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"My Date With Drew"...what a charming, little movie.

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"My Date With Drew"...what a charming, little movie.

Old 04-24-06, 12:26 PM
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"My Date With Drew"...what a charming, little movie.

Anyone see this documentary about this guy's 30 day quest to get a date with Drew Barrymore? I just caught this the other night and thought it was so charming and sweet and I don't say that about movies ever.

You can tell this guy isn't a psycho stalker and that his crush is pure and non-violent. He is such a dork, but in a very likeable way. I just thought the whole premise and what happens to him trying to get this date (and subsequent movie made) was very well done and so worth the "feel good" payoff.
Old 04-24-06, 03:52 PM
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I feel my review I wrote for amazon.com says all I need to say about it...

4 of 9 people found the following review helpful:
Rent it, November 12, 2005

I've been on a documentary kick lately. For example, Super Size Me was not only informative, but entertaining. It's a documentary I decided to buy, and would watch again. Maybe not often, but I would watch it again from time to time. A good documentary doesn't have to be entertaining, but it helps, but it should be informative. I want to walk away from it learing something, anything, either about the people involved, or the subject matter they were covering.

My Date With Drew? Well, the best thing I can say about it is I had an opportunity to see it for free. As documentaries go, this is pretty weak. It fails on so many levels, and the main focus of this movie is not entertaining enough to justify watching for an hour and a half, and like other reviews have pointed out, you'd have to turn your brain off to not realize how this ends.

In this day and age of desk top creativity, it seems that anybody with an iota of an idea can make a movie. Get a digital camera, point and record. What else do you need? Well, Mr. Herzlinger, you should have some talent and at least a greater purpose. And this is the fault of today's media: it is making stars out of people who really don't deserve it. They lack the talent, and they really haven't gone through the proper channels to get where they are.

If you like "reality TV" and those types of date shows, this might be for you, but neither of those interest me too much. And if those interest you, I'd still recommend it as a rental. Would you really want to own it? Does this material warrant repeated viewings?

And, yes, he does come off as a stalker. I found myself thinking of other stalkers in the past who tried to get close to stars due to some obsession they have, and this was just frightening. The only thing separating Mr. Herzlinger and somebody who would get a restraining order against them is Mr. Herzlinger had a camera and some extra cash to document what he was doing, and could edit the material in a way to make it look like he's got some greater purpose. There is no great purpose behind this movie. It's a total waste.

So why the two star rating, you ask? Well, you could rent worse things. I'd rather watch this movie than the latest crap fest pop corn movie out on DVD this week. It's not BAD. The pacing does keep up, and I never really found it too boring. It is ultimately interesting how he achieves his goal, but those things warrant a rental recommendation from me only. And that's if you got a free rental coming or really have nothing else to watch.

The only disappointment for me in the whole package is I would love to know how this loser went from getting this rough footage on a digital camera (and who filmed the footage of him with Drew?? He only got a ticket for himself to New York, AFAIK, not his crew) to getting an exclusive deal with Blockbuster Video and getting this movie played across the world. That to me would have been a far more interesting tale, and perhaps somebody should have documented those steps and put them on the bonus DVD. Did this guy find focus in his life after he got his dream date? Does he plan on becoming a serious movie maker now, and used this as a stepping stone? In some ways, the ending is such a let down, because you expected him to get his date. What you really want to know does Mr. Herzlinger get around to getting some focus in his life after he got that silly goal out of his system? And so all I really learned in this movie is that he gets his date, but that was the no brainer. It leaves the subject matter empty and void. I knew that going in, and thus the documentary really didn't provide me with any substantial information I didn't know going in.
Old 04-24-06, 05:19 PM
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I enjoyed it.

It didn't matter to me that I figured he'd probably achieve his goal. First of all, the journey is often the reward when it comes to any movie. But more importantly, the movie, to me, was less about the goal itself and more about watching a guy follow his seemingly stupid "dream" to a conclusion (in this case, a successful one, but even if he had turned out to be unsuccessful in getting a date with Drew, it still would've been an entertaining story).
Old 04-28-06, 10:39 PM
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I love Drew Barrymore and I had the biggest crush on her when I was little so I could relate to this movie. Haha.. I really liked it. But I don't know if its only the Blockbuster version or all the DVD's that have the extended footage. You have to watch the whole date. It's the best part... They should have included more of it.

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