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Aphex Twin 12-12-02 04:04 PM

Rocky VI
Can't wait!:
LOS ANGELES, California (Reuters) -- The bell may be ready to ring for Round 6 in the long-running series of "Rocky" movies that made Sylvester Stallone a household name and Hollywood star.

Film studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc. has signed Stallone to write a "Rocky VI" screenplay with an update to the story of the scrappy Philadelphia boxer who rises from a club fighter to champion of the world, gets knocked down, then rises again, an MGM spokeswoman said Thursday.


Dr. DVD 12-12-02 04:06 PM

Another one?!?! Why? -rolleyes-

Braddok 12-12-02 04:07 PM


atari2600 12-12-02 04:09 PM


Iron Chef 12-12-02 04:11 PM

Rocky VI: Rocky Fights Alzheimers

the narrator 12-12-02 05:09 PM

i read about this on ComingSoon, and it sounds terrible. Why can't they just stop making sequels to all of these movies?

coolhandluke35 12-12-02 06:00 PM

Am a huge Rocky fan but enough already Rocky V almost ruined the entire Rocky franchise. It's been 13 years since the last Rocky who wants to see a 57 year old ( Sylvester Stallone ) Rocky Balboa fight again and then theres Tila Shire, Burt Young, Butcus the dog, Cuff and link the turtles there all old enough to be in a nursing home . I bet Stallone well bring Carl Weathers Apollo Creed back in some ghost sequence. Burgess Meredith past away so theres no ghost scene for his character in Rocky VI thank god. The original script for Rocky V had Rocky dying in the street fight with Tommy Gun but the studio made Stallone rewrite it so that they could make more rocky sequels. They should have gone with Stallones original script. But then again knowing the studio they would have had Rockys son avenge his fathers death in Rocky VI by fighting Tommy Gun LOL LOL

McHawkson 12-12-02 06:17 PM

He can't put aside his boxing wannabe.... :rolleyes:

Samuel 12-12-02 07:22 PM

Fat and weak, what a disgrace
Guess the champ got too lazy
Ain't gonna fly now, he's just takin' up space
Sold his gloves, threw his eggs down the drain
But he's no bum, he works down the street
He bought the neighborhood deli
Back on his feet, now he's choppin' up meat
Come inside, maybe you'll hear him say:
Try the rye or the kaiser
They're our special tonight
If you want, you can have an appetizer
You might like our salami, and the liver's all right
And they'd really go well with the rye
Or the kaiser
Never eats while on the job
He heard it's good to stay hungry
But he makes a pretty mean shishkabob
Have a taste, they were made fresh today
Try the rye or the kaiser or the wheat or the white
Maybe I can suggest an appetizer
Stay away from the tuna, it smells funny tonight
But you just can't go wrong with the rye
Or the kaiser!
So today, his deli comes first
Still he dreams of his past days of glory
Goes in the back and beats up on the liverwurst
All the while you can still hear him say:
It's the rye or the kaiser, it's the thrill of one bite
Let me please be your catering advisor
If you want substituions, I won't put up a fight
You can have your roast beef on the rye
Or the kaiser
The rye or the kaiser
The rye or the kaiser
The rye or the kaiser...

Amadeus 12-12-02 07:26 PM

Another One! Damn It!

Flynn 12-12-02 07:27 PM

It can't be as bad as when I saw the full page Variety ad for a new Rambo last October. You know, the one Stallone was writing about Rambo bringing down Osama Bin Laden and Al-Quaeda?

Give me a freaking break.

Retire Sylvester.

You're done.

purplechoe 12-12-02 07:49 PM

So, whatever happend to Rambo 4? I would much rather see another Rambo over Rocky.

I just keep picturing Rocky 5,000 from Spaceballs. :D

Sunday Morning 12-12-02 09:40 PM

Alternate Rocky 6 titles:

Rocky VI: Rocky Lives

Rocky VI: The quest for the golden boxer shorts

Rocky VI: Rocky Vs. Ice tea

Rocky VI: what's my name?

Rocky VI: Yo, what's your name, miss?

Rocky VI: Rocky Vs. Rambo

Rocky VI: Rocky Vs. Predator

Rocky VI: Rocky Vs. The Rock

Rocky VI: I still have that oscar

Rocky VI: The Rise of sage

Rocky 666: The curse of rocky balboa

Sylvester Stallone's New Rocky Nightmare

Jeeden 12-12-02 10:19 PM

Or the old Star Trek one works too:

Rocky VI: The quest for more money

Jeeden 12-12-02 10:20 PM

Hehe...just thought of another thing....all those people who bought the DVD box sets will now have to re-purchase the new box sets. Doh!!

Samuel 12-12-02 10:42 PM

Originally posted by Jeeden
Hehe...just thought of another thing....all those people who bought the DVD box sets will now have to re-purchase the new box sets. Doh!!
Or just toss out Rocky V.

Jackskeleton 12-12-02 11:26 PM

I will watch this only if Rocky fights Tyson.

WhattheFFF 12-13-02 12:07 AM

can't wait for this, hopefully they can make a decent movie to end the series

wm lopez 12-13-02 03:03 AM

They should bring back Clubber Lang fight Ivan Drago as one of the fights. And have Rocky's son be a boxer with Rocky as trainer.
It can't be that bad of a movie. The key is to have believable fight scenes.

mytzplyx 12-13-02 06:22 AM

I don't know about you all but the main turnoff for me about Rocky V was that the only fighting Rocky did was 1 fight in the streets. No training sequence (a must for all Rocky movies) and no plot twists (ROcky II, Adrian's birth thingy, ROcky III, mickey dying, Rocky IV, Creed eating it).

Now, assuming the story plays out as reported today/yesterday, Rocky will box so that means there'll be a training sequence. Good. The only concern is how the hell he'll be able to shape up his 57 year old body. But he was already what, over 40 when Rocky IV was made and he looked INCREDIBLE, better than all the previous rockys. If he can fool me, then that'll be enough.

Second is the plot twist then...hmm, I don't know what they could throw in here...ROcky showing up for his bout and seeing his son working the other guy's corner? Um...adrian sleeping with the opponent? Um...I can't think of anything off the top of my head.

Anyways, if they get Rocky looking physically in shape and add a good plot twist, I think it'll make for a good movie.

Just a few questions to think about for you diehard fans out there:

1) Do the Balboas get rich again? Cause they filed a suit against their lawyer for tricking Pauley into signing a power of attorney in Rocky V.

2) Does Tommy keep on fighting after his beatdown in part V?

3) Does Pauley die of alchohol poisoning? Its obvious from part I that he's an alchy, and the story never brings it up throughout the series either.

Anyways, that's it.

Lastblade 12-13-02 08:32 AM

Rocky VI: The Bout with Alzheimer

Red Dog 12-13-02 10:30 AM

This plot would have worked for Rocky V.

wordtoyamotha 12-13-02 11:56 AM

I don't know what all the fuss is about. I'm excited for this movie to come out. To me, it's all about perspective. Am I expecting a movie with the emotion and meaning of Rocky I? No. Am I expecting a fairly mindless, sometimes cheesy, but entertaining sequel? Yes.

If it's bad, it's bad. It won't somehow ruin the other movies for me. Example: I loved Scary Movie, I hated Scary Movie 2 but it didn't ruin the first movie.

Fine Print: The only exception to this line of thinking is Godfather III

Red Dog 12-13-02 12:00 PM

Originally posted by wordtoyamotha
Am I expecting a fairly mindless, sometimes cheesy, but entertaining sequel? Yes.

I expected the same of Rocky V. It was completely mindless, completely cheesy, and thouroughly unentertaining. I did not Go For It. ;)

zero 12-13-02 12:12 PM

You know I love the Rocky movies..except 5. I thought it was hillarious that his son went from being 11 to 16 in the span of (in the movies time) a month. But one thing about the movie makes me laugh until I nearly piss myself. and its the following exchange...

Rocky's son:(running into the gym with excitement)LOOK DAD I GOT MY COAT BACK..I GOT MY COAT!!!!

Rocky(sounding terribly retarded):Uhh..oooh..that's beautiful!...thats so beautiful..go show your mother.

rotfl :lol:

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