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tacomantt 01-21-06 01:58 PM

Man on Fire: A true story or not?
Is Man on Fire based upon a true story? From the text at the ending, one could be easily fooled into believing that it's real, but I have not clue.

I must have read 500 messages in about a dozen threads on DVDTalk and HTF to find my answer but still have come up empty. Plus, I Googled and found many web sites claiming it was a true story, and a few saying it may be fiction. (I know the film was based upon a book way back in the 1980's and dealt with the Italian Mathia as opposed to a Mexican ring).

Anybody definately know?

FinkPish 01-21-06 02:05 PM

It's based on a novel of the same name and there is an earlier film also based on the novel. I don't believe the story is true; I think the subtitles were used to give the ending more weight.

tacomantt 01-21-06 03:21 PM

I found this on another forum. The most comprehensive information I have found. Seems like it's based upon a real guy and a composite of two similar stories:

On the director's commentary, Tony Scott claims Man on Fire is a composite of 2 "true" stories. According to the commentary, Creasy is based on a real character in the 70's who hunted down and tortured the kidnappers of a protectee in Europe. There is a series of books that are fictional, but Scott claims this person really existed, was ex-CIA and actually did some of Creasy's actions to get a kid back.
The second story, that has more documentation, concerns recent events in Mexico. It seems that the head of the AFI did work with an investigative journalist to expose the heads of a kidnapping ring, which included the head of the Anti-kidnapping Squad. The man was found with money and a body in the trunk of his car. The journalist received help from the AFI to publicize the identities of someone "The Voice" was based on. He turned himself in due to fear he was going to be killed since he was very unpopular after a young woman had been kidnapped and her ears cut-off. So, if you believe Tony Scott, there are parts of the movie that are based on true events, albeit from different decades. Give a listen to the commentary track on the DVD to hear more about the Mexico story.


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