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FRwL 11-30-06 05:37 PM

Rank the Friday the 13th movies
From favorite to least.

II- First film where he's the killer, and awesome. Loved the pillow bag look before he got into sportsware. Also my favorite unmask look of him, looking a hippie goblin. The only sequel i think to have that same atmosphere as part I. It's like 'The Empire Strikes Back' of the series i think.:)

I- The original, dare i say more?

III- He gets the hockey mask for the first time, and the film is even more impressive in 3D, i highly recommend viewing it like that if you can. In 2D you can tell many creative parts were made to jump at the viewer, like the popping eyeball from a crushed head. I might just rank it over part I for pure 3D enjoyability.

VI- More comedy mixed in, but works well & very enjoyable because of that. The romance between the protagonist and girl seems more real w/out the eye-rolling.

IV- Don't remember much but it had a gloomy feel to it and was creepy yet goofy to see the kid shave his head in confronting jason.

Starts getting worse here...

VII- Psychic girl squares off with water-in-lungs. Jason looking like a dried apple-head by now. With saggy leaky pants from behind (the less said about this the better)

V- The end twist, reveal, was lame-o. Pretty poorly constructed.

VIII- Teleporting Jason? Laziness.

IX- Actually a pretty good horror movie except he's body-snatching so you see other folks killing, oh and he also talks through one of the bodies which is dumb.

Haven't seen X.

madara 11-30-06 06:06 PM

Loved 1 & 2. Next one I really digged was psychi girl one with X-files chick, sorry but that ruled for me. I loved her throwing things around and choking him. Good idea just poor overall execution on script for that one.

GoldenJCJ 11-30-06 06:25 PM

1 and 2 were good.
3 - 8 all blur together.
9 wasn't very good at all.
Never seen X.

Rockmjd23 11-30-06 06:28 PM

Originally Posted by madara
\\Next one I really digged was psychi girl one with X-files chick, sorry but that ruled for me.\.

X-Files chick?

NoirFan 11-30-06 07:01 PM

First film was entertaining and had a nice shock at the end, I find the sequels to be unwatchable.

Mondo Kane 11-30-06 07:21 PM

#1-Part IV-Savini's best effects in the series.
Corey F. and Crispin.
Grisly ending.
Beat that!

#2-Part II-The only one that provides frights.

#3-Part V-I'm always defending this one to death.
It's got the hottest babes of the franchise.
The most foul-mouthed and substance-abuse of the series?
The best location (Screwy house instead of the usual camp site)
Our hero, Tommy, is a psycho.
All that makes up for the bashed, twist ending.

#4-Part III-Guess it's here due to the soft spot (The first one I ever saw) Mediocre, but still entertaining. Love that funky music.

#5-Part I-Not really the biggest fan of this one 'cause it really takes a while to get going, but the last half hour remains bananas.

#6-Part VII-This would probably rank higher if an unrated version was ever realeased. I don't mind the Jason Vs "Carrie" fight, but this has still got the best kill of the series (Sleeping-Bag)

#7-Part VI-A little too much humor gets in the way. But I actually got a better appreciation of this one in recent years thanks to the director's commentary. He's smarter, and a bit cooler, than I originally thought.

#8-..Goes to Hell-It's still hard for me to consider this as part of the series since it just doesn't feel like one. But as a movie by itself, it's still pretty fun.

#9-Manhattan-No comment

I still haven't seen X yet. Only saw the last 10 minutes and...good god..Not in a hurry to see the rest.

DRG 11-30-06 08:11 PM

2 - Greatest atmosphere and scares of the series.

1 - Really good atmosphere and it benefits from its simplicity.

3 - This ranking is for the 3D (original) version. Seeing this in its original form transforms the movie. I actually bought field sequential glasses just to see this that way. :)

4 - A decent story with Tommy, Crispin, hot naked twins, and lots of good kills.

6 - First one I saw in theaters, around the time I started to really get into horror movies so it has sentimental value for me. Plus it's just fun.

7 - Some awful characters, and probably the most edited kills in the series. But this has four things going for it: 1) the coolest post-grave Jason 'look' IMO, 2) seeing Jason actually get his ass kicked, 3) the bitchy girl, 4) the coolest kill in the series (sleeping bag).

5 - The bad - no real likable characters, and the whole thing feels a bit icky for some reason. But this one has some great deaths, and psycho-Tommy actually provides a good storyline for once.

8 - It's grown on me over the years as I got over the fact 2/3 of the movie takes place on a boat and not in NY. The ship is actually a pretty cool setting in its own right. The 'kid Jason' crap is horrible, though, and doesn't make any sense.

10 - Its actually not that bad, but I just hate the cyborg Jason's look. They could've done so many cool things with that concept and they picked about the worst.

9 - I can't believe they thought a fitting finale to Jason was making a movie where he barely appears in his normal state. I agree with above comments that it's not bad as its own movie, but it's terrible as a F13 film.

Drop 11-30-06 08:13 PM

Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter - Series peaks here for me. Crispin Glover, Corey Feldman, and Tom Savini FX equal high entertainment. Jason's also pretty intimidating.

Friday the 13th - It's the original and is actually pretty decent and creepy. Nice twist and great jumps.

Friday the 13th Part 5: A New Beginning - The black sheep, but I find it so entertaining. Just ridiculous fun and sweet kills.

Friday the 13th Part 2 - Great follow up and retains the feel of the first. Jason is really interesting in it.

Friday the 13th Part 3 - Jason finally gets his mask, and it manages not to bore me. I'd love to see it in 3D.

Friday the 13th Part 7: The New Blood - Cool concept and different enough. Don't really like Hodder as Jason, but he's not bad either. I hate how Jason looks unmasked.

Friday the 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan: I don't like it too much, it's so different than the others. I really hate the opening credit sequence too. It's entertaining sure, but too ridiculous. I would've liked it more if it wasn't a Jason flick.

Friday the 13th Part 6: Jason Lives - My least favorite, I didn't think it balanced humor and horror all that well. It also bugged me that they couldn't get the same Tommy actor from 5, and the character was so different aswell. I liked the end quite a bit though. Watchable, but I could live without seeing it again.

I haven't seen 9 or Jason X.

Spiderbite 11-30-06 09:10 PM

1. Part II - grew up on this one and it was always my favorite. The deformed Jason running around in a potato sack always was creepier to me than a hockey mask. And worshiping his mother's head on a platter...awesome. It also has probably the finest "daisy duke" shorts ass in the entire history of cinema (the chick that skinny dips...not the big boobied one).

2. Part I - makes the most sense and could happen.

3. Tie: Part III and Part IV - I always enjoy both of these but they kinda run together in my memory.

Last Place - Part V on thru Freddy Vs. Jason or Jason X...whichever came last. All of them suck equally.

Andalusia 11-30-06 09:38 PM

I enjoyed every one of the movies to an extent (except "Goes to Hell", which is not a Jason flick, no matter what anyone says). But my fav would have to be Part 6. As others have said, it has a sense of humor. Oh, and the Death of Horshack!

Maxflier 11-30-06 11:51 PM

Jason x is easily my favorite of them all, none of the rest stand out above one another for me.

Yeti4623 12-01-06 01:13 AM

I got into these movies at a very young age. At first I was scared to death of 3 and 5 (because they were first ones I had watched), then two or three years, later, I became a big fan of them. For years, 3 and 5 were my favorites. Then I started really getting into 2, but my rankings have changed, since then. Here are my current rankings:

2 and 6, right now, are about tied for my favorite.

2 (Scariest of the series, great characters for the series)/
6: Entertaining twist to the forumla (Adding the sheriff/Tommy in Jail
subplot), great characters, and some funny scenes)

5: I've just always liked this one. Endless deaths, tons of fun, obnoxious, goofy characters getting killed off, and a great, weird ending.

3: I don't like it as much as I used to, but still pretty good. Maybe the best end chase of the series)

4: This was never in my top 3, and I don't quite like it as much as I used to, but it's pretty decent. The biggest problem nowadays, is the middle section. It feels way off, very uneven.

7: Never really thought it was all that, but I like the Dr. Crews subplot.

1: Often too dull, but the atmosphere is killer.

Freddy vs. Jason: Has some fun scenes, but pretty stupid, and annoying.

9: A lot of great great deaths, but a dull and cheesefest story kills it.

8: Watchable, but almost nothing all that interesting.

Jason X: Dull, and dumb ass hell.

FRwL 12-01-06 01:16 AM

Can a mod fix the title typo?

freshticles 12-01-06 01:45 AM

Originally Posted by FRwL
Can a mod fix the title typo?

Yeah that threw me off...I thought this had to do with trees

harrydoyle 12-01-06 07:53 AM

For whatever reason, I always really liked the one with Corey Feldman in it. Was that 4?

JMcCraw 12-01-06 02:20 PM

Jason X - I thought I was the only one but it looks like there are two of us!
Part 6 - "So, what were you going to be when you grew up?"
Part 4 - "Where's the fancy corkscrew?"
Freddy vs. Jason - I don't care, I love it!
Part 2 - Good scares.
Part 3 - First one I ever saw, scared the bejesus out of me back then!
Part 1 - Tame but got the ball rolling.
Part 7 - Like a TV movie but brought us Kane
Part 5 - Wait, is that guy supposed to be a grawn up Corey Feldman?
Part 9 - Something different.
Part 8 - Um...

Mikey 12-01-06 02:22 PM

Glad to see all of the love for part 2! This is also my favorite, followed closely by part 1. I think that part 2 is still scary in places, and I love Amy Steel's character. As a kid, I started out with part 2 since my local video store didn't even have part 1. I didn't see part one for several years later, but I was still impressed.

I mostly shy away from the later ones, although I have seen part 6 enough to occasionally be in the mood to see it again.

exm 12-01-06 04:37 PM

I happen to really enjoy Jason X...

DthRdrX 12-01-06 09:26 PM

1-4 all rank evenly to me. After that everything was pretty bad IMO. If I had to pick a favorite it would be Part 4.

Linko 12-01-06 10:30 PM

1. Friday the 13th Part II - The only one that actually has a few scares without being stupid. By far the best.
2. Friday the 13th Part III - The first with the hockey mask and some of the most ridiculously hilarious kills... most in 3D.
3. Friday the 13th Part IV: The Final Chapter - A pretty cool ending.
4. Friday the 13th - the best mystery film out of the series but the lack of Jason hurts it now.
5. Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives - Very cheesy but pretty fun to watch actually.
6. Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan - I actually think this one is pretty fun even though everyone else hates it.
7. Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood - has a cool concept even if it's a new low in lameness. I still liked it.
8. Jason X - actually decent for a sci-fi movie but terrible for a Jason movie.
9. Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday - has some flashes but is overall pretty bland. Not enough of the Jason as we know him.
10. Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning - As bad as the franchise is this it just pathetic. What were they thinking?

Baron Of Hell 12-03-06 06:59 AM

Not sure how I rank the older ones, it has been way to long since I seen them but last few would go.

Jason vs Freddy = I loved this movie. Two heavies go at it what more could you want.
Jason X = Liked this also. It was out there though. wish they put more money into it.
part 8 = Not bad but bland.
part 9 = with a name like Jason goes to hell I was hoping for more. Maybe a few shots of jason in hell. I really hated this one.

TGM 12-03-06 08:11 AM

Jason X is actually quite enjoyable, especially as a stand-alone flick... great "holodeck" homage to the original movies too...

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