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The 2007 Rank 'Em as You See 'Em Thread

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Theatrical viewings:

2006 Limited Releases
Children of Men - **** (out of ****)
Pan's Labyrinth - ****

Top 10 of 2006
1 (tie). Clerks II
1 (tie). The Departed
3. Children of Men
4. United 93
5. Pan's Labyrinth
6. Little Children
7. Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan
8. Little Miss Sunshine
9. A Scanner Darkly
10. The Prestige

Honorable Mentions: This Film is Not Yet Rated, Stranger Than Fiction, V for Vendetta

Movies Seen in 2007
Alpha Dog - ***1/2 (out of ****)
Smokin' Aces - **1/2
Hannibal Rising - *
Black Snake Moan - ****
Zodiac - ****
300 - ***
TMNT - Zero stars
The Lookout - ***
Black Book - ****
Grindhouse - **** (for both movies)
Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters - ***1/2
Hot Fuzz - ***
Spider-Man 3 - **
28 Weeks Later - ***1/2
Knocked Up - ****
Transformers - ***1/2
The Simpsons Movie - ***1/2
The Bourne Ultimatum - ****
Hot Rod - ***
Superbad - ****
Halloween - Zero stars
Shoot 'Em Up - ****
3:10 to Yuma - ****
The Brave One - **
Eastern Promises - ***1/2
Into the Wild - ****
The Darjeeling Limited - ****
Gone Baby Gone - ****
American Gangster - ****
No Country for Old Men - ****

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Films Seen in Theatres in 2007:

Zodiac - 5/5
Dreamgirls - 4.5/5
300 - 4/5
Reign Over Me - 3/5
Blades of Glory 2.5/5
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Stuff I saw in theaters in '07 -- Out of 4 stars:

Grindhouse: ****
Zodiac: ***1/2
Perfume: Story of a Murderer: ***1/2
Hot Fuzz: ***1/2
Curse of the Golden Flower: ***
300: ***
Blades of Glory: ***
Meet the Robinsons: ***
The Host: ** 1/2
Spider-man 3: ** 1/2

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The Big Lebowski:
Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny:
Say Anything:
Casino Royale:
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990):
The Libertine:
Children of Men:
The Proposition:
Death of a President:
Boondock Saints:
Spider-Man 2:
The Fountain
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1. No Country For Old Men
2. Once
3. Ratatouille
4. Sicko
5. The Bourne Ultimatum
6. 3:10 To Yuma
7. Eastern Promises
8. The Great Debaters
9. Stardust
10. American Gangster

Special Mention:
The Lookout
The Grindhouse
Ocean's 13
Knocked Up
Black Snake Moan
Hot Fuzz
Bridge To Terabithia
Rescue Dawn
No End In Sight
First Snow
Sweeney Todd
Black Book
The Lives Of Others

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I realized I hadn't started this list, so I'll have to go back and edit this as I remember what exactly I've seen so far.

Freedom Writers --- C+
Stomp the Yard --- C+
The Hitcher --- C+
Smokin' Aces --- B-
Hannibal Rising --- D
Ghost Rider --- D
The Astronaut Farmer --- B
Zodiac --- B-
The Hills Have Eyes 2 --- D+
300 --- B+
Shooter --- B
Fracture --- D+
Disturbia --- B+
Vacancy --- B
Bug --- D
Spider-Man 3 --- B
Shrek the Third --- D+
28 Weeks Later --- B+
Knocked Up --- A
Ocean's Thirteen --- B+
Waitress --- B+
Live Free or Die Hard --- B+
Blades of Glory --- A-
Transformers --- B+
1408 --- A-
Sicko --- B+
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix --- A-
I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry --- C
The Simpsons Movie --- A-
I Know Who Killed Me --- D
The Bourne Ultimatum --- B+
Hot Rod --- B
Rush Hour 3 --- B

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Count me in. Again. This year with bonus comments! And I suppose bonus SPOILERS, so watch out.


Seen in:
Theatres - 19
DVD - 40
VHS - 6
TV - 5

(instant classic, must own)
Children of Men 1/18/2007--Theatre
I'd been anticipating this film since seeing the first trailer for it during the summer some time, amazingly it lived up to all that anticipation. Just a beautiful, shocking, unpredictable, sad, sad movie. I enjoyed every heart-wrenching second.
Citizen Kane 4/12/2007--DVD
You know I almost didn't want to be cliché and give this a 5-star rating but I just can't deny the quality of this movie. It truly is one of the greatest films of all time. Even though the truth about "Rosebud" had been ruined for me, and despite the terrible makeup jobs that Orson received to make him look aged this was just an amazing film all-around. Mr. Welles gave one of the best, most mesmerizing and engrossing performances I've ever seen.
Pan's Labyrinth 5/30/2007--DVD
What a wonderfully dark and disturbing film. It's hard to really describe Pan's as a wonderful film, despite how the trailers portrayed this as a fantasy film. In actuality this is a sad war movie with some scenes of escapism. It left me feeling haunted.
The Fountain 5/31/2007--DVD
My goodness what a mesmerizingly beautiful film. I was thoroughly enthralled and by the end I was left in tears. Just a powerful movie. Jackman proved his chops in this film and Weisz and Aronofsky were in top form. I loved this movie. I'm still thinking about it.

(buyable, should own)
Seven Samurai 1/11/2007--DVD
For all the hype as one of the greatest movies of all time, after having watched it I must say most of it is warranted. A beautiful film to behold, I just wish the transfer were better. Great performances and film making.
Jackass Number Two 1/14/2007--DVD
Crude, gross, and fucking hilarious. I was laughing more at this movie than most comedies I've ever seen. Definitely a movie to see with more than a couple people even if what's on screen forces them to look away or leave the room entirely (I didn't think it was ever that bad).
Clerks II 1/26/2007--DVD
Alternately funny and funnier, a comedy as talky as this one lives and dies by it's dialogue and thankfully Kevin Smith delivers with his tightest script since Dogma. I thought it was a well-done movie with a nice, sweet ending. Rosario seems like she'd be a real cool chick in real life.
Trust the Man 2/9/2007--DVD
A great cast (save for Crudup's soul patch), mixed with amusing situations, and tough real life decisions does a good movie make. This one rarely missed the mark with me and I just enjoyed it immensely.
Nausicaä of the Valley of the Winds 2/13/2007--DVD
I've been in love with Miyazaki's later movies for some time now, so of late I had decided to become more familiar with his earlier works and I'm glad I did. His talent as a filmmaker is undeniable and even his earliest film makes that evident. I can't wait to get to the other film's of his I have in my Netflix queue.
The Science of Sleep 2/16/2007--DVD
An oddball of a film. I thought Gael García Bernal's character was a hard one to pull for. The actual filmmaking was brilliant which is to be expected with Michel Gondry behind the camera. I just had a little trouble rooting for the main characters.
Russian Dolls 2/23/2007--DVD
I absolutely adored L'Auberge espagnole, so when I heard it was to have a sequel I knew I had to see it. The characters I loved so much in the first are just as complicated and interesting as ever. A great movie and god I love Audrey Tautou!
Zodiac 3/9/2007--Theatre
Fincher comes through again. Great cast, interesting detective work, and a movie adept at creating suspense out of nothing more than following the trail of the killer (without ever actually meeting him). A fine film.
The Third Man 3/9/2007--DVD
The build-up to the reveal was expertly handled, creating a taut noir thriller. The last third (no pun intended) of the movie was absolutely perfect. I can't think of a more visually striking black-and-white film.
The Devil Wears Prada 3/12/2007--DVD
This one surprised me. I was sure that despite all the critical praise that Devil would be just another romantic comedy, but really it was more a story about the main character's personal growth and that was a nice change of pace. Meryl Streep was, of course, great in this.
Confetti 3/31/2007--DVD
This was a really sweet heartfelt movie. The entire thing was a build up towards the end and for a second I wasn't sure if the payoff was going to be worth it, but I was wrong. It was fantastic, sweet, and outrageously funny at times. Watch out though, lots of male junk out on display here.
Meet the Robinsons 4/29/2007--Theatre
I've been meaning to see this one for a while and finally got around to it. This was the first movie I've ever seen in 3-D and man was it awesome. Me and the missus enjoyed it immensely... just a cool movie.
Hot Fuzz 5/1/2007--Theatre
After seeing Shaun of the Dead some time ago, it thought it just a serviceable parody movie, nothing too great, so coming into Fuzz I tried to keep my excitement tempered. However, everything I read and saw about it just made that impossible. After having seen it I'm glad it delivered. It was a riot... funny and action packed.
Chocolat 5/3/2007--DVD
I was a bit surprised that this one was nominated for Best Picture after seeing it. I thought it was good on many levels but it never elevated itself into fantastic territory. I know I say this a lot but it was pretty predictable as far as some of the plot twists are concerned.
Alpha Dog 5/22/2007--DVD
This was a very pleasant surprise, sure the movie itself was a downer, but I thought for sure this was going to be a dud. Everything about it screamed crap but it kept a haphazard pace and kept me enthralled throughout. The only substandard parts of it were when Justin Timberlake had to show some real emotion and Sharon Stone's fat suit tantrum at the end. Otherwise I thought the movie was a fairly taut thriller.
Fried Green Tomatoes 5/28/2007--DVD
This was a sweet little film. Very much a film that charms you with it's characters and their adventures. I couldn't help but care about their wellbeing and became involved on an emotional level. All the performances were top notch as well.
Knocked Up 6/3/2007--Theatre
I've been anticipating this one for some time now, each subsequent trailer made that anticipation grow and grow. Having seen it I can't help feeling a touch disappointed. It was a great movie for sure but I was just expecting to be laughing hysterically much the same way I was when I saw The 40-Year-Old Virgin for the first time. The story was realistic and fantastic (within the space of a couple years Apatow has clearly distinguished himself as the comedy writer/director to beat) and I loved every minute of it. I guess I just built up my expectations too much.
28 Weeks Later 6/7/2007--Theatre
Wow... just wow. I can't remember the last time I saw a movie this brutal. Some of the scenes were absolutely gruesome. This was just a fantastic movie. It pulled me in close and put me through jarring hit after jarring hit. I think I still prefer the first but this one made it close. The cliffhanger ending opens up a nice possibility for a third as well.

(decent, rental - maybe purchasable)
The Pursuit of Happyness 1/4/2007--Theatre
Overall a very well made if formulaic movie. Pulled at the ole heartstrings well enough, I just thought it telegraphed where it was going at times. Smith was great but I'm not sure the Oscar talk is warranted.
Freedom Writers 1/7/2007--Theatre
A competently acted, wannabe tearjerker. The kids shine in this one leaving me to wonder why exactly an actress of Swank's caliber would sign on for a movie like this. I would imagine to broaden her popularity among the younger generation.
The Beat That My Heart Skipped 1/18/2007--DVD
I finally tracked this film down through Netflix after being sold on the trailer a long time ago. I was entertained through out, it just never elevated itself into great movie status. Romain Duris continues to solidify himself as one of my favorite actors though.
Catch and Release 1/27/2007--Theatre
I went to the movies with my girl with the intention of seeing a forgettable, crappy film to pass the time and we were both pleasantly surprised. A few of the plot turns felt like a bit of a reach, but it was an otherwise enjoyable film. Quick notes: I felt special calling the last line two minutes before it was uttered... Kevin Smith is faaaat again.
Music and Lyrics 2/18/2007--Theatre
Hugh Grant's movies all have that similar jokey-yet-sweet feeling and this one was no different. A few funny spots though nothing really laugh out loud funny and a happy ending were to be expected. A decent enough date movie.
School for Scoundrels 2/18/2007--DVD
With all the unfavorable reviews I saw this one receiving I went in not expecting much at all but came out pleasantly surprised. I saw the unrated edition so perhaps that had something to do with it but this was a very amusing (at times) film. Good for a few laughs.
Marie Antoinette 2/19/2007--DVD
I wanted to like this more owing to how much I enjoyed Sofia Coppola's last effort but it just wasn't meant to be. Certainly a beautiful film, it just felt somehow hollow in retrospect. It seemed to me like many of the actors were either miscast or just not given much to do. Or maybe with what seemed like so little dialogue their underdeveloped abilities to emote without speaking became glaring? I might need to see this one again.
The Prestige 3/2/2007--DVD
Contained in this movie: superb performances by the leads, astute filmmaking in terms of visuals and storytelling, great atmosphere and no pandering whatsoever. Missing in this movie: a plot that could not be seen coming halfway in and (I don't want to spoil it but) twists and turns that border on laughably unbelievable. It stayed grounded in reality for so long and then... not.
Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny 3/3/2007--DVD
Funny in spots, not so funny in others. Thankfully Jack Black and Kyle Gass' over the top performances never got too annoying, but I'll chalk that up to the fact I had a few beers in me (which is also why I'm giving this a three-star review instead of a four, I just know it wouldn't have been remotely as funny had I been sober). Loved Dave Grohl as the devil.
Wild Hogs 3/4/2007--Theatre
Going in just wanting to shut off my brain and enjoy some cheap laughs I exited having accomplished my mission. The principle characters were in their usual personas highlighted by (in a bad way) John Travolta's manic "Woody" and William H. Macy's aloof and naïve "Dudley". Not a terrible film but likely nothing I'll ever revisit.
Ever After 3/15/2007--VHS
A charming tale that brought the classic Cinderella fable to life. All the principles gave fine performances. I really loved the locations used throughout, it gave the film a very regal feel to the goings-on.
Flushed Away 3/19/2007--DVD
I was excited for this being that I'm a huge fan of Wallace & Gromit and it mostly delivered. It had the expected Aardman visual touches and gags and the slugs were hilarious throughout. Everything had a very rushed feeling to it though, don't know why but that was the impression I was left with.
Reign Over Me 3/24/2007--Theatre
This movie really hinges on how much you like and can believe in a serious Adam Sandler. For me he swayed back and forth from a subdued nuanced performance to his usual schtick with the whole accented screaming crap he does. I would have liked the movie better if Binder had reigned Sandler in (saw what I did there), and concentrated on the far more interesting interplay between Cheadle and Pinkett Smith's husband and wife.
Moulin Rouge 3/25/2007--DVD
I should preface this by saying I'm just totally turned off by musicals in general. Besides the costuming and sets nothing from this movie really stood out for me. The performances were suitably over the top and likeable, the plot was predictable but palatable on account of the whole story within a story thing going on, the songs were grating at times, and the effects work was mostly terribly done and distracting. All in all not terrible, but certainly not Oscar worthy.
300 3/27/2007--Theatre
A beautiful film in many ways that just felt very shallow to me due to it's simple story. A simple story is not always a bad thing, but much of it bordered on cheesy at times. Still, it was a great time at the theater and something I derived much enjoyment out of.
Sweet Home Alabama 4/3/2007--VHS
A formulaic rom-com that telegraphed it's every move. Nothing terribly original, but nothing so bad you want to blow your brains out. Good to enjoy with your girl by your side.
The Story of Us 4/5/2007--VHS
I liked a lot about this movie, the plot was decent enough, it had some good laughs, and there were a handful of heartfelt moments. I just can't help but feel like it was all sabotaged by the two leads. When the scenes called for some serious dramatic acting, what we got instead were over the top, unrealistic performances. A real shame, (the normally reliable) Willis and Pfeiffer marred an otherwise good movie.
An Inconvenient Truth 4/6/2007--DVD
Truth was both eye-opening and informative, it's just too bad it had to also be so preachy (I accepted from the beginning that by the nature of the film this had to be so, but c'mon) and sappy. I liked very much the scenes that dealt directly with Mr. Gore's presentation, but all the background stuff kind of killed it for me. I know they were trying to flesh out a feature length movie but I just didn't care for them using Mr. Gore's life as something to make the presentation relevant to me.
Blades of Glory 4/8/2007--Theatre
Will Ferrell must be trying to set the record for most goofball sports comedies or something, this is his third in three years. This one is up there for me with Old School and Elf, but I feel like he's yet to make his most classic comedy. I'd really like to see him try the more serious roles like Stranger Than Fiction again. Glad to see Jenna Fischer getting more exposure (wink, wink).
Martin & Orloff 4/20/2007--DVD
This was a pretty funny movie that just kept getting odder and odder. I was laughing out loud at quite a few moments but chuckling at stuff more than anything. Much of the comedy just felt like a few good skit ideas all thrown together so there wasn't much flow to the film making it feel somewhat disjointed.
Matilda 4/23/2007--DVD
Roald Dahl's children's story brought to the big screen by Danny Devito. Though I've never read the book something about the film tells me it was likely a fine translation. Nothing serious to be had here just an oftentimes sweet, humorous, and entertaining film. That Trunchbull lady is one hardcore bitch.
The First Wives Club 4/30/2007--DVD
Another in the Girlfriend Bedtime Series. Wives was a sweet but ultimately forgettable tale. Three middle-aged women, spurred on by their friend's recent demise take it upon themselves to exact some form of revenge upon the men that spurned them. It ends with a happy ending of course despite the usual melodrama.
Guess Who 5/14/2007--DVD
A sad remake of a classic and important film. At the very least they made an enjoyable film. Kutcher reigned it in a bit and Mr. Mac played his usual self. Nothing too daring even though they could have used the situational humor to greater effect. Oh well.
Uptown Girls 6/7/2007--VHS
This was a cute film with some good chemistry between the leads. The interplay between Murphy and Fanning was oftentimes cute and endearing and really helped in my enjoyment of the film. Obviously much of the rest was the usual fluff but between the filler was a decent enough story.
Saved! 6/23/2007--DVD
This turned out to be a pretty enjoyable and scathingly truthful tale about a girl and her struggles with understanding her faith and religion. I liked that it presented both sides of the whole religion debate. It helped that it was genuinely funny as well.

(forgettable, rental)
Idlewild 1/15/2007--DVD
Something about the pacing of this film just turned me off. It just felt very music video-y to me at times, which comes as no surprise as that was the director's former genre. I wanted to like it more but just couldn't. Also you could see the major plot turns coming a mile off.
Snakes on a Plane 1/25/2007--DVD
I wasn't sure what to expect out of this film besides it being bad and I wasn't disappointed. Campy and cheesy and not in a good way, Snakes just proved to be a load of crap. A rare b-film that got an a-list marketing push.
SherryBaby 3/8/2007--DVD
Maggie Gyllenhaal's performance was the saving grace for this film. Were it not for her this would have been just another vapid view into the life of a recovering drug addict. It seemed to me like a lot of the scenes were played out just for the shock value and I just never felt for the main character.
Havoc 3/15/2007--TV
I'm not sure what was worse, seeing a movie with such a ridiculous clash of idiotic characters, or realizing that there are such idiots in this world. So many scenes played out so unrealistically in my opinion that this movie just shot itself in the foot. I did think Anne Hathaway delivered a fine performance however.
Never Been Kissed 3/24/2007--TV
Just another loser romantic comedy. Nerd goes back to redeem themselves in some station in life that they previously failed in, they do so, everything comes crashing down, and then pull through in the end triumphantly anyway. Rinse. Repeat.
Center Stage 3/27/2007--VHS
This movie had me laughing out loud at times all throughout, sure they were at moments not meant to incur laughter, but I couldn't help it. There were far too many cheesy looks and poorly delivered stilted dialogue for me to keep quiet. I just couldn't help but deride the poor film as I watched.
Let's Go to Prison 3/30/2001--DVD
Obviously being that this was a prison comedy I was expecting the obligatory rape, shower room, and other cliché prison jokes and was not disappointed. I was not surprised that this movie also delivered few laughs. Juvenile comedies like these work best when you've had a few to drink and clearly I hadn't had any.
Drive Me Crazy 4/9/2007--VHS
Yet another weak teenage romantic comedy. Honestly there is not much to be said about it. It was mostly boring and predictable. Worthwhile, I guess only if you want to see one of the Entourage dude's early films -shrug-.
Because I Said So 5/11/2007--DVD
I understand it was necessary that we were meant to dislike Diane Keaton's character to some extent but she was truly loathsome. Just a totally annoying portrayal. The rest of the movie wasn't anything special either.
The Ex 5/13/2007--Theatre
A poor choice for Zach Braff. Not particularly funny and pretty much a waste of time. It's tough to like a movie when the protagonist just keeps getting crapped on time and time again, especially when that protag isn't very likeable in the first place. Obviously he'll at some point get his retribution but I didn't really care about it by the time it happened.
Shrek the Third 5/20/2007--Theatre
I've never been a fan of the Shrek movies (I've just never understood the appeal of three terribly unfunny people voicing unfunny characters in unfunny situations) and this one did nothing to change my opinion. Justin Timberlake was a horrible choice for a character that was a focal point in the movie, his voice showed hardly any emotion when it needed to. The rest was just an exercise in milking a profitable franchise bone dry. I chuckled... twice.
Treasure Planet 6/4/2007--TV
Geez Disney, where has your talent gone? I can see why they scrapped their 2D films until recently. Planet was just lifeless, cookie cutter crap. It was pretty to look at in spots but felt totally hollow.
Bachelor Party 6/4/2007--DVD
It was interesting seeing how far Tom Hanks has come but really this movie is better left in the 80's. There were a few chuckles to be had but nothing outrageously funny. Hard to believe some of the stuff that was popular back then.
Evan Almighty 6/22/2007--Theatre
I love Steve Carell and consider him one of the best actors working today but even he was not enough to save this movie. Not at all funny save for a couple of the hi-jinks involving the animals and the whole preachy nature of the movie made me want to stop watching.
Reno 911!: Miami 6/27/2007--DVD
I really thought this one would be far funnier than I actually found it to be, what with all the good word of mouth and hilarious trailer. I was disappointed to find it was much too dry for its own good. I know it was intended to be that way but I became quickly bored at times. Ho-hum.

(trash, ask for your money back!)
My Super Ex-Girlfriend 1/6/2007--DVD
Ugh, by the first 15 minutes I could feel this one was going to be a stinker. The jokes fell flat and the ridiculous plot felt insipid. At least the volumetric smoke effects looked nice. I don't think I can ever see Rainn Wilson as any character other than Dwight though.
Van Wilder 2: The Rise of Taj 4/1/2007--DVD
I'm not sure why I even bothered with this one. I knew it was going to be crap and sure enough it was crap. There were maybe two or three laughs to be had and dozens of eye rolls at the stupidity shown. Oh well.
She's the Man 6/12/2007--TV
As I was just trying to go to sleep I got enveloped in this terrible movie. It's amazing what the mind takes as entertainment when it's over tired at four in the morning. In any event much of this movie was laughably bad, especially the soccer action.
Norbit 6/19/2007--DVD
Good Lord, this movie was so terrible I almost created a category of ineptitude just for it. Utterly reprehensible stereotypes combined with ugly characters inside and out made this into one of the single worst movies I've ever seen. And yet I would suggest this to be seen for the curious just so they can experience for themselves how bad a film can get.


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Hopefully this will be all the room I need. The character limit on posts made this disjointed list necessary.


Seen in:
Theatres - 31
DVD - 65
VHS - 7
TV - 9

(instant classic, must own)
Sunshine 7/27/2007--Theatre
I think Danny Boyle is quickly becoming one of my favorite directors. Each one of his movies just get stuck in my brain after seeing it and Sunshine is no different. Just an absolutely beautiful film to behold with a tight story and tautly acted performances. Tremendous!
The Bourne Ultimatum 8/10/2007--Theatre
What a satisfying conclusion to perhaps my favorite trilogy of the past decade. You get closure, intense fight sequences, elaborate chase and cat and mouse scenes, a tight story, great direction, terrific acting, a quick pace and really just an all around great movie. Who knew Matt Damon would turn out to be such a convincingly good action star?

(buyable, should own)
Ratatouille 7/1/2007--Theatre
Pixar and Brad Bird just can't miss. Not as good as some of their other efforts but I like the direction their storytelling is heading in. Entertaining enough for the kids but geared more towards the adults. From the early things I've heard of Wall-E it seems that this trend is destined to continue.
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix 7/14/2007--Theatre
I can't remember a series that has run this long with this high a level of quality. Each movie has done it's book justice in my opinion. I love how the tone is getting progressively darker as well and I can't wait to see how they bring the final two books to the big screen.
Thumbsucker 7/17/2007--DVD
This movie really struck a chord with me. It was extremely well acted and engrossing. It seemed to just fly by, I was a little surprised by how much I enjoyed it. Definitely recommended.
The Simpsons Movie 7/29/2007--Theatre
Firstly, I enjoyed the long-awaited Simpsons family's first foray into film immensely. That said, I couldn't help but feel somewhat disappointed. The build-up and resulting hype were just too much. The movie itself was absolutely hilarious however and filled with tender moments that never let you forget this is all about a family that truly love each other. Even if the plot and it's turns felt like they came out of an extended episode.
Black Snake Moan 8/5/2007--DVD
I was a bit surprised by this movie. I thought for sure it was going to be darker and sicker than it actually was. It was tame compared to the expectations I had going in, expectations that I'm not sure where from. Anyway the movie itself was pretty good, a sometimes sweet, sometimes sad tale of dual redemption.
Perfume: The Story of a Murderer 8/20/2007--DVD
I had been anticipating this movie for some time. The initial preview and the good word of mouth made me really want to see it. And it was everything I expected it to be; a solid, sordid serial killer tale. All I'll say about the ending was that it was silly and caught me totally off-guard.
Superbad 8/26/2007--Theatre
My girl and I actually caught this at the local drive-in theatre and I'm bumping it up to a four star score instead of a three as I think it would have benefited from seeing it in a room full of people. As it was, I thought it totally hilarious and I love that more smart raunchy comedies are finally getting made.
Stardust 8/29/2007--Theatre
I wasn't sure what to expect going into this one. It looked like a jokey fantasy film but I thought that maybe it would be more serious in tone. Turns out all of the movie was pretty tongue in cheek but it worked. It was charming and funny and just a little too long, but overall very good.
Tekkon Kinkreet DVD
Across the Universe Theatre

(decent, rental - maybe purchasable)
License to Wed 6/28/2007--Theatre
The girlfriend and I caught a sneak peek of this one and were pretty excited since it has one of the principles of The Office. Krasinski gave a fine performance, not unlike his character "Jim" but still unique, and the rest of the movie was pretty standard fare. I enjoyed it and was thankful that Robin Williams didn't go off the deep end which might have otherwise impeded said enjoyment.
Mona Lisa Smile 7/30/2007--DVD
This was your pretty standard boarding-school/college tale. Unknown and unpredictable professor comes in to teach all-knowing, arrogant kids. Both realize they have a lot to learn about themselves, each other and life. And a dramatic and inspiring relationship is forged as the embattled teacher has to leave them at semester's end.
Stepmom 8/2/2007--DVD
I knew how this one ended going in so I'm not sure if that made the preceding moments as predictable as I felt them to be, but the whole plot was pretty cookie cutter anyway. What saved the movie were the understated performances of the leads. They all easily could have taken it into a sappy smatlzy direction (and it was at times) but it was mostly just heartfelt.
The Last Mimzy 8/5/2007--DVD
First off, Michael Clarke Duncan was terribly miscast, most of the children's acting was borderline horrid and the whole thing just had this cheesy feel to it. That said I still enjoyed it because I wanted to find out the whole nature of the plot. I guess I just like mysteries.
The Nanny Diaries 8/30/2007--Theatre
It doesn't take much to get me to see a movie with Scarlett Johansson in it so when the girlfriend expressed interest we were off. It was a fairly solid flick. Pretty cliché in parts but overall a sweet heartwarmer.
The Lookout DVD
Four Brothers TV
Dan in Real Life Theatre
Raging Bull DVD
The TV Set DVD
Transformers DVD
Ocean's Thirteen DVD
Waitress DVD
For Your Consideration TV
Juno Theatre
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End DVD

(forgettable, rental)
Happy Campers 7/2/2007--TV
Not much to be said about this one. I had seen most of it some time ago and finally finished it. I remember it being a better flick, mostly after re-watching I will now remember it as boring and pretty uncompelling.
The Mistress of Spices 7/4/2007--DVD
Weak, oh so weak. Predictable, bland, boring, and any other of a number of unflattering adjectives is what this film was. Just your typical love story shoehorned into an Indian cultural setting or the other way around... whatever.
Just Married 7/26/2007--VHS
Here we have an example of a worthless romantic comedy starring two actors that should not be getting as much regular work as they are. For a supposed "comedy" this sure was dull and unfunny.
Hot Rod 8/12/2007--Theatre
Hot Rod had it's moments, bordering on the absurd most of the time while still containing some hilarious parodies and offbeat humor, but in the end one word best describes it; stupid. It was just downright stupid. The last act saved this one from being terrible. I will admit however that this one might need time to grow on me, I'll have to revisit it on DVD.
Bewitched 9/3/2007--DVD
It's hard to think off a worse idea for a movie. Take an older, well-liked television show and fill it with an ironic "real life" twist, then just let Will Ferrell go wild and act a fool. Honestly, I think a classroom of third graders could come up with a better premise.
Failure to Launch DVD
Georgia Rule DVD
Spider-Man 3 DVD
Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters DVD
It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie DVD
The Heartbreak Kid DVD

(trash, ask for your money back!)
Idiocracy 8/12/2007--DVD
I see now why this one was in release limbo for so long before it was finally sent straight to DVD. It's truely pretty bad. The social and political commentary was tiring from the get go and the rest of it was just ludicrously idiotic (sorry but that's really the best word to describe it). Unfortunate... I wanted to like it.
I Think I Love My Wife 8/25/2007--DVD
Stop writing and directing your own movies Chris Rock. You don't have an eye for the camera and your stand up does not translate well to a screenplay. Just stop... please.
Balls of Fury 9/8/2007--Theatre
Here we have a case of a movie whose funny jokes are all contained in the trailer, all two of them. Balls was just slow, boring and terribly unfunny at points. It really was just a complete waste.
Fifty Pills TV
Smokin' Aces TV
I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry DVD
The Brothers Solomon DVD

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2007 Movies (U.S. Theatrical Releases & DTV)

No Country for Old Men
Michael Clayton
Gone Baby Gone
I'm Not There
The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters
Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
Death at a Funeral

There Will Be Blood
Eastern Promises
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
Charlie Wilson's War
This is England
The Hoax
The Lives of Others
Reign Over Me
The Wind that Shakes the Barley
The Great Debaters
Rescue Dawn

Lust, Caution
The Host
3:10 to Yuma
Beyond the Gate
28 Weeks Later
Black Snake Moan
Knocked Up
Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon
Hot Fuzz
The Bourne Ultimatum
American Gangster
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Before the Devil Knows You're Dead

Elizabeth: The Golden Age
Ocean's 13
The Mist
Manufactured Landscapes
Spider-Man 3
The Savages
Live Free or Die Hard
Surfs Up
The Last Mimzy
Blades of Glory
Meet the Robinsons
Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters

Across the Universe
Shoot 'em up
Bridge to Terabithia
God Grew Tired of Us
Paris, je t'aime
In the Land of Women
Lions for Lambs
The Man From Earth
We Are the Strange
The Simpsons Movie
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - Solid State Society
Futurama: Bender's Big Score

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
Golden Compass
I Am Legend
Reno 911! Miami
Hot Rod
Wild Hogs
30 Days of Night
Evan Almighty
Mr. Bean's Holiday
The TV Set
The Lookout

Curse of the Golden Flower
Hannibal Rising
Shrek the Third
Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer
Air Guitar Nation
The Condemned

Resident Evil: Extinction
Classic Game Room: The Rise and Fall of the Internet's Greatest Video Game Review Show
Doctor Strange
The Number 23
Wind Chill
Flight of the Living Dead: Outbreak on a Plane
Bobby Z

Arthur and the Invisibles
Black Sheep
The Walker
The Tripper
Year of the Dog
Closing Escrow
Ghost Rider

Dragon Wars
Blood & Chocolate
Delta Farce
Halloween (2007)
Stan Lee Presents - The Condor
Ten 'til Noon

Inland Empire
Balls of Fury
DOA: Dead or Alive
Elf Bowling: The Movie

Top Ten Movies of 2007 (so far)
1. No Country for Old Men
2. King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters
3. Michael Clayton
4. Zodiac
5. There Will Be Blood
6. Diving Bell and the Butterfly
7. Tekkonkinkreet
8. Gone Baby Gone
9. Eastern Promises
10. Death at a Funeral

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I think I've seen more films in the theater this year than this, but in scanning your lists, this is all I saw.

The Bourne Ultimatum - A
Talk to Me - A
Hairspray - A-
Hot Fuzz - A-
Grindhouse - A-
Breach - A-
Disturbia - A-
Zodiac - A-
Blades of Glory - B+
Music and Lyrics - B+
Ratatouille - B+
Sunshine - B+
1408 - B
300 - B
The Lookout - B
Mr. Brooks - B
Stardust - B
Evan Almighty - B-
Live Free or Die Hard - B-
Meet the Robinsons: Disney 3D - B-
Transformers - B-
The Hoax - C+
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer - C+
Knocked Up - C
Ocean's 13 - C
Shooter - C
The Simpsons - C
Spider-man 3 - C
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End - C
Premonition - C
Clerks II - C-
Fracture - C-
The Good Shepard - C-
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - C-
License to Wed - C-
The Reaping - C-
Rush Hour 3 - C-
Surf's Up - C-
I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry - D
Hostel: Part II - D-
Captivity - F-
I Know Who Killed Me - F--

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Death Proof - ****
The Wind That Shakes the Barley (2006) - ****
Zodiac - ****

Bridge to Terabithia - ***1/2
Sicko - ***1/2
Sunshine - ***1/2
The Bourne Ultimatum - ***1/2

The Simpsons Movie - ***
Ocean's Thirteen - ***
Paris Je T'aime (2006) - ***
The Lookout - ***
Knocked Up - ***
Hot Fuzz - ***
Breach - ***
Disturbia - ***
The Host (2006) - ***
The Hoax - ***

28 Weeks Later - **1/2
God Grew Tired of Us (2006) - **1/2
Fracture - **1/2
300 - **1/2

The Number 23 - **
Black Snake Moan **
Spider-Man 3 - **

Reno 911!: Miami - *1/2
TMNT - *1/2
Meet the Robinsons - *1/2

Happily N'Ever After - *

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer - 0 stars
Farce of the Penguins - 0 stars Worst Movie of the Year

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I have a new favorite for the year so far: Death at a Funeral.
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sorry, for some reason I'm having difficulty editing my film list:

2007 Film List

2007: 32
2006: 46
Pre-2006: 54
Short films: 141


- Going to Pieces: The Rise and Fall of the Slasher Film / 2006 / USA / Jeff McQueen *** video
- Grindhouse / 2007 / USA / Rodriguez-Tarantino ****
- Godzilla vs. Mothra / 1964 / Japan / Ishirô Honda **** video
- The Lookout / 2006 / USA / Scott Frank *****
- Deep Sea / 2005 / Canada-USA / Howard Hall ** video
- Egghead Rides Again / 1937 / USA / Tex Avery / 7min / Animation video *
- The Bashful Buzzard / 1945 / USA / Robert Clampett / 7min / Animationvideo *
- Boulevardier From the Bronx 1936 / USA / Friz Freleng / 8min / Animation video *
- Colour Me Kubrick: A True.. ish Story / 2005 / UK / Brian W. Cook ** HiDef
- Lost Horizon / 1937-1998 / USA / Frank Capra **** video
- Disturbia / 2007 / USA / D.J. Caruso **
- The Host (Gwoemul) / 2006 / S. Korea / Joon-ho Bong ****
- Hot Fuzz / 2007 / UK / Edgar Wright ****
- The TV Set / 2006 / USA / Jake Kasdan **
- The Perverts Guide to Cinema / 2006 / UK / Sophie Fiennes DCFF ****
- The Ax (Le Couperet) / 2006 / Belgium / Costas-Gavras DCFF *****
- The Rules of the Game / 1939 / France / Jean Renoir ***** 35mm
- Black Book (Zwartboek) / 2006 / Netherlands / Paul Verhoeven ****


- The Caiman (Il Caimano) / 2006 / Italy / Nanni Moretti SFIFF ***
- The Silly Age (La Edad de la peseta) / 2006 / Cuba / Pavel Giroud SFIFF *****
- The Island (Остров) / 2006 / Russia / Pavel Lungin SFIFF ****
- Reprise / 2006 / Norway / Joachim Trier SFIFF ***
- Winter Solstice / 2004 / USA / Josh Sternfeld video ***
- Black Christmas / 2006 / USA / Glen Morgan / 'unrated' version video **
- Out in the Open / 2001 / USA / Tord Camacho & Ian Nigel video ***

Early Short films:

- The Enchanted Drawing / 1900 / Prod. J Stuart Blackton video MP
- Edison Drawn by World Artist / 1896 / Prod. James H White video MP
- May Irwin Kiss / 1896 / Prod. 'New York World' video MP
- Blacksmith Scene / 1893 / Prod. W.K.L Dickson video MP
- Rough Sea at Dover / 1895 / Prod. Robert W. Paul video MP
- A Nymph in the Water / 1896-99 / Prod. Wallace McCutcheon video MP
- Sandow / 1894 / Prod. W.K.L Dickson video MP
- 9th In Fantasy Boy's Morning Wash / 1898 / Prod. William Paley video MP
- Horse Parade at the Pan American Exposition / 1901 / Prod. James H White video MP
- Charge of the Boer Calvary (No. 2) / 1900 / James H White video MP
- Animated Photograph / 1887 / camera: E. Muybridge video MP
- Corbett and Courtney Before the Kinetograph (one round) / 1894 / W.K.L Dickson video MP
- The Summer Girl / 1899 / Prod. Wallace McCutcheon video MP
- Sweets for the Sweet / 1903 / Prod. W. McCutcheon video MP
- The Picture the Photographer Took / 1903 / Prod. W. McCutcheon video MP
- Crissie Sheridan / 1897 / Prod. William Heise video MP
- Amy Muller / 1896 / Prod. William Heise video MP
- Spanish Dancers at the Pan American Exposition / 1901 / Prod. James H. White video MP
- Merry Go Round / 1898 video MP
- Feeding the Baby / 1895 / Prod. Louis Lumiere video MP
- A Windy Day on the Roof / 1904 / Prod. W. McCutcheon video MP
- Bathing at Atlantic City / 1901 video MP
- Spirit of '76 / 1905 / Prod. W. McCutcheon video MP
- An Artist's Dream / 1900 video MP
- The Artist's Dilemna / 1901 video MP
- Seashore Frolics / 1903 / Prod. Edwin S. Porter video MP
- Leander Sisters / 1871 / Prod. James H. White video MP
- A Tough Dance / 1902 / Prod. W McCutcheon video MP
- Bowery Waltz / 1887 / Prod. W. Heise video MP
- The Blizzard / 1899 / Prod W. McCutcheon video MP
- Move On / 1903 / Prod. E. S Porter video MP
- Panorama Waterfront and Brooklyn Bridge from East River / 1903 / Prod. Edwin S. Porter video MP
- Madison Square, New York / 1903 / Prod. W. McCutcheon video MP
- Panorama of Flatiron Building / 1902 / Prod. W. McCutcheon video MP
- Lower Broadway / 1902 / Prod. W. McCutcheon video MP
- New Brooklyn to New York via Brookly Bridge / 1899 / Prod. James H White video MP
- Fulton Street Under El / 1897 / Prod. James H. White video MP
- New York City 'Ghetto' Fish Market / 1903 / Prod. E.S Porter video MP
- Beginning of a Skyscrapper / 1982 / Prod. W. McCutcheon video MP
- A Storm at Sea / 1900 / Prod. James H. White video MP
- Surf at Monterey / 1897 / Prod. James H. White video MP
- S.S. "Coptic" Lying to / 1898 / Prod. James H. White video MP
- A Trip Around the Pan American Exposition / 1901 / Prod. James H. White video MP
- Waterfall in the Catskills / 1897 / Prod. James H. White video MP
- Niagara Horseshoe Falls / 1896 / Prod. Alexandre Promio video MP
- American Falls from Above, American Side / 1896 / James H. White video MP
- ['Parsifal Ascends the Throne' (extract from Parsifal)] / 1904 / Edwin S. Porter video MP
- The Camera Fiend / 1903 / Prod. Wallace McCutcheon video MP
- 28 Weeks Later / 2007 / UK / Juan Carlos Fresnadillo ****
- Cousin / 1998 / Australia / Adam Elliot / Animation video *
- The Valet (La Doublure) / 2006 / France / Francis Veber ***
- Elephants Never Forget (Los Elefantes nunca olvidan) / 2004 / Mexico-Venezuela / Lorenzo Vigas Castes / 13min video *
- Uncle / 1996 / Australia / Adam Elliot / 6min / Animation video *
- Evil (To Kako) / 2005 / Greece / Yorgos Noussias video **
- Pride and Prejudice / 1940 / USA / Robert Z. Leonard video ****
- The Emperor Jones / 1933 / USA / Dudley Murphy video ****
- Camera / 2000 / Canada / David Cronenberg video *
- The Earrings of Madame De... / 1953 / France / Max Ophüls 35mm ****
- Shrek the Third / 2007 / USA / Chris Miller-Raman Hui *
- Spider-man 3 / 2007 / USA / Sam Raimi **
- Fay Grim / 2006 / USA-Germany / Hal Hartley HiDef *
- Epic Movie / 2007 / USA / 93min version video X
- Waitress / 2007 / USA / Adrienne Shelly **
- Cobre Verde / 1987 / Ghana-W.Germany / Werner Herzog video ****
- Viridiana / 1961 / Mexico-Spain / Luis Buñuel video *****
- Red Road / 2006 / UK / Andrea Arnold *****
- Wittgenstein / 1993 / UK-Japan / Derek Jarman video ****


- Adrenaline Rush: The Science of Risk / 2002 / Canada / Marc Fafard IMAX ***
- Killer of Sheep / 1977 / USA / Charles Burnett 35mm *****
- Severance / 2006 / UK-Germany / Christopher Smith *
- Yellow Submarine / 1968 / UK-USA / George Dunning video ****
- Bullet in the Head / 1990 / Hong Kong / John Woo video *****
- Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End / 2007 / USA / Gore Verbinski DLP ****
- Diggers / 2007 / USA / Katherine Dieckmann HiDef ***
- Day of Wrath (Vredens dag) / 1943 / Denmark / Carl Theodor Dreyer 35mm *****
- The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum / 1975 / Germany / Volker Schlöndorff video ****
- Bienvenue à Cannes / 2007 / USA / Richard Schickel video ****
- Tunes of Glory / 1960 / UK / Ronald Neame video *****
- Bob Le Flambeur / 1956 / France / Jean-Pierre Melville video ****
- Surf's Up / 2007 / USA / Ash Brannon-Chris Buck ****
- Hostel II / 2007 / USA / Eli Roth *
- A Son's Sacrifice / 2006 / USA / Yoni Brook / 27min SilD *
- Paradise Drift / 2006 / Netherlands / Martin Hansen / 13min SilD *
- Orishas Are Our Saints / 2006 / USA / John Kane / 4min SilD *
- My Name is Ahmed Ahmed / 2006 / USA / Matthew Testa / 9min SilD *
- God Provides / 2007 / Canada-USA / Brian Cassidy-Melanie Shatzky / 9min SilD *
- Charlotte's Web / 2006 / USA / Gary Winick video ****
- Bamako / 2006 / Mali-USA-France / Abderrahmane Sissako *****
- Ten Canoes / 2006 / Australia / Rolf de Heer-Peter Djigirr *****
- Reno 911!: Miami / 2006 / USA / Ben Garant video *
- Paprika / 2006 / Japan / Satoshi Kon ****
- Once / 2007 (US copyright date) / Ireland / John Carney *****
- David & Layla / 2007 / USA / Jay Jonroy X
- Lifted / 2006 / USA / Gary Rydstrom / 5min DLP *
- Ratatouille / 2007 / USA / Brad Bird DLP *****
- Paris, je t'aime / 2006 / France / (various directors) ***
- Evening / 2007 / USA / Lajos Koltai **


- The Wild / 2006 / USA / Steve 'Spaz' Williams HiDef *
- Walkabout / 1971 / UK / Nicolas Roeg 35mm *****
- Beat the Drum / 2003 / S. Africa - USA / David Hickson HiDef ***
- Transformers / 2007 / USA / Michael Bey DLP **
- Rescue Dawn / 2006 / USA / Werner Herzog *****
- Sicko / 2007 / USA / Michael Moore ***
- Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix / 2007 / UK / David Yates **
- Talk to Me / 2007 / USA / Kasi Lemmons ***
- Bienvenido, Mr. Marshall / 1953 / Spain / Luis García Berlanga video *****
- Last Man in Brooklyn / 2006 / USA / Roberto Bentivegna / 9min
video *
- A Test of Violence / 1970 / USA / Stuart Cooper / 13min video (short)
- Click / 2006 / USA / Frank Coraci video *
- The Umbrellas of Cherbourg (Parapluies de Cherbourg, Les) / 1964 / France / Jacques Demy 35mm ****
- Hairspray / 2007 / USA / Adam Shankman *****
- 12:08 East Bucharest (A fost sau n-a fost?) / 2006 / Spain / Corneliu Porumboiu ***
- Live Free or Die Hard / 2007 / USA / Len Wiseman *
- The Simpsons Movie / 2007 / USA / David Silverman ****
- Knife in the Water (Nóz w wodzie) / 1962 / Poland / Roman Polanski 35mm *****
- Showbusiness: The Road to Broadway / 2007 / USA / Dori Berinstein video ***


- Fires on the Plain (Nobi) / 1959 / Japan / Kon Ichikawa 35mm *****
- The Ten / 2007 / USA / David Wain **
- White Light/Black Rain: The Destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki / 2007 / USA / Steven Okazaki HiDef *****
- No End in Sight / 2007 / USA / Charles Ferguson ****
- Sunshine / 2007 / UK-USA / Danny Boyle ***
- The Cranes Are Flying (Letyat zhuravli) / 1957 / Soviet Union / Mikhail Kalatozov 35mm *****
- The Invasion / 2007 / USA / Oliver Hirschbiegel **
- Cleo from 5 to 7 / 1961 / France-Italy / Agnès Varda 35mm *****
- Stardust / 2007 / UK-USA / Matthew Vaughn ****
- Death at A Funeral / 2007 / USA-UK / Frank Oz ***
- This is England / 2006 / UK / Shane Meadows ****
- The Nanny Diaries / 2007 / USA / Shari Springer Berman-Robert Pulcini *
- Mr. Bean's Holiday / 2007 / UK / Steve Bendelack **
- Tales from Earthsea (Gedo senki) / 2006 / Japan / Goro Miyazaki video X
- I'm A Cyborg, But That's Okay / 2006 / South Korea / Chan-wook Park video ****
- 2 Days in Paris / 2007 / France-Germany / Julie Delpy **
- Porky's / 1982 / USA / Bob Clark 35mm **


- Superbad / 2007 / USA / Greg Mottola **
- Chalk / 2006 / USA / Mike Akel digital video *****
- Cría cuervos / 1975 / Spain / Carlos Saura 35mm *****
- Walmart: The High Price of Low Cost / 2005 / USA / Robert Greenwald video ****
- 3:10 to Yuma / 2007 / USA / James Mangold DLP ***
- Summer Palace (Yihe yuan) / 2006 / China-France / Ye Lou *****
- The Devil Came On Horseback / 2007 / USA / Ricki Stern-Anne Sundberg *****
- Flash Gordon / 1980 / USA-UK / Mike Hodges HiDef ****
- Lust in the Dust / 1985 / USA / Paul Bartel video ****
- The Brave One / 2007 / USA / Neil Jordan ***
- Whole New Thing / 2005 / Canada / Amnon Buchbinder video ****
- In the Shadow of the Moon / 2007 / UK-USA / David Sington *****
- Eastern Promises / 2007 / Canada / David Cronenberg *****
- Bridge to Terabithia / 2006 / USA / Gabor Csupo video****

* short film

DCFF: FilmFest DC
MP: 'Moving Pictures: American Art and Early Film' Exhibit; Phillips Collection, Washington DC
SilD: AFI/Discovery Channel SilverDocs
SFIFF: San Francisco International Film Festival

Films Ranked:

The Rules of the Game
Killer of Sheep
Day of Wrath
Tunes of Glory
The Cranes Are Flying
Cleo from 5 to 7
In the Shadow of the Moon
Ghosts of Abu Ghraib
Red Road
The Silly Age
Bienvenido, Mr. Marshall
Cría cuervos
Summer Palace
White Light/Black Rain: The Destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Fires on the Plain
Céline et Julie vont en bateau
The Devil Came On Horseback
The Page Turner
Eastern Promises
Lions 3D: Roar of the Kalahari
Knife in the Water
The Ax
Ten Canoes
Bullet in the Head
The Lookout
Rescue Dawn

Lust in the Dust
Bob Le Flambeur
28 Weeks Later
Hot Fuzz
Yellow Submarine
Inland Empire
The Umbrellas of Cherbourg
I'm A Cyborg, But That's Okay
Whole New Thing
Letters from Iwo Jima
Lost Horizon
The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum
The Emperor Jones
Black Book
The Perverts Guide to Cinema
The Simpsons Movie
Charlotte's Web
The Host
This is England
No End in Sight
Bridge to Terabithia
Surf's Up
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
The Earrings of Madame De...
Pride and Prejudice (1940)
Cobre Verde
First Snow
Breakfast at Tiffany's
Avenue Montaigne
Walmart: The High Price of Low Cost
Meet the Robinsons
The Good Shepherd
The Children
Godzilla vs. Mothra
Alone with Her
The Island (Остров)
Flash Gordon

Showbusiness: The Road to Broadway
Paris, je t'aime
The Caiman
Death at A Funeral
Miss Potter
The Painted Veil
Beware Children at Play
The Valet
Out in the Open
12:08 East Bucharest
Beat the Drum
Talk to Me
Hurricane on the Bayou
Paris Belongs to Us
Breaking and Entering
Nanny McPhee
Going to Pieces: The Rise and Fall of the Slasher Film
Adrenaline Rush: The Science of Risk
Winter Solstice
The Brave One
3:10 to Yuma

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Black Christmas (2006)
The Invasion
Colour Me Kubrick: A True.. ish Story
The TV Set
Spider-man 3
Evil (To Kako)
The Ten
Mr. Bean's Holiday
2 Days in Paris
Shrek the Third
Beowulf & Grendal
Deep Sea

Fay Grim
Reno 911!: Miami
Music and Lyrics
Roller Boogie
The Nanny Diaries
Ed Gein: The Butcher of Plainfield
Ice Age: The Meltdown
Hostel II
Live Free or Die Hard
The Wild

Tales from Earthsea
David & Layla
Epic Movie

Weekly Diary:
19 / 20 / 21 / 22 / 23 / 24 / 25 / 26 / 27 / 28 / 29 / 30 / 31 / 32 / 33 / 34 / 35 / 36 / 37


My DVD collection

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Part 3:
(End of September)
- Zoo / 2007 / USA / Robinson Devor video
- Cruising / 1980 / USA / William Friedkin video
- Climates (Iklimler) / 2006 / Turkey-France / Nuri Bilge Ceylan video


- Terror at Orgy Castle / 1971 / USA / Zoltan G. Spencer video
- Evil Come Evil Go / 1972 / USA / Walt Davis video
- A Bucket of Blood / 1959 / USA / Roger Corman video
- Dracula (The Dirty Old Man) / 1969 / USA / William Edwards video
- Bride of the Monster / 1956 / USA / Ed Wood Jr. video
- Blood of the Virgins / 1967 / Argentina / Emilo Vieyra video
- The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed Up Zombies / 1963 / USA / Ray Dennis Stickler video
- The Swamp of the Ravens / 1974 / Spain-Ecuador / Michael Cannon video
- Death Curse of the Tartu / 1967 / USA / William Grefe video
- The Thirsty Dead / 1974 / USA-Philippines / Terry Becker video
- The Red Shoes (Bunhongsin) / 2005 / S. Korea / Yong-gyun Kim video
- Sting of Death / 1966 / USA / William Grefe video
- Guess What Happened to Count Dracula / 1970 / USA / Lawrence Merrick video
- Mad Love / 1935 / USA / Karl Freund video
- The Devil Doll / 1936 / USA / Tod Browning video
- The Call of Cthulu / 2005 / USA / Andrew Leman video
- Naked Evil / 1966 / UK / Stanley Goulder video
- The Masque of the Red Death / 1964 / UK / Roger Corman video
- Premature Burial / 1962 / USA / Roger Corman video
- Porno Holocaust / 1981 / Italy / Joe D'Amato video
- Food of the Gods / 1976 / USA / Bert I. Gordon video
- Two Thousand Maniacs! / 1964 / USA / Herschell Gordon Lewis video
- Puppetmaster / 1989 / USA / David Schmoeller video
- The Gore Gore Girls / 1972 / USA / Herschell Gordon Lewis video
- Resident Evil: Extinction / 2007 / USA / Russell Mulcahy video
- The Darjeeling Limited / 2007 / USA / Wes Anderson
- Dead Men Walk / 1943 / USA / Sam Newfield video
- The Return of the Vampire / 1944 / USA / Lew Landers video
- Rabid Grannies / 1988 / Belgium / Emmanuel Kervyn video
- Into the Wild / 2007 / USA / Sean Penn
- The Boogeyman / 1980 / USA / Ulli Lommel video
- The Changeling / 1980 / Canada / Peter Medak video
- The Jane Austin Book Club / 2007 / USA / Robin Swicord
- Werewolf of London / 1935 / USA / Stuart Walker video
- She Wolf of London / 1946 / USA / Jean Yarbrough video
- Tales from the Crypt / 1972 / UK-USA / Freddie Francis video
- Vault of Horror / 1973 / UK-USA / Roy Ward Baker video
- Saw III / 2006 / USA / Darren Lynn Bousman / 113min version video
- Behind the Mask - The Rise of Leslie Vernon / 2006 / USA / Scott Glosserman video
- The Old Dark House / 1932 / USA / James Whale video
- The Final Season / 2007 / USA / David M. Evans
- Michael Clayton / 2007 / USA / Tony Gilroy
- The Return of Dracula / 1958 / USA / Paul Landres video
- The Vampire / 1957 / USA / Paul Landres video
- The Night of the Bloody Apes / 1969 / Mexico / René Cardona / 81min video
- Curse of the Doll People (Muñecos infernales) / 1961 / Mexico / Benito Alazraki / 82min video
- The Killer Shrews / 1959 / USA / Ray Kellogg (Mystery Science Theatre 3000 version) video
- Rendition / 2007 / USA / Gavin Hood

17th Annual Reel Affirmations Film Festival

- Lonely Child (Dogma #41) / 2005 / Canada / Pascal Robitaille
- Three Summers (Tre Somer) / 2006 / Denmark / Carlos Oliveira / 28min
- Offline / 2007 / USA / Jonathan Gann / 7min.
- Miss Popularity / 2006 / Germany / Wayne Yung / 6min.
- Slideshow / 2007 / Canada / Greg Atkins / 4min.
- Parting Words (Derniers mots) / 2006 / Canada / Joe Balass / 8min.
- Testify / 2006 / USA / Darius Clark Monroe / 12min.
- die rasur / 2006 / Germany / Tuncany Kulaoglu - Martina Priessner / 8min
- Manual, The / 2007 / Australia / Sarah Spillane / 15min
- Solace / 2007 / USA / Michaeline Babich / 14min.
- Le Weekend / 2007 / UK / Timothy Smith / 15min.
- Police Box / 2006 / Hong Kong / Josh Kim / 4min.

- My Son, The Vampire / 1952 / UK / John Gilling video
- Black Sheep / 2006 / New Zealand / Jonathan King video
- 30 Days of Night / 2007 / New Zealand-USA / David Slade DLP
- The Ghoul / 1933 / UK / T. Hayes Hunter video
- Corridors of Blood / 1958 / UK / Robert Day video
- Gone Baby Gone / 2007 / USA / Ben Affleck
- The Curse of the Crying Woman / 1963 / Mexico / Rafael Baledón video
- The Soul of a Monster / 1944 / USA / Will Jason video
- The Vampire Bat / 1933 / USA / Frank R. Strayer video
- Who Can Kill A Child? / 1976 / Spain / Narciso Ibáñez Serrador video
- Faust / 1926 / Germany / F.W. Murnau / 107min (PAL video speedup) video
- Black Sabbath / 1963 / Italy / Mario Bava video
- The Mask of Satan / 1960 / Italy / Mario Bava video
- Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure / 2007 / USA / Sean Phillips IMAX 3D
- Saw III / 2006 / USA / Darren Lynn Bousman / 121min version video
- Horrors of Malformed Men / 1969 / Japan / Teruo Ishii video
- Blade Runner / (1982) - 2007 / USA / Ridley Scott 35mm
- Christmas Evil 1980 / USA / Lewis Jackson video
- Zombies on Broadway / 1945 / USA / Gordon Douglas video
- King of the Zombies / 1941 / USA / Jean Yarbrough video
- Revenge of the Zombies / 1943 / USA / Steve Sekely video
- White Zombie / 1932 / USA / Victor Halperin video
- Camp Slaughter / 2005 / USA / Alex Pucci video
- The Monster Squad / 1987 / USA / Fred Dekker video
- Alligator / 1980 / USA / Lewis Teague video
- Mark of the Devil / 1970 / W. Germany / Michael Armstrong video
- Saw IV / 2007 / USA / Darren Lynn Bousman
- The Haunted House / 1929 / USA / Walt Disney / 7min video
- The Haunted Strangler / 1958 / UK / Robert Day video
- Kwaidan / 1964 / Japan / Masaki Kobayashi / 183min version video
- Pitfall (Otoshiana) / 1962 / Japan / Hiroshi Teshigahara video
- Frankenweenie / 1984 / USA / Tim Burton video
- Unrest / 2006 / USA / Jason Todd Ipson video
- Wicked Little Things / 2006 / USA / J.S. Cardone video


20th Annual Virginia Film Festival

- Honeydripper / 2007 / USA / John Sayles
- Persepolis / 2007 / France-USA / Vincent Paronnaud-Marjane Satrapi
- The Savages / 2007 / USA / Tamara Jenkins
- Yellow Fella / 2005 / Australia / Ivan Sen (short film)
- Crocodile Dreaming / 2006 / Australia / Darlene Johnson (short film)
- Romance & Cigarettes / 2005 / USA / John Turturro
- The Diving Bell and the Butterfly / 2007 / France / Julian Schnabel

- Martian Child / 2007 / USA / Menno Meyjes

20th European Union/AFI Film Festival

- The Orphanage (El Orfanato) / 2006 / Spain-Mexico / Juan Antonio Bayona
- 4 Months, 3 Weeks, and 2 Days / 2007 / Romania / Cristian Mungiu
- Little Secrets (Perl Oder Pica) / 2006 / Luxembourg / Pol Crutchten
- I Served the King of England / 2006 / Czech Republic-Slovakia / Jirí Menzel
- The Man From London / 2007 / Hungary / Béla Tarr
- My Brother is An Only Child (Mio fratello è figlio unico)
- Belle Toujours / 2006 / Portugal-France / Manoel de Oliveira
- You the Living (Du levande) / 2007 / Sweden / Roy Andersson

- Your Friend the Rat / 2007 / USA / Jim Capobianco (short film) HiDef video
- Who Killed the Electric Car? / 2006 / USA / Chris Paine video
- Beowulf / 2007 / USA / Robert Zemekis IMAX 3D
- Enchanted / 2007 / USA / Kevin Lima
- Oliver! / 1968 / UK / Carol Reed HiDef
- Tekkonkinkreet / 2006 / Japan / Michael Arias video
- The Year My Parents Went on Vacation / 2006 / Brazil / Cao Hamburger DCJFF
- The Mist / 2007 / USA / Frank Darabont


- High Society / 1956 / USA / Charles Walters HiDef
- The Namesake / 2006 / India-USA / Mira Nair
- Sixty Six / 2006 / UK / Paul Weiland DCJFF
- Bad Faith (Mauvaise foi) / 2006 / France / Roschdy Zem DCJFF
- Naked Boys Singing / 2007 / USA / Robert Schrock video
- Blame It On Fidel / 2006 / France-Italy / Julie Gavrasvideo
- Her Name is Sabine / 2007 / France / Sandrine Bonnaire video
- The Golden Compass / 2007 / USA / Chris Weitz DLP
- Jellyfish (Meduzot) / 2007 / France-Israel / Shira Geffen-Etgar Keret DCJFF
- The Bourne Ultimatum / 2007 / USA / Paul Greengrass video
- Helvetica / 2007 / UK / Gary Hustwit video
- Away from Her / 2006 / Canada / Sarah Polley video
- Dreams of Dust (Rêves de poussière) / 2006 / Burkina Faso / Laurent Salgues video
- Fraulein / 2006 / Switzerland / Andrea Staka video
- Charlie Wilson's War / 2007 / USA / Mike Nichols
- Adam's Apples / 2005 / Denmark / Anders Thomas Jensen video
- Juno / 2007 / USA / Jason Reitman
- My Brother's Wedding / 1983 / USa / Charles Burnett / (2007 edit: 80min) video
- Quiet as Kept / 2007 / USA / Charles Burnett / 5min (short) video
- Air Guitar Nation / 2006 / USA / Alexandra Lipsitz video
- The Way I Spent the End of the World / 2006 / Romania / Catalin Mitulescu
- The Tube with the Hat / 2006 / Romania / Radu Jude / 23min (short) video
- The Visitor / 2007 / Canada / Dan Lee West / 15min (short) video
- Dreamer / 1999 / USA / Raymond E Spiess / 10min (short) video
- Happiness / 2006 / USA / Sophie Barthes / 11min (short) video
- Clara / 2004 / Australia / Van Sowerwine / 7min (short) video
- True Story / 2004 / USA / Stephanie J. Via / 5min (short) video
- Brother / 1999 / Australia / Adam Benjamin Elliot / 8min (short) video
- Mirage / 2006 / USA / Youngwoong Jang / 8min (short) video
- Low Battery / USA / JJ Cahlupnik / 5min (short) video
- Dear, Sweet Emma 2003 / Loraine Cernak / 5min (short) video
- The Four Seasons / Sara Adina Smith / 1min (short) video
- Sensational City 2006 / USA / Tark Cherkaoui / 3min (short) video
- Eternal High / Bryce Mac / 8min (short) video
- Whale Sharks of Holbox / Michael Wham / 5min (short) video
- Caught in Paint / Rita Blitt / 6min (short) video
- E.A.P / USA / Brad Youngs / 6min (short) video
- Denial / USA / X Rose / 10min (short) video
- The Thousand Sides of the Moon / USA / Varda Hardy / 2006 / 2min (short) video
- Go-Go Guy: Life of A Go Go / USA / Brian Ronalds / 7min (short) video
- Off to Iraq / USA / Chris Darnell / 9min (short) video
- Moviebonics / 2006 / USA / Donald Unverrich / 8min (short) video
- Tuesday / USA / Payman Benz / 5min (short) video
- Alice Sees the Light / 2006 / Ariana Gerstein / 6min (short) video
- Remote Commotion / 2006 / Catherine Galasso / 4min (short) video
- First Ladies / 2005 / Natalie Frigo / 2min (short) video
- Lucky / 2005 / Nash Edgerton / 5min (short) video
- Rumsfeld Rules / 2006 / USA / Bryan Boyce / 3min (short) video
- We’re Going to the Zoo 2005 / USA / Josh Safdie / 14min (short) video
- The Saskatchewan Trilogy, Part 1 / 2002 / Brian Stockton / 6min (short) video
- Carmichael & Shane / 2006 / Bob Carlton - Alex Weinress / 6min (short) video
- Interstate, Part 1 / 2006 / Jason Cortlund - Julia Halperin / 6min (short) video
- Don’t Read Now, Part 1 / 2006 / Michael Saul / 6min (short) video
- The Touch / 2005 / Vanessa Woods / 3min (short) video
- The Boy in the Air / 2005 / Lun Elliot / 2min (short) video
- Manuelle Labor / 2007 / Canada / Marie Losier - Guy Maddin / 10min (short) video
- Art/Work / 2006 / Avram Dodson / 5min (short) video
- Flip-Film / 1999 / Ellen Ugelstad - Alfonso Alvarez / 1min (short) video
- Men Understand Each Other / 2007 / Iran / Marjan Alizadeh / 8min (short) video
- United Fields / 2006 / Brandon Walley / 9min (short) video
- Nothingness / 2005 / Arzu Ozkal Telhan / 3min (short) video
- Martin / 2004 / Bill Basquin / 5min (short) video
- To the South was 72 / 2005 / Sabine Gruffat / 11min (short) video
- This Filthy World
- The Boss of It All
- Day Night Day Night
- Offside
- The Man Who Came to Dinner
- Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
- National Treasure: Book of Secrets
- The Kite Runner
- Arranged (DVD)
- The Raft (short - DVD)
- Atonement
- La Vien En Rose (DVD)
- In Great Silence (DVD)
- The Great Debators

38 / 39 / 40 / 41 / 42 / 43 / 44 / 45 / 46 / 47 / 48 / 49 / 50 / 51

The Rules of the Game
Killer of Sheep
Day of Wrath
Tunes of Glory
The Cranes Are Flying
Blade Runner
Cleo from 5 to 7
Blame It On Fidel
In the Shadow of the Moon
Ghosts of Abu Ghraib
Red Road
The Silly Age
You The Living
Bienvenido, Mr. Marshall
Cría cuervos
Summer Palace
White Light/Black Rain: The Destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Fires on the Plain
Céline et Julie vont en bateau
Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon
Knife in the Water
Away from Her
Pitfall (Otoshiana)
Black Sunday
The Devil Came On Horseback
The Page Turner
Eastern Promises
Lions 3D: Roar of the Kalahari
Black Sabbath
The Ax
Ten Canoes
Bullet in the Head
The Lookout

Lust in the Dust
Sting of Death
Who Can Kill A Child?
The Orphanage
Tales from the Crypt
The Namesake
Naked Evil
The Curse of the Crying Woman
The Changeling
Bob Le Flambeur
28 Weeks Later
Hot Fuzz
Yellow Submarine
Inland Empire
Mad Love
The Umbrellas of Cherbourg
Bucket of Blood
My Brother is An Only Child
Rescue Dawn
Premature Burial
Curse of the Doll People
I'm A Cyborg, But That's Okay
Whole New Thing
Letters from Iwo Jima
Lost Horizon
The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum
Who Killed the Electric Car?
Horrors of Malformed Men
Saw III (121min version)
The Emperor Jones
The Old Dark House
Black Book
The Perverts Guide to Cinema
The Call of Cthulu
Food of the Gods
Sixty Six
I Served the King of England
The Return of the Vampire
Charlotte's Web
The Host
Gone Baby Gone
This is England
No End in Sight
Bridge to Terabithia
Two Thousand Maniacs!
4 Months, 3 Weeks, 2 Days
Belle Toujours
The Bourne Ultimatum
Surf's Up
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
The Earrings of Madame De...
Pride and Prejudice (1940)
Cobre Verde
The Masque of the Red Death
Mark of the Devil
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
Michael Clayton
The Year My Parents Went on Vacation
The Jane Austin Book Club
First Snow
Breakfast at Tiffany's
Avenue Montaigne
Walmart: The High Price of Low Cost
Black Sheep
Romance and Cigarettes
Meet the Robinsons
The Devil Doll
The Savages
The Good Shepherd
The Children
Godzilla vs. Mothra
The Simpsons Movie
Alone with Her
The Red Shoes (Bunhongsin)
The Man From London
The Island
Her Name is Sabine
Flash Gordon

The Boogeyman
The Ghoul
Christmas Evil
Return of Dracula
Death Curse of the Tartu
Resident Evil: Extinction
Vault of Horror
Showbusiness: The Road to Broadway
Paris, je t'aime
The Caiman
The Vampire Bat
Death at A Funeral
The Mist
Miss Potter
The Painted Veil
Beware Children at Play
The Valet
The Monster Squad
Out in the Open
12:08 East Bucharest
High Society
Beat the Drum
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Bad Faith
Martian Child
The Darjeeling Limited
Corridors of Blood
Talk to Me
Hurricane on the Bayou
Paris Belongs to Us
Breaking and Entering
Nanny McPhee
Werewolf of London
Going to Pieces: The Rise and Fall of the Slasher Film
Adrenaline Rush: The Science of Risk
Winter Solstice
Naked Boys Singing
Camp Slaughter
The Swamp of the Ravens
Rabid Grannies
The Brave One
3:10 to Yuma

Bride of the Monster
Dracula (The Dirty Old Man)
Zombies on Broadway
My Son, The Vampire
30 Days of Night
Little Secrets
Saw IV
Black Christmas (2006)
The Invasion
The Vampire
Colour Me Kubrick: A True.. ish Story
The TV Set
Sting of Death
Spider-man 3
Evil (To Kako)
The Ten
Porno Holocaust
The Incredibly Stange Creatures ...
Mr. Bean's Holiday
2 Days in Paris
Dead Men Walk
She Wolf of London
Haunted Strangler
Soul of a Monster
Shrek the Third
Beowulf & Grendal
Deep Sea

Terror at Orgy Castle
Into the Wild
The Golden Compass
Fay Grim
Reno 911!: Miami
Music and Lyrics
Roller Boogie
Blood of the Virgins
The Nanny Diaries
Evil Come Evil Go
The Gore Gore Girls
The Final Season
Hostel II
Night of the Bloody Apes
White Zombie
Ed Gein: The Butcher of Plainfield
Lonely Child
Live Free or Die Hard
The Wild
Ice Age: The Meltdown
King of the Zombies
Revenge of the Zombies
Guess What Happened to Count Dracula?

The Thirsty Dead
Tales from Earthsea
David & Layla
Epic Movie

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I've seen so few movies in the theater this year:

Transformers - 3/10
The Simpsons Movie - 7/10
Outsourced - 9/10
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Tekkonkinkreet was amazing. Very close to being my favorite movie of the year.
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It's Thanksgiving, so I guess it's appropriate that I watched a few turkeys today: Hannibal Rising and Blood & Chocolate.
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Originally Posted by Libby
place holder. gotta beat last years record!

Movies Seen 07:

1. Children of Men 0/5 (Jan 6)
2. Night at the Museum 4.5/5 (Jan 12)
3. Volver 3/5 (Jan 15)
4. Pursuit of Happyness 3.5/5 (Jan 21)
5. Catch and Release 3.5/5 (Feb 4)
6. Notes on a Scandal 3/5 (Feb 16)
7. Bridge to Tarabithia 3/5 (Feb 17)
8. Music and Lyrics 3.5/5
9. Driving Lessons 4/5 (March 1st)
10.Fido 4/5 (March 16)
11.TMNT 3/5 (March 25)
12.Blades of Glory 4/5 (April 1)
13.Shooter 4/5 (April 16)
14.In the Land of Women 3/5
15. Year of the Dog 3/5 ( May 2)
16. Spider Man 3 3.5/5 (May 12)
17. Waitress 3/5 (July)??
18. Shrek 3 2.5/5 (June)??
19. Pirates 3 4/5 (July)?
20. Ratitoulle 3/5 (July)
21. Harry Potter 5 2/5 (July 12th)
22. Transformers 4.5/5 ( July 19th)
23. The Simpsons Movie 3/5 (August 8th)

DVD's Seen:

Angel Season 1 Disc 2 3/5 (rented from
Weeds: Season 1 5/5 (got for Christmas, owned)
Circle of Friends 4/5 (owned)
Serendipity 4/5 (PPV)
Picture Perfect 3/5 )PPV)
Felicity Season 1 Disc 4 4/5 (rented from
Pirates: Dead Man's Chest 4/5 (owned)
The Family Stone 4.5/5 (tv)
Dawson's Creek: Season 2 Disc 1 4/5 (rented from
The L Word Season 2: Disc 1 3.5/5 (rented from
Ella Enchanted 3/5 (ppv)
Felicity Season 1: Disc 5 4/5 (rented from
Felicity Season 1: Disc 6 5/5 (rented from
Die Hard 4/5 (PPV)
Die Hard 2 3.5 (PPV)
Dawson's Creek Season 2 Disc 2: 4/5 (Rented from

Bridget Jones's Diary 5/5 (owned)
Cars 4.5/5 (owned)
Ice Age 2 4/5 (owned)
Felicity Season 2: Disc 1 4/5 (rented from
Felicity Season 2: Disc 2 4/5 (rented from
L Word Season 2: Disc 2 3/5 (rented from
Felicity Season 2: Disc 3 4/5 (rented from
Felicity Season 2: Disc 4 4.5/5( rented from
Felicity Season 2: Disc 5 4.5/5( rented from


Felicity Season 2: Disc 6 5/5 (rented from
Dawson's Creek Season 3 Disc 1 3/5 (rented from
Felicity Season 3: Disc 1 4/5 (rented from
Felicity Season 3 Disc 2 4/5 (rented from

Dawsons Creek Season 3: Disc 2 4/5 (rented from
Dawsons Creek Season 3: Disc 3 4/5 (rented from
An Inconvient Truth 4/5 (rented from
Dawsons Creek Season 3: Disc 3 4/5 (rented from

UNKNOWN (forgotten)

UNKNOWN (forgotten entries)

Felicity Season 4 Disc 4 4.5/5
American History X 4/5
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (movie) 2/5
Miami Vice 4/5
Goal: The Dream Begins 4/5
You, Me and Dupree 3/5
Crank 4/5

Ghost Rider 2/5
History Boys 2/5
Felicity rest of season 4 5/5
Astronaut Farmer 2/5[/B]



The World's Fastest Indian 4/5
Twister 3.5/5
O.C. Season 1 4/5


O.C. Season 2 Disc 1 4/5
O.C. Season 2 Disc 2 4/5
CSI Season 1 Disc 1 3.5/5
Evening 2/5
Reed Fish 4/5


O.C. Season 2 Disc 3 4/5
O.C. Season 2 Disc 4 4/5
O.C. Season 2 Disc 5 4/5
O.C. Season 2 Disc 6 4/5
Bon Cop, Bad Cop 4/5
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My god, Giles, you watch a fuck load of movies.
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The only one that matters for me is # 1

Gone Baby Gone easily the best movie I have seen this year.

And with 4 days to go I doubt I will find something to beat it.
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For those of you guys with super-long lists (Giles), can you show which your Top Ten of the year are? I will aggregate those in a few weeks. Thanks.
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My theatrical list and ratings of the year!

MOVIE OF THE YEAR: No Country for Old Men
RUNNER UP(S-a tie!): Eastern Promises, Inland Empire
A: Black Gold
A: Perfume: The Story of a Murderer
A-: The Lives of Others
A-: Grindhouse (Theatrical Presentation)
A-: The Darjeeling Limited
B+: Michael Clayton
B: Planet Terror (Grindhouse Feature)
B-: A Sidewalk Astronomer
B-: Plagues and Pleasures of the Salton Sea
B-: Rescue Dawn
B-: Hot Fuzz

C+: Paris, Je T'Aime
C+: The Simpsons: Movie
C+: Sicko
C: Sunshine
C: 28 Weeks Later
C-: Evan Almighty
C-: Death Proof (Grindhouse Feature)
DUNCE CAP: Pan's Labyrinth
COOL REVIVALS: The Big Lebowski, Planet of the Apes, Duck Soup, Jaws, Psycho, Mafioso, The Birds

And my Five Favorite DVD Acquisitions of the Year:
Assault on Precinct 13 (1976 original)
Fast Company (Blue Underground 2 Disc edition)
The Wire: Season One
Dracula: The Legacy Collection
Little Miss Sunshine
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Top 12*:

Amazing Grace
Hot Fuzz
No Country for Old Men
Private Fears in Public Places
Rescue Dawn
The Darjeeling Limited
This is England
You, the Living

* Deal with it.
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Originally Posted by hardercore
My god, Giles, you watch a fuck load of movies.
Hear Hear! Even allowing for the Halloween movie-a-thon and many film festivals, a very impressive list. Ah, retirement will be beautiful
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When are we starting the 2008 list?
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