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Gunshy 03-24-07 02:11 PM

Please help figure out what these two movies are
I'm trying to recall two different movies that I saw once a long time ago and all I can remember is one short scene from each one. Can anyone help?

The first is a Japanese(?) movie about an aging emperor and his servant(?). In this one scene they are disagreeing about battle plans/politics and the servant is obviously angry. As he's getting ready to leave his master's house the latter asks him to make one of his infamous Ikebana flower arrangements in a nearby vase. The servant brusquely moves the stems and plants around with a scowl (he cannot disobey) and it looks like a big mess but the emperor is overjoyed and reminds him of what a genius he is in this regard but we assume the servant was just doing a crappy job because he's so mad about the direction things are going. It's sub-titled and may be black & white. Great film from what little I can recall. Any ideas?

The second one I'm even more uncertain about. I think it's sort of a James bond type movie (though I don't think it actually is a JB film as I've seen them all and don't recall this scene in any of them) with this man and woman being held captive at one point . They are locked in what seems to be a huge white-tiled bathroom/shower/locker space. The double doors are locked tight. The man notices a "glass" skylight way up in the ceiling so they block all the drains with wet towels and turn on all the water/shower taps full force. After a long time the room fills up but when they are floating at the top close to the skylight they realize it's made of some bulletproof material and they can't break it. Just as they think they will drown, someone comes down the hall to the double doors of this huge lavatory and unlocks them and we see this enourmous flood of water pour out (really neat effect IIRC) and the man and woman are saved. It's in color and might have been made in the 70's.

Thanks to all who can help me pin these down - I hope they are both on DVD :)


Mosskeeto 03-24-07 05:08 PM

The second one is a Paul Newman as Harper film that is probably "The Drowning Pool".

flixtime 03-24-07 10:39 PM

Been a while since I've seen it but the first one sounds like it could be "Rikyu" (1989). There was also a sequel "Basara - The Princess Goh". Both are in color though, but then again you did indicate that you weren't entirely sure it was a black & white film.

Gunshy 03-26-07 02:00 AM

Good suggestions, I've got the Newman film in my netflix queue so I'll get to see that and know if it's the right one soon. The other is on DVD but apparently has a terrible transfer but I think that's gotta be the right film. A hearty thanks to both of you for helping out!


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