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Kal Varnsen 04-12-06 07:57 PM

Titanic 2 trailer

FinkPish 04-12-06 09:09 PM

Not that funny, too fricking long.

Jackskeleton 04-12-06 10:15 PM

Ugh. These recut trailers are boring and this was just a big waste of time.

calhoun07 04-12-06 10:59 PM

It stops after he starts coming back to life when I try to watch it on broadband.

The Valeyard 04-13-06 12:29 AM

Cute idea but man.....way too long.

Perkinsun Dzees 04-13-06 01:10 AM

I dunno, I actually think it looks more entertaining than the original movie.

Trout 04-13-06 03:04 PM

Originally Posted by Jackskeleton
Ugh. These recut trailers are boring and this was just a big waste of time.

Tell me about it. The one for The Shining was pretty funny, but now it's getting kind of old.

gryffinmaster 04-13-06 03:09 PM

Some indie sci-fi studio should pick up on a similar idea and make it happen. :up: Could be entertaining.

Second the not-so-funny comments. But it's nicely done.

filmerp 04-15-06 05:32 PM

I thought it was pretty clever. At least it wasn't another brokeback parody.

DeanoBKN 04-15-06 09:53 PM

It was pretty good IMO...a lot better then most of them out there.

Groucho 04-15-06 10:28 PM

A better example of one of these, but too long.

Ketamine 04-16-06 12:25 AM

I thought it was good. I had a little smile on my face when I watched it.

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