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Most bizarre film

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Originally Posted by nickdawgy
What the hell?
Just a hint, the guy's missing a few fingers and his tongue.. and is eating (drinking?) vomit out of a bowl.


I absolutely love Audition, it's exploitation near the end but damn is it gripping stuff. The scene pictured grossed me out slightly, but oddly the scene after it had no effect on me, yet I really enjoyed it... does that make me sick? Ahh acupuncture needles.

Visitor Q and Happiness of the Katakuris were also bizarre (as are most Miike flicks) even his more "normal" segment of Three... Extremes was bizarre... but so beautifully shot.

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Originally Posted by SPiRAL
I'll second Gummo. I'll also add Korine's follow up: Julien Donkey Boy.

I'll give a Strong Agreement to those.

Cube was a strange one as well.
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Originally Posted by Tyler_Durden
Do you mean Tetsuo: The Iron Man or Tetsuo II: Body Hammer? But then again, they both qualify.
oops! I didn't notice I combined film titles together - both are bizarre.
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Originally Posted by inri222

the ending nearly made me vomit
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Mullholland Dr. was a bit confusing. Robert Altman's Quintet used to boggle me a bit, but it's been years since I've seen it. I was a lot younger.
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The Happiness of the Katakuris
Old 01-19-06, 02:13 PM
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Most bizarre film I've seen recently is It's All About Love, but loved the last scene with the "Flying Africans".
Old 02-09-06, 09:35 AM
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Fire Walk With Me
Adventures of Baron Munchausen
Jacob's Ladder
Twister (1990)
Dark Backward
City of Lost Children
Meet the Feebles
Der Todesking
Allegro Non Troppo
Being John Malkovich
Clean, Shaven
Crash (Cronenberg)
Naked Lunch
Dark City
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The Saga of Anatahan (1953)

It's a Japanese production, starring Japanese actors, telling the story of soldiers marooned on a remote island during and after World War II (of which they don't know ended).

Only that it's directed by Josef Von Sternberg, and while the actors speak Japanese, there are no subtitles. Sternberg narrates the action and paraphrases the dialogue. Also it was entirely filmed in studio, with the typical lush Sternberg sets.

One of the oddest, and most beautiful, films I've seen. And I love Bunuel but I'm so used to him that I don't find his films necessarily bizarre anymore (but I still find his works fantastic). Anatahan, though, I've seen only once and the strange artificiality and stylization still puzzles me. I terribly want to see it again.
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All things David Lynch.
I watched Six String Samurai a few months, it was like Road Warrior on acid.
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Dwain Esper's "Maniac." Probably the worst film of all time. It's even more bizarre than Ed Wood's "Glen or Glenda".
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for me, it was a couple of spanish language films:

Matador (Espana)

Entre tinieblas (Espana)

Hombre mirando al sudeste (Argentina)

Then another shout out for that phreaky phreaky Naked Lunch movie and the ever popular talking anus insect. (It baffles me to this day why that wasn't made into a Happy Meal promotion)
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Originally Posted by DRG
Visitor Q

Ya damn skippy!! Still one of the best warped "happy" endings I've seen in a film. I knew I was suppose to feel good about it, but there was so much ambiguity about feeling that way based on the what transpired before hand.

I'll also throw out Atomik Circus. I had no idea what I was getting into the first time I viewed it. It felt like a dream ... with a WTF did I just experience feeling. Good stuff.

Lastly .. Series 7. It was so real (as if it could happen not so far in the future based on where reality TV is heading), yet so staged at the same time.
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red cockroaches
rubber johnny
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It may be The Holy Mountain (Jorodorosky).

I thought Mulholland Drive was pretty straightforward compared to Lynch's Lost Highway (or Eraserhead).

I should also mention Tsukamoto's Testuo: The Iron Man...
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Originally Posted by RichC2

The Triplets of Belleville
I absolutely agree with that choice. I watched it a few months back at a friend's house and was thinking wtf throughout the entire movie.
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It's threads like these where I get ideas for movies to check out
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Originally Posted by The Cow

Good call. Bizarre and boring imo. Just crap really.
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Originally Posted by Trout
Ichi the killer was pretty messed up.
Definetly agree.

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