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Old 12-19-05, 08:06 PM   #1
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Family Films during the Holidays: Review Proof?

I seem to remember the first Cheaper By the Dozen receiving less than favorable reviews during its initial release, but it still managed to net a major amount over the holiday season. Now we have it going head to head with another family, or more teen friendly flick, Fun With Dick and Jane. I have not seen many reviews for this one, but critics seldom buy into these kind of movies.

It seems to me that if you want to have movie that might be mediocre at best but make some money, release during the holidays and count on families going out of the need for pacification, and negative reviews won't hurt you. Anyone else agree?
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Old 12-19-05, 08:28 PM   #2
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Families don't rely on critics, period.
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Old 12-19-05, 08:56 PM   #3
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It doesn't have anything to do with the holiday season; if you show people that they are going to have a good time at the theater, they will show up, no matter how stupid the film really is. There are just more family-oriented films released during the holiday season because familes tend to all go to the same show.
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Old 12-19-05, 09:34 PM   #4
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Plus, families gravitate to the names of actors/actresses they know, so that also helps when these films open during the holidays.
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