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Vote in the Great American Movie Showdown

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Vote in the Great American Movie Showdown

Voting started last week so I already missed the first round.

FIRST ROUND RESULTS: Only one 'upset' as most top seeds advance

No. 9 comedy It Happened One Night out-dynamited No. 8 Napoleon Dynamite.

By MATT SOERGEL, The Times-Union

The top seeds crushed the competition in the first round of the Great American Movie Showdown, but even a brain-dead zombie could have seen that coming.

Night of the Living Dead was dismembered by The Wizard of the Oz, while Bonnie and Clyde had holes shot in it by Raiders of the Lost Ark. Meanwhile, Gone With the Wind burned All About Eve and Animal House outgrossed Sixteen Candles.

In fact, the higher-rated seed prevailed in 31 of the 32 match ups. The one "upset" came when ninth-seeded comedy It Happened One Night defeated eighth-seeded Napoleon Dynamite, even though the teen comedy is 70 years its junior. We had a hunch the gawky Napoleon's many young fans would make his wildest dreams come true, but apparently they were busy hunting wolverines or chatting with babes online. Frank Capra's sparkling romantic comedy is now the oldest film left in the competition after the dismissal of the Marx Brothers' Duck Soup and the original King Kong. Now the movie faces a food fight with top-seeded Animal House. Oz was the highest vote-getter (2,820), while Spike Lee's Do the Right Thing, facing ferocious competition from The Godfather, got the fewest votes (221). It's likely that Lee won't linger long over that loss, though: His new movie, The Inside Man, opens Friday with Denzel Washington, Jodie Foster and Clive Owen.

In a battle of '40s classics, Casablanca cruised by Citizen Kane, 2,234 to 792. Bogart's African Queen, though, was sunk by Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, 1,769 to 1,263.

The closest race was in the much-watched men-in-drag category, in which Billy Wilder's Some Like It Hot sashayed past Tootsie by a mere 128 votes, 1,576 to 1,448. Another tough race came when To Kill a Mockingbird edged Schindler's List 1,669 to 1,365. It was the only loss for Steven Spielberg, but he can console himself by counting his money, polishing his Oscars and knowing that he still has four films in the running (Jaws, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Saving Private Ryan and E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial).

James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause put on a strong showing, but he was rubbed out by The Godfather Part II, getting 1,268 votes to the gangster classic's 1,737. That sets up a Family feud today: Godfather vs. Godfather II. It could be bloody.

Look at some of the other match ups this time around: Will Hannibal Lecter snack on Munchkins? Can cuddly E.T. tame the tenacious Terminator? Will the Force be with Star Wars as it goes against Satan (The Exorcist). Will Pulp Fiction get medieval on Braveheart? Can Rocky K.O. Bogie and Bergman in Casablanca? Which Mel Brooks gagfest -- Young Frankenstein or Blazing Saddles -- tickled the most funny bones?

Will Airplane! get clearance, Clarence, against Some Like It Hot? And which 1994 crowd-pleaser gets its audience to the polls: Forrest Gump or The Shawshank Redemption?

Then there's this powerhouse match up: Hitchcock and his North by Northwest against Spielberg and his Saving Private Ryan.

And how about the battle between two longtime favorites with a Southern flavor: Gone With the Wind and To Kill a Mockingbird?

Brutal choices, all of them. And it's going to be that way in each round, all the way until a winner is crowned Tuesday, April 2.



No. 1 The Wizard of Oz: 2,820
No. 16 Night of the Living Dead: 307

No. 8 Silence of the Lambs: 1,915
No. 9 The Sixth Sense: 1,139

No. 5 Psycho: 1,806
No. 12 The Shining: 1,235

No. 4 Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring: 1,958
No. 13 King Kong ('33): 1,083

No. 6 The Exorcist: 2,374
No. 11 Rosemary's Baby: 636

No. 3 Star Wars: 2,392
No. 14 Back to the Future: 672

No. 7 The Terminator: 1,818
No. 10 Alien: 1,216

No. 2 E.T. The Extraterrestrial: 2,771
No. 15 Bride of Frankenstein: 281


No. 1 Animal House: 2,274
No. 16 Sixteen Candles: 762

No. 8 Napoleon Dynamite: 1,324
No. 9 It Happened One Night: 1,665

No. 5 The Princess Bride: 2,323
No. 12 This Is Spinal Tap: 692

No. 4 Groundhog Day: 2,331
No. 13 Richard Pryor Live on the Sunset Strip: 693

No. 6 Blazing Saddles: 2,570
No. 11 Annie Hall: 459

No. 3 Young Frankenstein: 2,235
No. 14 Bringing Up Baby: 763

No. 7 Some Like It Hot: 1,576
No. 10 Tootsie: 1,448

No. 2 Airplane!: 2,541
No. 15 Duck Soup: 481


No. 1 Gone With the Wind: 2,755
No. 16 All About Eve: 291

No. 8 To Kill a Mockingbird: 1,669
No. 9 Schindler's List: 1,365

No. 5 The Godfather: 2,790
No. 12 Do the Right Thing: 221

No. 4 The Godfather Part II: 1,737
No. 13 Rebel Without a Cause: 1,268

No. 6 The Shawshank Redemption: 1,954
No. 11 The Graduate: 1,093

No. 3 Forrest Gump: 2,681
No. 14 Raging Bull: 375

No. 7 Casablanca: 2,234
No. 10 Citizen Kane: 792

No. 2 Rocky: 2,455
No. 15 Cabaret: 576


No. 1 Raiders of the Lost Ark: 2,676
No. 16 Bonnie and Clyde: 378

No. 8 Butch Cassidy: 1,769
No. 9 The African Queen: 1,263

No. 5 Pulp Fiction: 1,682
No. 12 Deliverance: 1,341

No. 4 Braveheart: 2,360
No. 13 Last of the Mohicans: 669

No. 6 Saving Private Ryan: 2,165
No. 11 Apocalypse Now: 871

No. 3 North by Northwest: 2,344
No. 14 Stage Coach: 635

No. 7 Die Hard: 2,385
No. 10 Speed: 643

No. 2 Jaws: 2,452
No. 15 The French Connection: 581

Link to round 2
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How did Napoleon Dynamite even get in this?
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I've never seen more arbitrary seeding. Case in point, as if it's needed: Casablanca and Citizen Kane battled each other in the first round as seeds number seven and ten, respectively.

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