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The Complete Sydney Pollack Movie Review

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The Complete Sydney Pollack Movie Review

for some reason i decided to review all the Sydney Pollack flicks....unfortunately i haven't seen as many as i thought, here's what i came up with....and if you're asking why....i don't know

The Interpreter (2005) I haven't seen this yet, it looked very good in the previews but then i heard some so-so word of mouth but i will defintaly check it out regardless
even if it's in a lemon, Sean Penn is always fun to watch INCOMPLETE
Random Hearts (1999) I kind of liked this one, kind of...i mean its well done but a bit of a downer...ok, a real downer. B-
Sabrina (1995) Not a bad remake as remakes go. Harrison was a little too comatose for me though and Ormond didnt quite have the Hepburn appeal that was needed. B
The Firm (1993) This has a lot of things going for it. Tom C is his usual intense self, i always like Gene Hackman and Holly Hunter was very good.
It's a little too long from what i remember, and i just didn't like the ending at all and it kind of ruined it for me. B-
Havana (1990) Redfords 7th. And again i missed this one....i have to get up to date with my Pollack films INCOMPLETE
Out of Africa (1985) Redford's 6th with Mr. P. Great photography and nice music...for some reason i didn't fall in love with this film at time...maybe i need to see it again...for now B
Tootsie (1982) Loved it at the time and it holds up very well. The cast is fantastic: Dustin, young Geena Davis, Teri Garr, Jessica Lange an undcredited Bill Murray and of course Dabney Coleman.
I remember seeing this in the theater and the croad was roaring with laughter. What you don't see nowadays: a well crafted comedy, not too silly, that doesn't fall apart at the end A+
Absence of Malice (1981) Paul Newman is very good in this (as he is in pretty much everything) and the film is actuallly a well made expose B++
The Electric Horseman (1979) Robert Redfords 5th with Mr. Pollack. I don't remember too much about this except Redford riding his horse through a casino...B or INCOMPLETE
Bobby Deerfield (1977) Missed it. I know Al Pacino stars as a race driver. INCOMPLETE
Three Days of the Condor (1975) Just saw it again the other day and liked it even more than i remembered. The music is great moody jazz and the film is so 70's i can't help but love it. Many memorable moments that stay with you. (after Redford takes Faye Dunaway hostage she gets upset and he says "have i sexually assaulted you?" and she says "the night is young"...this got a laugh from the crowd...although i thought it was a bit much) A
The Yakuza (1975) i somehow didn't see it....looks right up my alley though... INCOMPLETE
The Way We Were (1973) You take your Babs, throw in some Bobby (and a dash of James Woods) add some period drama and schmaltzy music and you have this. It's nice really...if a tad sappy...and yes....i got misty at the end, sue me B+
Jeremiah Johnson (1972) Redford stars as the aforementioned Jeremiah who's not exactly into city life. An unusual film by todays standards... Very well done. B+
They Shoot Horses, Don't They? (1969) This a great film with a powerful ending. Micheal Sarrazin (the forgotten leading man of the 70's) and
Jane Fonda enter a marathon dance contest and it's not as much fun as you think. Youza Youza Youza! A
Castle Keep (1969) Haven't seen. INCOMPLETE
The Scalphunters (1968) I saw this ages ago but remember virtually nothing about it INCOMPLETE
This Property Is Condemned (1966) This is a good little "southern" film, Natalie Wood is terrific and pretty much carries the film. Don't expect much from this and you won't be dissapointed A young...well...youngish Charles Bronson is here in a supporting role.
The Slender Thread (1965) A small film but the suspense makes it work. Very dated considering the technology back then (film would be over in 5 seconds today, hit *69) Sidney Poitier stars along with Anne Bancroft, though mostly just her voice, Classy start for Mr. Pollack.

OK, im exhausted
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I have seen exactly zero Sydney Pollack movies. No reason in particular. In fact, I own a few of his movies on DVD...but for some reason there's always something more pressing to watch.

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I finally saw all of THE YAKUZA just the other day and I was totally blown away. It was a great film. In fact, I was shocked to find out Pollack did this flick.

RANDOM HEARTS was ok but it coulda been better without the sappy jazz music used in the soundtrack.

THE FIRM was decent but Tom Cruise was annoying in the movie for some reason.

I liked the original SABRINA and the thought the remake was solid.

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Tootsie and They Shoot Horses, Don't They? are the standouts. Two very different masterpieces.

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