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Save Ferris 09-25-06 01:39 PM

Is this a real movie mistake?
Saw this on one of those websites touting 'movie blunders'

This one seemed like a new one to me--is it real?


Giles 09-25-06 01:40 PM

that is sooo blatant I don't think that's a mistake.

Groucho 09-25-06 01:41 PM

Looks photoshopped to me.

Jay G. 09-25-06 01:49 PM

Here's the original photo:

matome 09-25-06 01:52 PM

That was a terrible photoshop

Giantrobo 09-25-06 02:17 PM

still funny.

parker63 09-25-06 02:40 PM

I especially like the site name that the pic is posted on...

cleaver 09-25-06 02:55 PM

It ain't reallytruenews.org

Numanoid 09-25-06 05:58 PM

Oh Save Ferris, is there nothing you have learned from us? -ohbfrank-

Save Ferris 09-25-06 08:28 PM

I just dont feel sure of myself without a consensus from strangers :(

PopcornTreeCt 09-25-06 08:40 PM

Why would someone even do that?

Jay G. 09-25-06 08:59 PM

Originally Posted by PopcornTreeCt
Why would someone even do that?

Some sites have photoshop contests. Maybe the picture was part of a "photoshop an obvious movie blooper" contest.

DonnachaOne 09-25-06 10:12 PM

When she writes that the pie is "you're favorite!", it's just a character's bad syntax.

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