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Which Deathstalker movies were good

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View Poll Results: which Deathstalker movies did you like
Deathstalker II: Duel of the Titans
Deathstalker III: The Warriors from Hell
Deathstalker IV: Match of Titans
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Which Deathstalker movies were good

Old 12-26-05, 10:27 PM
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Which Deathstalker movies were good

I mean of course what they intended to do, not comparing it to Citizen Kane, but to their own genre. I have not seen Deathstalker II or IV, but i hear that II is considered a favorite by many. Deathstalker 3: Best movie of all time? I watched Deathtalker III and they had scottish accents in the beginning that was given up the rest of film, the evil ruler and wizard Troxartes "ruler of Southland" (Southland???? is this like a medieval Dixieland?) intended to seize three crystals to do some bad stuff. I'm eager to see II. Deathstalker 1 i can barely remember.
Old 12-26-05, 10:35 PM
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"Good" may be too strong a word to describe any of the Deathstalker movies, but I found Deathstalker II to be very enjoyable. Rather than making another bad Conan-knockoff like the first movie, they just cut loose and had fun with it, and the result is a silly parody of bad Conan-knockoffs. Also, it doesn't hurt that Monique Gabrielle is a nice piece of woman even if she can't act at all.
Old 12-27-05, 12:54 AM
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II is the best, imho. Mainly because of the lead actor. He was having fun with the role. The guy from 1 & 4 seemed just stone-faced the whole time.

I haven't seen #3.
Old 12-27-05, 01:31 AM
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Worth seeing:
1. Deathstalker II
2. Deathstalker

Absolute Crap:
3. Deathstalker IV: Match of Titans
4. Deathstalker and the Warriors from Hell.
Old 12-27-05, 12:25 PM
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lol, "Southland" is the name of the local mall...that would make the movie even funnier to me.

I vaguely recall seeing one of these on USA (up all night maybe?) years and years ago. I think it was part 2. Years later while in a fencing class, one of the other students referred to blocking an attack at your back that you couldnt see a "Deathstalker Parry" you would hold the weapon over your head so that the end was pointing at the ground. When I started laughing at this (and he was happy someone actually got the reference) he said "wait, Breaststalker would probably be more appropriate"

didnt they do a MST3k of like the third one?
Old 12-27-05, 02:15 PM
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Like most of the others, my favorite would have to be Deathstalker II. Campy fun, plus the only one of the 4 with a blooper reel during the credits.

The DVD is worth picking up, esp. for the fun commentary with Jim Wynorski, John Terlesky & Toni Naples (although checking a few online stores, the Deathstalker dvds are OOP?)
Old 12-27-05, 04:27 PM
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I think Deathstalker III was the worst of the 4. Maybe that's why it's the only one not on DVD. The main character was so annoying with his "HA HA!".

Deathstalker II is my fav. So damn funny.
Old 12-28-05, 12:34 AM
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I have to go with DS I & IV because (as the old saying goes), "blood is thicker that water."

Deathstalker is played Richard Hill, who is a relative.
Old 12-28-05, 05:46 AM
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I remember Deathstalker 2 being a particularly entertaining rental for a 16-year-old kid who wasn't quite old enough to rent porn yet.

I'm not talking about me, of course.
Old 12-28-05, 12:59 PM
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I've seen 2 and 3. Deathstalker II rocks. Deathstalker III tries too hard to be like II, and comes off as forced.

Another vote for the Deathstalker II DVD commentary.
Old 12-29-05, 03:03 AM
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I knew III wasn't as what some here have said, i did enjoy it, when i checked all 4 in my Video & DVD movie guide 2006 here is what is said on each, 2 and 3 were the best in the quadrilogy:

Out of 5 stars
"Deathstalker * This film has a muscle-bound warrior attempting to save a beautiful princess (Barbi Benton) from an evil wizard.

Deathstalker II ** Deathstalker and a feisty deposed princess battle the evil magician who has taken over her kingdom. Lowbrow fun is too busy making fun of itself to be taken seriously.

Deathstalker III ** Tongue-in-cheek sword-and-sorcery tale about the search for three magical stones that will lead to the riches of the world. You have so much fun with this one, you forget how hokey it really is.

Deathstalker IV * Unbelivably bad sword-and-sorcery flick finds all the greatest warriors gathered for a tournament. Acting is nonexistent and fight scenes are poorly staged."

Surprise, the third part in a series is one of the better ones. The two middle ones are best, as it should be.
Old 12-29-05, 01:59 PM
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If you watch all the movies in a row, by the time you finnish watching number 4 you will think the first two are masterpieces. The forth one is just that bad. During the first twenty minutes of the film I felt like I was watching a flashback, then I realised that is how the film is actualy edited. Deathstalker 4 is by far the worst movie I have ever seen.

Deathstalker 2 was fun enough and a good movie for people who like "camp." I vaugly remember #3 on MST3K.

PS. Some one should make a .gif of the guy getting pulled behind the horse into a tree.

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