublin, where there are plenty of buskers, felt bad for Marketa's character, as I would never buy flowers from those people :)

but overall a fun film, with some great songs!

BDB 06-15-07 12:51 AM

Nice little write up on it in the new EW..

has made 1.7M so far, and the budget was 175K.
No 1 Album on Itunes Soundtrack. (currently #2)

And Glenn and Marketa are a couple..

she's only 19. he's known her for 6 years.

alfredog1976 06-15-07 12:52 AM

Saw this tonight....great great film...it's a shame films like this get overlooked for the crap that's out there. I had the pleasure to see Glen (and Marketa, I believe) open for Damien Rice last December in LA. I had no idea who they were...their performances were great, though. Then, months later, I see the excellent reviews for this movie called "Once" and said to myself "that guy looks and sounds familiar". Anyways, do not miss this film!

Matthew Chmiel 06-17-07 10:39 PM

Second best film of the year. Right behind Grindhouse and in front of Knocked Up and Sicko.

The end of the film nearly had me in tears (I'm a pussy -- what can I say) and the music was nothing short of wonderful.

MisterHowie 06-20-07 09:48 AM

This is a simple yet gorgeous film. I saw it last Friday (by myself), and I highly recommend it to fans of Before Sunrise/Before Sunset, Lost in Translation, etc. I may see it again with my wife and some friends as I've been encouraging everyone to try and see it. The music really moves you and arises organically from the story.

The Bus 06-20-07 10:05 AM

I went to see a sneak of Eagle vs. Shark last night and got there a bit late. They always overbook these things, so I was dismayed when there was a line at the ticket booth.

Everyone was seeing Once, which was playing on two screens.

I'll do my best to check this one out. :up:

maingon 06-20-07 10:50 AM

cant wait to see this, I bought the soundtrack without seeing the movie and love it. Hope they expand the theaters

Giles 06-22-07 02:29 PM

oh my god! I loved loved loved this movie... just bought the soundtrack from Amazon....!!!

what a wonderful movie, I highly recommend seeing this!!!!

saw two films that will be added to my top ten of this year - this and 'Paprika' unreal!

Giles 06-27-07 08:52 AM

it's really too bad that the MPAA found the language to be R-rated (as they did with Billy Elliott) if a movie like 'Gunner Palace' can get away with the rough language and not get rated R, 'Once' could have easily received a PG-13.

Zodiac_Speaking 06-27-07 03:02 PM

Opens here in Omaha this friday, so with all hype out of Sundance and positive reviews, I might be tempted here.

BDB 07-03-07 10:37 AM

Originally Posted by Giles
it's really too bad that the MPAA found the language to be R-rated (as they did with Billy Elliott) if a movie like 'Gunner Palace' can get away with the rough language and not get rated R, 'Once' could have easily received a PG-13.

There was a lot of swearing in it though, but its typical of the irish language/people that they swear that much

Giles 07-03-07 10:46 AM

you do know people that Glenn and Marketa are touring here in the states as 'The Swell Season' (2006 album)

pollstar lists the venues/dates as: (surprised to see no West Coast info)

Tue 07/24/07 New York, NY Blender Theatre At Gramercy

Thu 07/26/07 Washington, DC 9:30 Club

Sat 07/28/07 Chicago, IL Old Town School Of Folk Music

have my tix :D (can't wait!)

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