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Going to see a movie twice in the theatre

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Going to see a movie twice in the theatre

Old 11-09-06, 09:54 AM
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Going to see a movie twice in the theatre

Going with some of my boys tonight (who haven't seen it) to see The Prestige, which I already caught once a couple of weeks ago. I liked the movie, and I think seeing it a second time will help me pay attention to all the important details Nolan probably included. I think it will only be the third time I've paid to see a movie in a theatre twice. The other two would be Memento (definitely worth it, as I caught a lot more things, which makes me feel good about doing the same thing with The Prestige) and Tombstone (liked the movie and my dad really wanted to see it with me, so No. 2 was a father/son outting.)
Old 11-09-06, 10:10 AM
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I have ever seen a movie twice at the theater. I have rented the same movie more than once.
Old 11-09-06, 10:32 AM
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Saw The Departed twice. Once at home in the UK and again in San Francisco a few weeks ago. Just really enjoyed the film and wanted to see it with a US audience. I like how in 2 countries still laugh at that "Patriot Act" joke!
Old 11-09-06, 10:59 AM
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I saw the Lion King 7 times in the theater(different goup of people each time). & Forrest Gump 3 times in 94. Must have been a boring year. As well as all the Star Wars films at least twice each. Jurassic Park a couple of times. I'm sure there are others.
Old 11-09-06, 11:24 AM
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Anyone else seen The Prestige twice or thinking about doing so?
Old 11-09-06, 12:56 PM
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I used to see blockbuster films in the theater multiple times quite often, back when I had no home theater system, had a lot more friends, and the DVD wasn't released by the time the film hit the dollar theater. I think the first LOTR film is my most recent one, though.
Old 11-09-06, 01:01 PM
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The only film I have EVER seen twice in a theater would be The Departed
Old 11-09-06, 01:09 PM
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Very rarely do i see a movie more than once at the cinema. In fact the only ones that i can think of are Terminator 2, Minority Report (my wife wanted to see it after i had already seen it....i like the film but could have done without two viewings at the cinema), and Star Wars / Empire Strikes Back (I saw these on as a double bill when i was a kid, and before they started there were two short movies on....sheessshhh i can't believe i put up with that amount of time in a cinema in one day when i was only about 12 years old). The only film that i have seen at the cinema and which i will see again (hopefully next year) is Bladerunner.

I also liked the Prestige a lot, but can wait for the DVD. Christopher Nolan is without a doubt the most interesting director on the scene at the moment. He is 5 for 5 so far.
Old 11-09-06, 01:16 PM
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I saw 'Star Wars' seven times during it's original 1977 engagment.
Old 11-09-06, 01:44 PM
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double digits for me when Pulp Fiction came out.

I loved it so much I convinced my friends to go see it, unfortunately we couldn't all go at once! Plus a lot of these showing were midnight showings at college (they were packed!)

all good times...
Old 11-09-06, 01:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Giles
I saw 'Star Wars' seven times during it's original 1977 engagment.
Only four for me, and I didn't even like it.

I have seen many, many movies multiple times in the theater. Most recently, Cache. Last year I saw Serenity twice in the same day.
Old 11-09-06, 02:02 PM
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I saw a lot of movies multiple times in the theater in the 1999-2000 time frame... I was working 8 AM-5 PM at the time, and my wife was working 3 PM-11 PM... so I had nothing to do Friday afternoons. Went to a lot of movies by myself, and then my wife would want to see them, so I'd go again.

Seen a few more than once recently (namely the Lord of the Rings movies), but not nearly as many.
Old 11-09-06, 02:02 PM
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Originally Posted by JayDerek
double digits for me when Pulp Fiction came out.
Saw it 4x.

(Don't mean to bring total freakness to this topic but....)

Has anyone gone to a movie and bought a ticket for the next showing of the same movie? I did it with Kill Bill Vol 1, FYI.
Old 11-09-06, 02:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Giles
I saw 'Star Wars' seven times during it's original 1977 engagment.
I saw it 15 times. This was before the dawn of home theater of course. I have not been to a movie theater in nearly 3 years.
Old 11-09-06, 03:03 PM
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I saw Star Wars 13 times when it first came out, Empire X 4, Jedi X 1. I see each of the re-releases and prequels once.

The last movie I saw twice in the theater was Chicago.

Typically if I want to see something again I wait for the DVD (what a surprise here at DVD Talk).
Old 11-09-06, 03:24 PM
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I saw Speed 6 times at the theater. Nowadays I don't see anything more than once, I think the last one i saw multiple times was The Phantom Menace.
Old 11-09-06, 04:09 PM
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Memento: saw it 4 times at the theater (kept taking new people b/c I fucking loved the movie and wanted it to be successful).
Jurassic Park: saw it 3 times at the theater (first movie I ever saw in dts and kept having to return).
Raiders of the Lost Ark: saw it 3 times during its initial run and a couple of more times in the theater in recent years at re-showings.
Superman II: twice. Watched it back to back as a kid.
Superman Returns: twice but only b/c the first showing was messed up by the theater and was a shitty showing. You can add a third if Imax counts (and twice for Batman Begins if Imax counts).

I am sure there are a few others I have seen more than once but those are the ones that stand out in my mind.
Old 11-09-06, 04:15 PM
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I went to see Old School twice in the same day...but that was because the psycho girl I was dating at the time was pissed I went earlier in the day with my best friend...I loved the movie but I went to see it again so she would shut the hell up.

I have seen the Star Wars movies multiple times at the theater...ROTJ the most...3 or 4 for the original release...once in 85, and 3 in 97.
Old 11-09-06, 05:03 PM
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I saw The Empire Strikes Back twice in one sitting.

After the closing credits ended the first time, I went to stand up. My dad looked at me, smiled, and said "Sit down." We stayed in our seats and let the movie play again.

Yay Dad!
Old 11-09-06, 05:21 PM
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Jurassic Park 4 or 5 times
Star Wars Episode I 4 or 5 times (Natalie Portman phase)
Magnolia 2 times
Mulholland Drive 2 times
Punch Drunk Love 3 times
The Royal Tenenbaums 2 or 3 times
Fight Club 2 times
Amelie 2 times
Serenity 3 times

That's all i can think of.
Old 11-09-06, 05:31 PM
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I don't think I've seen any movie three times in theatres.

This year, I saw the following movies twice:

Over the Hedge
V for Vendetta
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
Little Miss Sunshine

I already saw Babel and will probably take my girlfriend to go see it.
Old 11-09-06, 05:42 PM
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Only film I ever saw twice in the theatre was Star Wars: Episode 1.
Old 11-09-06, 05:46 PM
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I know the summer before my senior year i saw The Crow and Brainscan around 7 times in the theater. Just watched Brainscan not that long ago and find it hard to believe I paid for it a second time.
I go see Rebel without a cause almost every summer when they do the classic movie weekends, I think i'm up to 4 or 5.
Old 11-09-06, 06:20 PM
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Saw Pulp 5 times. I saw Predator twice on opening day. Saw it with a friend, went home and told my borther and another friend about ti and they decided to go that night. I went as well and enjoyed it as much the second time.

It's been awhile since I've seen a movie in the theatre more than once, I don't get to the theatre as much as I used to so when I do go I like to see something I haven't seen yet.
Old 11-09-06, 07:03 PM
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Lets see how bad my life is
I think i've only seen three movies twice in one day, Ep.2 (ended up seeing it 3 times overall), Fantasia 2000 (just really liked it) and Driven (didn't like it but got sucked back to it by a friend).
Now just off the top of my head the films i've seen at least twice
Star Wars Ep.1 (3)
Star Wars Ep. 3
Fellowship (3)
Two Towers
Gladiator (4)
Titanic (4)
Austin Powers
Austin Powers 2
Austin Powers 3
Superman Returns
Get Shorty
Hot Shots
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Ducktails the movie
Final Fantasy
Jurrasic Park
Lost World
Mulholland Dr.
Little Nicky
M:I 2
6th Day
Life as a HouseSaving Private Ryan
Thgere's Something about mary
Lethal Weapon 4

I'm just gonna stop cause i keep thinking of more

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