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dsa_shea 09-10-06 10:22 PM

Header....Anyone heard of this movie?
Has anyone heard of this movie or seen it? What is a "header"? Spoilers would be nice.

dugan 09-11-06 01:06 AM

I have heard of it. It's based on a small-press, mail-order-only, "extreme horror" novel by Edward Lee and it has no announced release date.

This is all anyone knows about it:

Gunde 09-11-06 09:18 AM

Check out www.whatsaheader.com for info, trailer and reviews.
Apparently it's a nasty horror movie, so I'm looking forward to it :)

EDIT: Another review: http://www.bloody-disgusting.com/review/1409

dsa_shea 09-12-06 07:06 PM

Sounds like it will simply turn out to be a movie about fucking someone's head (that's what I think a Header is).

ladypee 09-12-06 09:32 PM

Header is so unique
I don't think there's anything simple about f*ckin' someone in the head. I can't wait to see this flick. The reviews sound great. trailers look cool... ANd Lee is the undisputed king of extreme horror.

check it out: www.myspace.com/whatsaheader

dsa_shea 11-30-06 08:23 PM

Any news or new reviews on this one? I heard quite a bit of talk about this movie a few months ago and then it just disappeared.

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